Aspects of Harmony

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A brand new idea that is slowly forming. As more becomes clearer I will update this story.

Anyway let's give you guys a brief description of the story.

The plot is centered around Harmony, the leader of the Aspects, and her missions. Harmony overall has two mission that she needs to complete, one is to find the rest of her team and the other is to defeat Nobuhisa. Using magical buttons called Jewel Hearts, gifted by Queen Emberlyn, Harmony can transform into Ms. Fanservice at anytime.

As Ms. Fanservice, Harmony's mission is to defeat ghost and demons summoned by Nobuhisa called Akury?.

The normal humans are hopeless to defeat them so it's up to Harmony and the other Aspects to put them back to sleep and restore peace to Horia.

Hope you guys enjoy this story.
Upload schedule: Once a Week, Twice if I feel like it.

Started: July 09, 2021


Table of Contents


Long ago, there were six mystic individuals chosen by Queen Emberlyn. These individuals were the manifestations of particu... Read Chapter

A Brand New Hope: Part 1

*Flashback!* A bright light shined into Harmony's room & hit her directly in her eyes, causing her to screech and cover them. She beg... Read Chapter

A Brand New Hope: Part 2

The following school day began equivalent to the one before. Some of the students were chatting in the halls while others were rushing to... Read Chapter

A Brand New Hope: Part 3

Tick was the only noise detected in Harmony's 9th-period class. Everyone was worn & some were already sleeping in class. She barely could... Read Chapter

A Brand New Hope: Part 4

"Hey honey. How was school today?" Harmony. Harmony sighs as she sits down in the kitchen and says: "It could have been better." H... Read Chapter

Story Update

This story will no longer be updated here! You need to visit Wattpad if you want to see it or go here. ... Read Chapter

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