Rick and Morty's, Droidien of decadence

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Today's top athletes are no longer men and sport is dominated around the universe by doirds, morty wants all this, dominating sport can give and Rick is easy to comply

This is a story, I would say would do better if it where on tv but here is a story, it's my least best work to read, check out my other work, for a better read!

The game rules to the console video games, are in the links below

Here is rick and Morty's, droidien of decadence 



A driods Head gets slamed into, wall 

You like that don't ya 

(((Crowd goes off,))) 

Stellios gets the ball, boom 

Ohhh Sellios is Hit hard, 
by a forced takele, at high volicity
It will be 3 point operation, I hope it's a worth while tatic 

Yes I know, what a hit by, Jerious unbelievable 

Let's watch that again 


Rick, this is amazing, who ever came up with drioden football ball, must of made him self a fortune, 

True, Though it will never be aloud on earth, the brains of humans can't handle the high intense gambling system, seriois morty haven't you seen, what humans gamble on, horses, dogs, once even cammels your worlds being quarrtiend... 

You'se just can't handle it sorry morty 

Dam it, rick can't we do somthing about that, 

No but I can make 


(((morty and rick are now in a court, a football field, though it has virtual walls and levitating platforms))) 

You Try score over there, 

And I'll try score over here 

(((6 more players emerge that look computer simulated digital projections))) 

Then, then the ball from the center of the court, gets fired from the floor, 

The ball hits the roof, where a spinging diamond awaits, 

And now the Game is on, 
the ball flys off this diamond spinning directly above the cannon, the ball comes off the roof, towards a random direction 

Morty retreives the ball and, gets past a defender's, and throws the ball towards his team mate, rick grabes the ball before  mortys player could make a catch 

((((There is 4 a side, who knows who will win this game))) 

Rick jumps on a platform jumping over a digital projection 

Takes a flying spinng leap for the goal wall, the wall that has the 3 marked goals 20, 30 and 50 

Rick Takes a big back swing, 

but he is whipped out before he could make his throw, 

the play has now past rick 

So he reverts back to his own try line
Then gives his opssing team points by appearing evey, 5 meters, and running, another 5 in consesition, towards the opsite end towards the action of the game then he makes a barging tackle

The ball ends up near morty morty picks up the ball 

Morty Makes a throw to a digital projection on his team 

Boom, tackled before he could grab it, by another digital protection 

Then another digital projection picks up the ball, on mortys team 

Then a digital projection trys to tackle the digital projection with the ball 

But dodges, and makes a flying leap towards ricks goals, and throws the ball to score 

Rick is there to catch the a 30 point goal from being scored 

Rick Sends the ball to a left open team member that dodges two oppents on morty team runs to score, a 50 point goal, 

and jumps in the, extra point scoring opertunity, 

((((that looks like a giant circle with 10 circles spinning around the indvidual spinning giant circle)))) 

Boom, fire works go off! 

The score is now 13 - 76 

The ball comes form the center again as evey one is scrambling to there starting positions, rember the ball is always in play and you only have 10s to set your self, before the game is on 

Boom The ball comes out flying, strait off the spinning diamond on the roof and then, off the wall to 

mortys team digital projection, who throws the ball to morty, 

morty is using all his power ups, moving up the field, very quickly 

Giving ricks team more points as he does, and morty makes a forced slam, 


more points are given 

But morty is in the clear,
Travling quick
He is using slam quick dash 

Where even more extra points are given to rick 

Travling towards the goals morty is travling at high speeds 

But before morty could score which he was so close to doing, 

Buzzzzzzzzz!!!!!! Blue wins 

Morty, I won, I succeded your point score by a hundred bitch 

Morty looks at score 

19 - 120 

Shit rick, 

Dam, it's a good game 

this has to be shared with the world, earth needs it, I need it, the world needs it 

this is drioden foot ball 

Morty, I'll do it for you, but just a 1st and 3rd person perspective video game 

And morty you can keep, what ever we make, brothers to the end 

Brothers to the end 

(((Montage)))Ricks hands are seen working, and morty is on the phone as, these disc are being printed and shipped around the world where there Game is being played world wide 

Morty is making alot of money and taken all the credit 

Rick is starting to get upset 

And Rick plans to confront morty 

(((Rick and morty in there manchine,))) 

Morty I think your going pretty far with this credit that, I,  have given you 

I think it's time you separate your ways, come back to me morty I miss ya kid 

You know what rick you all up in my face, you know, what rick, you can set a new family rate on your ass 

Cause I'm leaving, you rick, now back out my face dog 

Morty you leave me no choice,
What this, 


(((Rick Throws a cartridge at morty)))
Yeah bitch 

Whats that 

Just your compertion 

Ha, I have seen enough, 

What ever champ, you know it's only a matter of time, 

And plummet driodien sales down 

(((Rick walks off))) 

And morty starts to play the game decadence that rick had left him, and he plays it for 2 strait weeks 

Than when he leaves his manchine, there where no longer giant drioden statues, 

But monument men, with swords and guns, shields flame towers etc 

Out side his manchine 

Then as morty walks around trough the streets he see's, droidien toys on the ground and the new game posters on the wall of decadence ricks game 

And stops at an internet Cafeie and orders a coffe 

Rick walks in, and says 

Do you see morty, it's me that controls all and no other man will ever do anything to upset me or they will pay, I'm sorry morty, but it needed to be done 

Rick it's ok,
I like the mechanics of your game, 

Buildings grow, and can be destriod, you bang on bells to build stuff how orgional, 

Multiplayer first person perspective action 

Cars docks, ammo stations 

I had my character level up with an ak47, it was great, all the others had nothing it was just me, against cave man i destriod them all, then I levelled up
I had  a lazer and a jet pack 

before all others
it was the best day of my life, and I will rember it forever 

Jesus morty, I was supose to piss you off fucken menliuials and there video games 

Any ways kid, i have some big news, well I have all this money that I was thinking of given away, 

It's earth currency, a dollar is worth less to me,...
thinner, air it's self 

So What you do you say kid
(((Morty is back in his manchine with Piles of money and says))) 

You no what rick, screw you I don't need you bitch 

What the fuck morty you peace of shit I never handing anything over to you again you little pace of shit I will make you regret this day you where born,,,,, 

Take him away 

Morty, morty, morty, I will get you morty
(((As rick is being dragged off))) 

You know what I say, that I will see him again but I'll will expect him, when he does 

Morty this is the police, we want you to come out with your hands in the air, 

tax evasion is a serious crime, come out quietly, and will Sezz you poilightly 

((((Morty is now locked up))) 

Morty has a secret paper thrown to him
From the out side 

It's from rick 
It says 

Please morty,.forgive me and I'll set everything right again 

Piss off rick 

Come morty quite down, I can still get you out 

Tax evasions what else do they think, I've done 

That your been secretly mass conducting a revolution, but not yet, I have that on hold just one word morty and tick, your a dead man 

Really rick, 

yes really, 

Well all that dosent matter 

Do you rember fall back 1,2,0 

Evry man needs to know where to put there domincace contained in a box over there most worthy advisors 



You better rick,
you remember February 27/2017 


Morty you told me you burnt that copy 

No rick I still have the video, and I will use it 

(((Rick runs off back to his lair and does a scan and searches on mortys hand written and style))) 

As rick is searching for this bit of information about February 27/2017 rick notices its on morty, 

And morty hands over a link to this secret msg 

To police

And it plays,
Ow yeah, please ow yeah don't stop, mmmmm 


, wwwwhat rick 

Morty what the fuck 

Hey ya boys 

I'm comming to, 

Oh Yeah yeah, I love it when you do it right there 


Ow shit yeah do that so well 

That's the wrong link,
Where the one, with you masturbatory to Justin bebeier 

Wow morty we both lucked out on this one, but hey what wver happens on vling-abla
Stays on vling-abla. 

Well at least next time 


Don't worry morty, I'm horrified for you, I actually, love octopus porn, 

Owww yeah pop pop pop, 

Ow daddy 


Hey morty yeah, I love vling-abla 

Wow yeaaaah, morty where on ving-labla
There no age limit on drinking morty drink up 

Morty try some of this, 

(((morty takes a shot,))) 

And Rick Sniffs a line 

And as they do 2 octopus woman walk up to them 

Wow Dam you look fantastic 

Wow, you look amazing 

((( rick stares at them with open and drowling mouth))) 

Don't forget about me

Did you get any of that 

It's a good show 

(((Link to game rules of droidien football))) 



(((Link to decadence game rules))) 


Submitted: October 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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