Rick and Morty's, Ricks System

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

To day I anouce that your world is mine, at least that what ricks latest foe has to think about us all, and now Rick is now up against one of his most worthy advisors,
I hope Rick doesn't end up in any sorts of trouble


(((Rick, is smoking a bong on the couch)))

Oh, So whats up today rick
Any new adventures, you know explore the world,

yo know do somthing

Morty I have big plan huge plan greatest plan I have ever come up, with

Where going to do somthing that we've,

you, your slef and I,
will make us pasifivly orgasim constantly several times

and send us into absolute state of oblivion

So... Where... going... to....

(((((Yeah's on mortys face))))

watch some interdermnitional netfix television

(You no what rick,
you got this on your own)

Ok your loss

What's on the tube

((((Indermentinoal Netflix,)))

((Rick scrolls Selctions and stops at live And Local)))

((((And stops at the slection "mass take over of unexpecting planets"))))

Shit yeah!

((((Emirgrate's emirgrate song plays))))

((Scary dude named free-ies on tv)))
((( scary voice )))
You are all kind, and I am here for you,
your world has adopted a means of life, you have yet to discover

And i have a world for you all, it is of soul and for the devien,

 we will get what we want here,

and it is comming close by to you

Watch as I make a a heavy wieght on distant soil,

Where you will Come and build this world with me together

(((Come to world video clip)))
(((Where you will see friess in and out this video clip while a world is being built around him (With place's and structures being, built quickly)

(((and genral upgrades, ie. dumpings of water, swaps of politcal positions, and scintifical setups))))

Wow make a song and dance about it, Who ever this is going to be filled with refugees, shit!

(((At the end of clip)))

Yes! Come to earth!

The Existance of the free (((free-ies)))

(No.......) (((rick)))

((((Rick checks (tablet I pad), and serches today's news))))

(News woman)
Locals are amazed

of that of what they have heard,
that we are going to be the newest highaficiant, sustainable world of our time

what our universe has never seen

(((Rick stops it there)))

And checks local fbi database Projects

((((a Secrtet file location via tablet/ipad))))

((( exploration Inter-activity)))

(((Fbi Man's voice is heard as rick reads)))

(Fbi man)
Kind are only words and
Due to over substantial qualities, we the fbi as the suports of the man named free-ies, will agree to his terms
He is a devoted man, one we are glad that he has come, And he, freeies is here to reconfifigure us all,

And as a whole world comunity, weshall and will bow down to him,

(((What the fuck, not before they bow to me)))
(((Rick Clenched fist))))

(Fuck you Friesses not again!)

and the rick scopes in a location free-ies location

((((And then we watch frieses in his home on earth as rick views on))))

(((Free-ies location)))
(((Emirgte, Emirgate adadadadadadad...))))

The world now knows of my comming it's not long till they see what lies within

My structure's and setups are set in place, not to long And it is time,

My new setelment on palnet earth is mear to transfusion,

And Soon the universe will be mine

((((While spining a 3d universe in the Palm of his hand)))

(((And crushes it)))

Your planet earth no....
my planet earth ((mean sounding rick))


(Then from the movie alpachino's scar face, we have a docking Scene just space ships instead, where you will also have the
Detention center scene, the freedom scene levanda! Where he Stabes man,

then a passport green card scene
Then the world is yours, and Tony Montana character looks out to see the earth transformed)))))

Rick, there somthing wired going on

(((Rick is doing (somthing then (move bugs in diffrent order) in the garage, and enters his new lair,)

(((Rick puts a target, on location and sends a misle, barage, with ai cyder bugs, flying shooting bees, and then clones humans he makes from goo,

And Rick is in a mec suit, that is computer controlled back home)))

((((But there is a force filed and gun torrents

(((And, hyper moving ai, screen men, like hunger games attacking rick and he loses)))

(((and this msg broaodcasted through out the intire earth sytem)))

(((3d on normal TV's)))

(((Free-ies Raises and lifts head))))

You are here, on territories of such splender
I see what you don't, or do I see what you want

Earth could be a dominace of the galaxy maybe even the intire universe, and if you give into me, maybe even, what is the true world, a multiplex of power, in all parrel demetions will an shall be ours

But we can only do this, if the world, understands what needs to be rejected

((((Boom a replay of ricks attack))))

Presently before I spoke,

(((( tilts and Nods head a little)))
I was attcked
Comming from a source, of a near by presence

At this exact location

Somthing of somthng St somthing??
(((((The smiths adress))))

I want you to Devote your dedication to me and I will reward you,

I want and need this man detained,


Do what you must
But I do not want you to hurt my trust,

For I love you all

And there is only one man I am after

rick sanchez

((((Ricks house gets raided and his new lair, and then he is sent to jail,))))

((((And says this on his arrest video)))

Fuck!, fuck you all, I learnt how to fly, be kind to the rest or you'll fucken die!

Dircert core objective, suck on my ballls

((((His secrtet secrt lair gets activeated and starts making alot of weaponry)))

(((Morty watching and then gets a phone call from rick)))

Rick, what the crazy talk, your not drunk high, or what ever that purple shit is

What going on

Don't worry morty,

A thousand years sentence,

And I'll be out in a week,


(((Then In jail))) Rick goes through first security screening
(((Then he continues to walk down hall way of cells)))

(Crazy guy in cell)
What you doing here rick! rick! rick! ((((Holding on cell leaning out Crazy guy!)))

((((Rick countuies to walk and gives the sligh nod to another passing by prisoner in cell))))

(((Guy in cell)))
I like that guy

(((Room mate)))
Yeah he seems alright

(((Shut the fuck up, (((with giant slap)))

(((( A Msg get passed around quick from cell to cell))))



Here dog,

(((rick gets given a joint)))



I am grateful, ((((inmate Kisses ricks hand))))

(((((As rick walks away smoking the joint)))))


((((The human race is dancing to this what an emigrate song)))

((((( to montage all where they are fixing and making the world toghther)))))

((((As They are Building a giant monument to free-ies and his structural buildings that make the sky line turn red)))

((((Rick is now in court yard of the prison,))))

(((And Rick walks up to a group of tough inmates)))

Hey, Have you ever know or heard of, the diplomant of displacment theroy


You've gotta see watch

I put my hand in this bucket of water, and watch,


but look add your hand in,



(Wow brother it grows)


(rick or inmate)

Wow look there there its almost over flowing



Yo all you brothers add your hands in



Watch the over flow,




(Yo the shit g)

(It a miracle)

(Rick you genious)



Yo, you let me in dog,



What do you need brother a hook up for a hook up
a deed for a deed, 

brother my army is yours but as any one knows its blood, or nothing



I get ya dog, who do I have to cut,



See that guy



Ahhhh to easy



Oh Yeah what about that guy then

((((Muscle dude))),




((((Rick Walks over there
And makes him touch his toes while rick pretedents to bash his head in While humping him from behined))))



I get your point dog, what and who do you wanna cut




((((Rick Points to warden)))



(you get more than an army here, ever army in our ranks will join you,)

(((Other inmate)))
Even the out side dog, big connection you do that and you'll be king

(((Diffrent hood inmate)))

I just over heard that and I propose if he can do I'm down

(((Other group of inamtes crew)))
Us too

(((Another crew)))
Yeah, you cool essiea

So what's the plan

((((A Huddle is made of all inamtes around rick)))

((((Rick now has an army,
But he must kill the warden first)))


(((Rick sitting in his cell)))



Yo dog it's time

(((Rick uses a key, he made out of his own hair to open his cell)))

(((It night time, and the warden is about to leave)))


(As rick walks past lock up confinement)



(You've got ten minutes window)

(My prayers better not go to waste)

(Counting on you dog)

((((Rick walks past guards playing poker in station just walks past like what ever)))

(((As rick is walking all cameras turn away from him down ever hall)))

(((Rick walks in between 2 guards on patrol like nothing)))

(((Rick stops and checks the time for a point of a second then walks past another guards)))

(((The cell doors are left open for rick)))

(((He has Arived)))

(((He walks in warden office but you don't see him being killed but you do hear it)))

(((Then rick is back in cell, and cleans off blood,)))



You do it dog


Some body's got to the warden,

(And then we see an aerial of the prison, where alarms and lights are going of with security scrambling)

Back at court yard

(you did it rick)

(Your a hero amoungst gods)

(Big inmate)

Dog, (((big hug))



(No not dog God)



((Said by All as they bow to him)))



Good but it's not enough, I want you too
(((Huddle and whispers)))

((((Back at the smiths house,))))

(psssss morty, your grandfather sent us)

(Thank you)

((((Morty Hands dude mysterious package

As morty was playing with the (hand held switch nintendo and the latest release tittle of choice, on screen name little but unseen un-zoomed imagerie)

(Now there are these packages been sent out to all locations around earth)

(((Mean while))

(((The world looks very unusual dark, filled with towers of some source unknown glowing from the apexes of these mysterious buildings, then the world dispears in the darkness of space



Now That I have sealed off the world, we can start excution rehydrate

Where we will be more than they where ever before though my method is band,
and highly dangrous but it is and will make them strong,

(((( Free-ies Walks out tower to hudge crowd))))

Everybody, you've grown to do all I say and is it true, there for you love me

Yes, Yes we do (((in posseed voices of intire crowd)))

(((freeies Checks voice command and makes all loyal subjects inhibutated)))

And they pass out

(((A Package gets sent to Tony Montana character from scare face movie)))

(((Who is sitting in his house on his throne and says)))

Never have I seen before what you have not become, if I could be half of this man, half of this rick sanchez, half of what he has truley done
,i we would be more than unstopable, than God himself
I have no choice, but to go to war for this man, my hands are tied, and so are yours,


We shall go to war

(((Then, god father)))
I see, what we are but I see so much more
In time,

I want you to grab your guns... it's time for war

((((Then a hole bunch of gangsters simtanlys saying, we will, we will, we will join you my brother)))

Friies talks to rick in cell,



Rick rick rick, so I know i have you where you are, and I know you can escpae,

but is there any where to run, see it your heart, you know my world is here for you,

Don't be shy say what you want



Go fuck yourself, if i told you of what I think you would kill me now,



Rick rick rick k my armys are now on earth, you rmber what happend last time

You won't be so foolish this time will you

(((Sreams in ricks head)))
(Rick no!!!!!
No rick, please, dieana

Yes rick I suggest you learn to apologise
And join me,

(((Rick spits)))


I could kill you right now, but where the fun in that, we all have our kicks rick, and I want to see yours

You have 72 hrs to make up your mind
or all you remember, is nothing, And it will last an, Etrnity

((((Gangsters preparing for war)))
Sniffing some sort of drug that makes them super strong, along with rick supplied body suits))) (((and weaponry taticals)))

Rick and frries screens are seen side by side

After, a gathered meeting and they both say

(Don't worry he will have no where to run)

Da da da da, slow moving heart beat, and the birds fly away from, giant building structure

((((Back to free-ies)))

Now, It is Time, too, demonstrate what power is,

(((Freeies Awakens his army of glowing eyes and, guns like the preditor humans)))

(((Free-ies stands in front a crowd and says)))

You have all gathered here to witness a new age and this age comes with time but fist we must make a stand and fight, Toghther,

Now, all that did not make a suitable subject to join my supreme armys will and shall be no more

((((Freeies suits up by unlocking himself taking of his helmet where he eyes are now glowing)))

And Says,



justice is at hand

(((Then boom as he is about to speak again)))

All out war breaks out, in free-ies compound and freeies himself kicks ass

But ricks soidiers are winning there fight
Against freeies men

Rick gets a note in jail and, writes somthing in a note pad And hands an inmate the note

Morty gets knock on door



Can you give us

Thank you

Then the battle countuies with giant power ranger equipment but it is not enough

So same again rick, gives a note and mort hands over a envelope

Now the skys turned to a green colour

And it rains acid, that turns all fighters to ricks side

And freeies is supurbulase

Freeies fights strong

So rick rights sends his final command by note

And then

Boom, freeies is shot by dart gun and stop mid way through fight with a plague of microscopic bugs comming out of him

But free-ies trys to escape
With his soul, espaing

And Tony Montana turns up with a vacuum cleaner and contains his soul

And says,

There is no need to fight, there is no need for war, our world, was ment to be one of freedom, and shall not change

The individual's that fight these battles fight hard and stronge

and we shall rember them, All in memory 

For what was awaiting for us, was only battles and endless war, and death would of come for us all

So I want you to rember the creatures and all beings that faught these battles, and rember them as the savours of your true destineys, our saviors of our grace,

((((hugs and crying, and the dead being, ritualy burnt alive with coper coins on there eyes))))

And Rick gets up And washes his hands


((((Rick walks free form the  court house)))

Rick now that we have seen the true power of freeies, the world is sorry, and Will reinstate your life, this must be a life saver, do you have any words to say

Yeah, to all my homeis out there if it wasn't for you, my world wouldn't be so filled with trash,

And also thx for...nothing I just found it pretty funking fauany

And truley everthing I did will be discountuied right about,,,,

((All items and stuff turns off in Tony Montana's palice))

((((Do madarie c bandhoes, mother funking pubic hair, ((((some swear word saying in sapinsh??))

(((Did you get any of that)))

(((It's a good show)))

((((Try make the fighting take down freeies  structurel contros so it the whole world was fighting))))

(((If friies is taken then obea-ise)))



Submitted: October 16, 2021

© Copyright 2021 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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