Happily Ever After

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A sexy, steamy lesbian erotic romance that just might not seem like a romance at first but keep in mind that things aren't always the way they appear to be.
There are more ways to connect than having wild sex in a grocery store and Kristin and Emily know it. Will they get their 'Happily Ever After'? The answer will surprise you.

Happily Ever After



  Nikki North


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In memory of Kylen and Crystal



Happily Ever After

Nikki North


White Diamonds. I closed my eyes and inhaled the smell of the most arousing perfume ever made.

When I looked at the automatic doors I realized why I smelled it. The most beautiful woman I’d ever seen was coming in and when the doors opened they created a draft. A light puff of air sent the smell to me and it also sent a slow-moving wave of air through unimaginably gorgeous auburn hair giving it a sensual flair as it pushed it away from her face.

 Her tan and toned body sported white shorts and a blue T-shirt that set off the auburn hair. The shirt was just tight enough to be that kind of classy, not slutty, sexy. I squinted, trying to be sure of what I thought I was seeing. I was. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were making small points through her shirt.

Our eyes locked and she gave me a small smile which I quickly returned. There was no doubt in my mind at all that I’d be spending some incredibly connecting time with her and very shortly.

I watched her as she stopped to check out the lettuce and tomatoes. With slow and perfect movements, she picked up vegetables and examined them as if they were works of art.  

She seemed to feel my eyes on her because she turned and lasered hers  into mine. We held eye contact for an extraordinarily intimate amount of time before she smiled at me again. This smile was a bit different than the one she’d first given me. This smile was unabashedly sexy and had ‘definitely interested’ plastered all over it.

We broke the eye sex, but I knew she was watching me out of the corner of eyes.

I went to the corn section and began to pick up one ear at a time, pulling the husk back enough to check out the tip and an inch or to two below. I wanted to make sure it was a nice size with prominent niblets. Oh, yeah, this was the perfect one. I wrapped in a plastic bag and put it in my canvas bag.

Ah, the banana bin, filled to the brim. I watched her out of the corner of my eye as I picked up a bunch, gave it a look over, then did the same to 2 more bunches. On the fourth bunch I lifted, I found just what I was looking for. The one perfect banana.

I made quite the show of giving this piece of fruit an admiring look. I glanced yet again at the beauty. She’d been watching me which sent my arousal through the ceiling. I pulled my choice off the bunch and wrapped it in one of the light plastic produce bags, placing it in the canvas bag I had slung over my shoulder.

I turned down an aisle looking for a couple of other things I needed and when I returned, I saw her examining zucchinis, running her hands up and down ones with different lengths.

I cleared my throat and her long, graceful neck turned to me.

After several moments of intensely arousing staring, I licked my lips in a way that could only be interpreted as sexual.

Turning around, I walked slowly away from her. I hadn’t heard any footsteps, but I knew she’d follow me.

I opened the door to the bathroom and gave it a quick look over. Seeing no one in there was wonderful. It didn’t mean someone wouldn’t be coming in, but it did mean I had a head start.

I made my way to the last stall, the one for people with disabilities. Why? More room for what I had in mind to do with her. She’d come in. I knew she would. I saw it in her eyes: hunger, lust, eagerness, and pure desire.

After closing the stall door, I opened the baby changing station, letting its table unfold. Pulling a few items from my bag, I placed them on the surface.

The bathroom door creaked open slowly and I heard light footsteps. Peeking out the stall door, my heart began to pound. There she was. I opened the door a little further and crooked my finger.

A naughty little smile covered a face that could stop traffic as she entered the stall. She locked the door, then let her eyes run up and down my body, appraising it with an eager look. The corner of perfect lips turned up in a sexy smile. Show time.

I moved the two steps between us, took the hem of her shirt and began to raise it, my hands trembling in anticipation of what I knew would be perfect breasts. I paused for a beat and got a cute little head nod. I tossed her shirt to the table, cupping one breast and sensually squeezing and massaging it as I eagerly put my lips on the rock hard, extended nipple of her other.

She let out a little gasp as I ran my tongue over it right before I took it all in my mouth and sucked, flicking my tongue on an ever-enlarging nipple.

I took my hand off her breast and licked my thumb and index finger. Taking her nipple between them I tweaked, twisted, and turned it which elicited even faster breathing.

My sucking and massaging were interrupted as she frantically pulled my shirt over my head in one quick movement. I was wearing a bra, the only kind I wear: one that opens in the front. I heard my bra hit the table as her mouth covered one nipple, then moved to the other, then back again. The way she was licking and swirling her tongue on my nipples was nearly overpowering. The woman really had a very talented tongue.

She continued enjoying feasting on my breasts while I put my hand on the button of her shorts and paused, giving her a questioning look.

I had my answer: she gently moved my hand and unbuttoned the shorts herself, unzipped them and stepped out of them.

I hooked my thumbs over the edge of her thong and waited. She put her hands on mine and gave a slight push downwards. They hit the floor and she stepped out of them, kicking them over on top of the discarded shorts.

I held up two fingers as I nudged her legs apart using my knee. She sucked my fingers coating them with her saliva and I immediately went to her entrance where I circled the opening before sliding them into wet, slick velvet. I moved in and out and she put her arms around my neck to steady herself.

My lips made their way down her neck and chest and back on fully extended and hard nipples again.

She took a breast in her hand and held it firmly as she leaned into my nipple, rubbing my other nipple in deep circles with her palm.

We stopped our activities, except that my fingers stayed in her, just not moving in and out.

She looked at my lightweight sweats, brows furrowed in curiosity as she pulled the tie string. I reluctantly left the warm, slick channel my fingers had been in and pulled my sweats and panties down slowly, stopping when a blue Feeldoe sprang up. She took in a sharp breath and grinned from me to the Feeldoe and back.

She grabbed my sweats and panties, pulling them to my knees. Her foot gave my right shoe a quick tap, indicating to removed my shoes. With my shoes out of the way, she rapidly yanked my clothes to my ankles, put her foot on the crotch, holding the clothes in place as I stepped out of them.

Grasping the Feeldoe,she stroked it up and down. I saw her glance at the table, then at me.

So that's what she wanted: warming lube. I squirted out a palmful and applied it to every part of her vulva, teasing her clit as I moved the lube around. When I pushed into her with a finger covered in lube, she gasped in pleasure before quickly giving my nipple a little bite.

I returned the lube to the baby table and picked up two condoms. Holding them up, I raised my eyebrows to ask which one. She smiled with excitement and chose the extra studded one..

I gave it to her and looked at the Feeldoe. She had the package open and the condom covering it in record time. She picked up the lube, looked down at the dildo and then at me. Ah, got it.

I spread the lube all over the condom, stopping only when she took the bottle away.

Her arms went around my neck and mine around her waist as we leaned to kiss. A slow, sweet kiss that rapidly turned into biting, nibbling, and pulling on eager lips.

Lifting her leg, I put it in the crook of my arm and separated the distance between us.

We watched as I ran the tip of the strapless dildo over both sets of lips, around her hood, down the sides of her ever-swelling small lips, and, saving the best for last, I held the Feeldoe firmly as I circled the only part of a woman that has no purpose except for her pleasure. When the tip of the dildo moved from circling to flicking gently, she nearly melted and became a bit limp.

I eased her other leg into the crook of my other arm, lifting her off the floor, holding her with my hands on her butt. Her legs wrapped tightly around my waist and her arms went around my neck. Her tongue? Playfully licking my ear.

I walked us to the wall, braced her back against it, and moved my eyes to the Feeldoe, pressing it gently against her slit.

A deep, frantic kiss occurred as she reached for the object fixed sturdily between my legs and placed it at her entrance. She held it there and nodded. I began pushing into her, gliding easily and smoothly until I was completely and fully in her. She leaned her forehead against mine and her hands tightened around my neck. A wiggle of her butt told me it was time to begin and begin I did. I pulled back fast and slammed in hard. Back and forth, thrusting as deeply as I could and with as much force as I could.

She buried her head in my neck as she moaned in unparalleled pleasure. When I pulled out completely, she turned her head to smile and gave a tiny nod. I slammed right back into her, out completely, then slammed in again. I mixed up the movements: completely out and back in with staying in her while I thrust.

She flung her head back and her breathing went from soft and low to gasping and very heavy.

Taking her arm from around my neck, I grasped her index finger, putting it in my mouth, sucking and licking it, getting it bathed in my saliva before I eased it downward. She caught on immediately and took over the movement allowing me to grip her butt with both hands.

Her arm tightened around my neck as she began to pleasure herself in a frenzy of movements. As aroused as she was, as crazy wild as she was stroking herself, as the hard push against me that told me to meet her thrusts as hard and fast as I could, and as she elicited a low moan, I knew her orgasm was beginning. Whoever said it takes a woman a long time to come had never met this woman.

As her head twisted and turned as if she were experiencing an exorcism, she threw head back again arching her neck. I watched her mouth open and I knew she was about to scream everything you scream as you come. Low moans and soft groans were one thing; a piercing scream like you’re being murdered is something else entirely and something that couldn’t happen given our location.

 I let go of one of her butt cheeks, balled my hand into a fist and shoved as much of it as I could into her gaping mouth. The surprise of my fist in her mouth stopped the scream just in the nick of time. It did not, thank God, stop her from having one hell of an orgasm. Sweat formed on her forehead as she shook. She continued movements that caused the Feeldoe to ram into her roughly, and she clamped her teeth into my fist. The unexpected bite was hard and I knew it would leave a mark but I didn’t care. Watching her come while basically chewing on my fist was one of the most intensely arousing things I’d seen in a while.

Her orgasm began to subside and her body folded into me as she released my fist, her breathing heavy and ragged.

Now that I had a second hand, I gently held her butt with more steadiness. Given that the Feeldoe was still in her, I was careful to let her down to the floor gently and slowly and to do the same as I pulled out of her.

She gave a little shake much like a dog does after getting a bath. After several deep breaths, she gave me quite a surprise. Kneeling in front of me, she removed the condom from the Feeldoe and tossed it into the trash can. I was shocked in the best possible way as I watched her pull it in and out of her mouth in quick, short movements, run her tongue over the tip, and lick it up and down like it was a popsicle, and pretty much suck the the dildo to a smaller size. When she took it in so deep that she could have given Linda Lovelace some serious competition, my knees got weak and I thought I might pass out.

She looked up at me with a devilish grin as she knee-walked to the toilet. From a box mounted on the wall, she yanked one of those paper things you put down if you don’t want to sit on the toilet and then put it over the seat.

She turned to me, taking the Feeldoe in her hand and gently pulled it, recognizing that where it went, I went.

She guided me to the now sanitized toilet seat and pushed me back as she situated me. What in the world was she about to do? I had no idea at all, but I knew for sure I’d like it.

She moved slightly so she could kneel by my side. Reaching for my hands, she showed me what she wanted: me to spread my lips apart and hold them open. As soon as I had pulled my lips back, she pushed the Feeldoe away slightly giving her room as she and the most gifted tongue in the world began to do things that shook me to my very core.

She began running her tongue lightly over my small lips, then to the sides of them. She gave my hood a smooth, slow lick. The next thing she gave me was an ‘Oh, you’re gonna love this’ look and she went to work on my clit. She sucked, pulled, licked, and covered all of my clit with her mouth while flicking her tongue on it.

She pulled back and took a look at where she’d been, obviously pleased with the swelling her much welcomed assault on my clit had caused. She gave a gentle pull on the Feeldoe with her eyebrows raised in a question. I stood up, got in the ‘take it out without hurting myself’ position and eased it out.

She took it from me and began to suck and lick on the part of it that had been in me. I wondered how many swift and pounding heartbeats it would take to give me a heart attack.

She licked her lips, happy she’d gotten every bit of my juice off it as she put it on the table and grabbed the bottle of lube. She nudged my legs apart with her hand and squirted some of the warming lube on 3 fingers which she promptly shoved into me, coating my already soaked walls.

Satisfied with her lubing job, she gave me a gentle push to sit down and lean back so my entrance was easily accessible. Moving between my legs, she shoved those three fingers into me eliciting a low groan of exquisite pleasure from me. After several pumps, she pulled out and gave me a long, slow lick that started at my opening and ran to my clit, circling it, then flicking it a few times before returning to push her talented fingers back in me.

Her fingers moved in and out of me hard and fast, each thrust more intense that the previous one. My eyes were closed and I was reveling in the fullness of her in me, of how her fingers felt going back and forth against my walls. But when her tongue swept across my clit, my eyes flew open quicker than a spaceship on its way to Mars and my hands grabbed her head in delighted surprise.

There wasn’t anything between my legs that her tongue or lips hadn’t hit. The fingering? It was perfect and expertly combined with her beyond excellent oral skills.

My orgasm began, stayed in the build up stage a little longer than usual which was fine with me, rounded the corner with an intense, profound sensation, and then the dam burst. The throbbing was off the charts, the contractions, deep and intense. I was going to die and I didn’t give a damn. I couldn’t think of a better way to check out.

Slowly she eased out of me and wiped the sweat from my forehead. Straddling me, she held up her three magic fingers and began licking and sucking two of them, cleaning them dry, then offered me the third one which I sucked, enjoying my own taste.

She pulled me up and before we knew it, we had a hot, wild, no holds barred make out session complete with all manner of breast touching and caressing, each of us using one hand for the breast action. Why? Because we’d both slipped our other hand and stroked each other’s not so small lips and clit with an occasional push into a very welcoming, dripping wet hole.

I stopped my grinding of her clit so I could pull her finger off me. Her eyebrows went up in curiosity. That didn’t last long. I finger fucked her and rubbed her clit until a tsunami of an orgasm began.

She grasped my arms as she shook and writhed. Her deep guttural noises sent streams of wetness out of and down my legs.A steamy kiss followed by a smile of satisfaction told me she’d finished.

I’d stayed in her, not moving, just filling her as she’d come. She pulled my finger out, sucked it sensuously, and moved my hand aside when she was done. She gave my lower lip a sexy bite then eased her finger into me. That was the only time anything eased. The speed and depth of her finger thrusting was about to send me over the edge and she hadn’t even gotten to my clit. God, she was good.

She twisted her hand so that she could continue her finger pounding and massage my clit with her thumb. She really had me on the precipice and with one final shove and swipe, I began my freefall to paradise.

As I came, I held her breasts, squeezing them and rubbing my hands over the smooth surface. I was in my come fully, but not too far that I didn’t notice it would be difficult to distinguish her nipples from hard pebbles. This sensation drove me to cover her lips with mine as our tongues became entwined.

The orgasm was probably one of the top 5 I’d ever had. Her finger filled me, her thumb stroked my clit with just the right amount of pressure, her breasts felt perfect in my hands, and God almighty, could this woman kiss.

It was my turn to fold into her, sweating and panting and letting out deep moans.

She pulled me to her, putting my head on her shoulder as she ran her hands over my back with a gentleness that brought me down from my other worldly experience easily. No crash. Just a soft, sensual, floating kind of landing.

We were sated at the same time and simply leaned out foreheads together, smiles of total satisfaction glowing on our faces.

She gave me a quick kiss and turned to locate her clothes.

We dressed and I packed my bag, stopping to hold each other for a few moments. Then she lifted my chin and tapped my nose with the tip of her finger and smiled, turned and left the stall and the bathroom. I watched her leave and realized just how lucky I had gotten.

I slung my bag over my shoulder and headed out of Sex Central. I had a little more shopping to do and an errand I had to run before I’d be going home to my wife of seven years.

An hour later, I entered the living room and a loving voice called to me from the kitchen.

“Hi, Sweetheart, I’m glad you’re home.”

“What’s that wonderful smell? Are we having your amazing spaghetti and meatballs?” I asked with excitement as I went in the kitchen and put my bag on the kitchen table.

She set a pan off a burner before turning to find me with open arms which she immediately walked into. We shared a few sweet kisses, then a ‘Bet something else might be happening later’ kind of kiss.

“I love you, Kristen. More and more everyday,” I whispered in her ear.

She lifted my chin and tapped my nose with the tip of her finger. “And you, Emily O’Connor, are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love you so much,” she murmured as she reached for my hand.

I gave a small wince.

“Em, what’s wrong?” she asked in her usual caring, concerned way.

I kissed her, pulling her close to me. “The woman I love more than anything in the world bit me today.”

Her hands flew across her face for a moment. “Oh, God, let me see.”

I held out my hand. “Honestly, Em, sometimes you can be such a wimp,” my wife said teasing me, dropping my hand. “The teeth marks barely show. Wait til next time. I’ll give you something you won’t forget.”

“I think you did that today, Kristen. I’m the luckiest woman in the world.”

I received the sweetest most loving smile. “I’m glad you think so. Today was really something else, huh?”

“Yeah, it ranks right up there with all our other wild and crazy and spicy activities and places. It was something else alright, although I’m wondering if I might need to get a tetanus shot,” I said, laughing as I held my hand out to her and pointed to the marks.

Kris gave my butt a swat. “Keep that up and you’ll be going to bed with no supper.”

“As long as I’m going to bed with you, I don’t care about supper.”

She reached inside my bag and pulled out the ear of corn. “Nice choice,” she said admiringly as she put it on the table.

Next out? The perfect banana that she was waving in my face. “Somehow we missed this little jewel,” she said with a mischievous smile. “Maybe we could find a use for it later.”

“I think it would make a great dessert. We could dip it in some warmed-up chocolate,” I said, taking it from her and dangling it front of her face before I set it on the table so I could have both hands free to pull her close.

“Oh, there’s no doubt it’ll get dipped somewhere warm and smooth,” she assured me, wiggling her eyebrows. “Just not in chocolate.”

She pulled out the ear of corn and began pulling the husk off, along with the little yellow strings that lie along the ridges.

She held it up, giving it a thorough examination. “You picked out the best one. Right length, perfect circumference and these little kernels are going to give it a real boost,” she said, running her finger over them.

“Has my creative wife come up with a place for our next adventure?” I asked, squirming as she ran her hand between my thighs.

“After supper, maybe we could test out the banana and the corn and see if they give us any new ideas,” she said with a devilish little grin.

“Excellent idea. I do love how you think.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck. “Em, do you think it’ll always be this wonderful?”

“Well, it’s been seven years. I think we’re good for a whole lot more,” I said before kissing her.

“We’re good together, aren’t we?” It wasn’t a question; it was a statement of fact.

“Yeah, we’re good together. Better than good, Kris. Way better than good.” I held her face in my hands and kissed her. “We were made for each other.”

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