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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Nevermore, Son of Sons.



By Alexander Guinevere Kern

C -1986


Time, time, radiant Temporal,

Curve your truth to lies.

Why was I born a human and alive

10 years before

Your loved Appearance.

What a twist of Physics.


Last Son of sons

Hate loving you,

Hate your loving me.


Your swaggering confidence

Your damned intelligence

Italian Verve, Impure Motives.

My cheering molecules and

Pheromones - tyranny of flesh.




You Adore Your Diabolic Madonna.

Your body the color of wish and dust

Plonked you on a Dias, I Trust

You’ll divorce the Fawning Babes

Haunting your Trail.



Faded denim eyes, wheat locks, pirate

Earring, ruby blood pulse . . .

Sweet coiled pain of knotted love.

Drinker of skin wine, F Whisperer.

Our paths linked up in conversation

Side swipe occurances,

In which we nearly meet again

Again and again. We marvel

At our Intimate Past, shadow cats

Crossing paths, bad luck prowlers,

Oblivious. You say my age

Doesn’t bother your sense of propriety.

You insist “It’s only a Time Matter.”

Before I give the clock The Bird,

And you, my affectionate hands

Together to flatten the mocking

Increments ticking through our days,

Lest they wedge us asunder.





****** Late of Andy

Submitted: October 17, 2021

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