Holy Cow! Holy Scam!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: connie-dean-smith

This book is a warning and some guidelines on what to watch for with scamming.

Holy Cow!  Holy Scam!

By Connie Smith

October 4, 2021

Chapter 1:  Types of Scams

Some time ago, at least six months, I heard the Lord say to me, “Put yourself out there, and I am going to teach you about scammers.  And then you will write a book to help women understand the different types of scams and scripts (yes, they follow scripts) that scammers use; and when the reader (a prospective scam-victim) sees the pattern, she will know that it is a scam.  And she, then, must get ready for the fight of her life, for the scammers will fight for sure.  Hence, the prospective scam-victim must be strong and hold on; and she must stay determined--she will win!”

I stayed determined and was called everything in the books, but I won!  Some of the men are still calling me names, but I just block and delete them, and I am grateful for the “buttons” that let us kick them off (you will need them).

I was approached by 35-40 scammers, but only 20 really got involved to the point of going after me for money and really fighting with me for days.  I was being obedient for God’s voice in this, and I sure needed his help to get past some of the anger in the scammers as it was huge.  I learned a lot but paid dearly in stress, weariness, pain of heart.  I paid dearly even in money, as I was told to put myself on some dating sites also.  I think I have removed them now and most I didn’t use so they credit me back the money I spent on them.  Some were wonderful and some were not wonderful.  The scams I ran into the most were:

  1. Buy me a house.
  2. Sweetheart.
  3. Money for food.
  4. Pay to get me out of my country.
  5. Money to help a relative in the hospital.
  6. Take out a loan for me.
  7. This message is from the government.
  8. Buy me a car.

Chapter 2:  Scripts for Scams

Yes, the scammers follow scripts all the time.  They are not so smart that they don’t need scripts; and after a while, they let them run off their tongue like oil: very smooth and slick.  The first thing is to get the prospective scam-victims on Hangouts or WhatsApp.  From there, they can say anything they want to the prospective victims.  The first line they all use is, “Hello, how are you?”  Step two is, “Tell me all about yourself,” which gets the prospective scam-victims’ attention off the topic of the scammers.

I got so I would say, “If I tell you about myself, you must do the same.”  Then I would acquire some info on them which I later found out was helpful to catch them in lying.

Chapter 3:  My Experiences with Scammers

  My first Sweetheart scam was a real doozy.  I was swept away with the sweet talk and many gifts that were left on my tablet or phone every morning and night; and often, I would be given love songs to listen to and was very deeply touched by all of that.  The man was a hunk and handsome and about 60-65 years old.  He lied so much that he began to believe his own lies and ended up falling in love with me, and I really fell hard for him.

When we came to the end where the scammers have to ask for the money, the man (who was readying me for the kill) said, “Boy, I did this wrong.”  And I knew he meant that he was not supposed to believe his own lies and fall in love with me, as that makes it much harder for them to go for the jugular vein or go for the kill.  He started out by saying, “I have to ask you something. . . .”And when I said, “What,” he continued, “I need you to take out a loan for new tools for my work.”

I told him, “Absolutely ‘no!’”

Now this is where it gets heated and nasty:  I kept saying “No, No, No,” and he kept saying, “Yes, Yes, Yes.”

Then he accused me of being the most stubborn woman he ever met, and said, “I am not stubborn but strong.”

These kind of people don’t think us women can stand firm, and I proved him wrong.  He still hates me; and when he sees me on any site, he will call me names because I could resist him.  Right from the beginning, I told him that I could not give him anything in the financial end of things:  I am a woman not rich but poor.  My husband was a wonderful man, but he could not pay for life insurance, so he donated his body to science to alleviate the expense of a funeral--even in his death.

The prospective scam-victims are so flattered that they just want to fall into the scammers’ arms and die of love.  And when the money-fight begins, the scammers turn into somebody else, whereupon the prospective scam-victims go into shock.

For at least three days, I fought with this man, and I hung on and hung in and I won.  He did not get a dime from me.  That is why he hates me so much:  With me, he failed.  I told him, “I don’t know how you can keep robbing women for a living and sleep soundly.”

Scammers have no conscience at all.  One night, he asked me to tell him all about God, so I was typing very long paragraphs, as I have had a 42-year-long worldwide ministry.  And when I had finished, he asked if I felt better.  I said that it was a huge job, and I asked him if I had answered his question.

He laughed and said, “I knew you needed to do that, so I got you started.”

What a pig he was.  I really did love him though.  That is why the prospective scam-victims do what they do for the scammers; and the scammers are depending on it to gain access to the prospective victims’ purse.

The whole thing is just so emotional that, when the prospective victims come to the fight, the scammers know that the prospective victims could “poop out” and give in.  This man changed so much that I really held on and battled it out as he became a “horse’s behind.”  He knew I hated the “F” word, so he said it every chance he could, but I did not let him get to me.  I have never been so tired in my life as when I fought that battle; it was so emotionally draining.

I was born under the sign of “Cancer,” who are a bundle of emotions; and I truly was a bundle of emotions during the battle.  He touched every emotion that I had and stretched them so tight that I thought they would break.  This man supposedly had suffered a Covid sickness while he was on the job in Canada.  I never believed he was sick at all, but every day I inquired about his health.  I played his idiotic game.

“Cancer” people also hate liars, and he was one of the biggest that I ever met.  He wanted me to shop for a half-a-million-dollar house which he was going to leave me owing for.  That would have destroyed my good credit for life.  I have spent my entire life building that and have (for my age) a tremendous amount of borrowing power, but not for anyone but me.  This has been one of the bumpiest rides I have ever been on, but if we expose ourselves to enough of these kinds of things, we can hear the script after a while.  If possible, we must always try to find out if the scammers carry a weapon.

I live in a senior high-rise and have many friends here, one of whom carries a weapon; and others are constantly on the lookout for me to never get hurt.  This is a priceless gift:  I am grateful to live where the door is secure, and we need a “FOB” to open it so that strangers never can enter unless someone is just downright stupid and let anyone in who is just standing there.

In any event, one of the things I found was that the minute I would show up on another site, the men who had tried to scam me would approach me all over again or they would just call me names.  It was like they either wanted to try again or just wanted to torment me.  I had one man try so hard for me to send $6,000.00 to get him out of South America, and I was told that I was so bad because I wouldn’t help him.  And I had fallen for this man also.  I knew that if I would send the money, he would have never shown up, as he was just bait for me.  And then he just would have disappeared somewhere, but not where I could have found him.

I also found that on some dating sites, there are some really weird people.  I met a man with the name of an animal, and he invited me to an orgy.  I asked, “What do you mean?”  And he said that it would be 2-9 people for 2-7 days.

I then asked, “What would we do for all that time?”  And he answered, “Anything we want.”

Well, I told him, “I feel that such act was made for a man and a woman who love each other, not for anyone else.  And I cannot imagine so many all over the place doing whatever they want with whoever they want to do anything with.”

He also explained that he wanted to be spanked and be the dominant one.  He then went into detail about how that works.

I told him that he was an animal and I was not interested.  Then I deleted him and turned him in to the site I was on.

What really gets me is the way the scammers can disappear on their victims.  One day they are all over the prospective victims, and the next day they can’t be found!  Oh boy, in about six months, I had a college education on scams and scammers.  And it took me a long time to get rested up afterwards.

I remember one man I had just met, and he asked me to pick up a $500.00 card for his son.  I said, “Your son did not ask me for that, he asked you.”  I never got one for him, but he hung on and on; and ever so often he would ask again for that card.

Remember this:  never send money, never send cards, and never send numbers.  I tell the scammers up front, “Don’t mess with me:  I have a lot of spiritual protection around me.”  And it troubles them after they disconnect with me.  I tell them they will begin to fail more and more as I pray against the evil they are doing.  I tell them to get a real job, get off their behinds, and go to work like normal people.

What a way to live off of others like a leech, sucking the life from others.  I wrote this little book and never printed names, but if you are interested, I can send you a list of those to watch out for online if you so desire.  Write or call me to request the list or talk to me about your experiences with this huge problem.

There is a scam that misleads the prospective victims into believing that a message is from the government, and it goes like this:  The victims give the scammers $100.00, and the scammers supposedly will send $5,000.00 in return.  And of course, we all know that if something sounds too good to be true, it isn’t.

Two men approached me with this scam one morning, and I totally refused.  The scam required me to give numbers, which I never do.

The Sweetheart Scam is the biggest and worst one out there.  Just remember:  If someone asks you to meet at WhatsApp or Hangouts, it is a scam of some kind.  I’ve found more scammers there than anywhere else.  They try to get you to buy iPhones.  Also, one of the scammers I ran into said he had broken his phone and showed me a cracked screen, but I know he used it to try to get me to give him money so I could hear from him.  Just really watch out what they ask for and don’t do it.  I just want to add there are so many scams; just be very careful of what you agree to.  I have had scammers try to scam me for hospital bills for their mother or near relative!  I guess we could call this scam, “I have a sick relative who needs your help.”  There are as many scams as there are people.  Just never meet people at WhatsApp or Hangouts when they ask you to; as every time I have done that, I have run into another scam.

The Sweetheart Scams were the worst for me, as there is so much “Bull Stuff,” and we want to believe them--but we can’t.  The scammers draw in their prospective victims with sweet talk, and the victims then begin to sink into the muck.  I told one man that my eyes were hazel when I started, but they ended up brown due to the “Bull Stuff.”  I have been so furious with some that I wanted to strangle them; and I was so hurt by so many that I wanted to strangle them.

Now this really takes the cake:  As I was trying to finish this book, I had a video-call from a man who asked me to join him at WhatsApp, and so I joined him and waited for the pitch for money.  And before long, he said that he was bringing his daughter from Belgium and had the idea that I was rich and therefore would buy him a house or set him up in an apartment.

Well, I told him that I was a poor widow, whereupon he became so rude and spoke with a filthy mouth.  So I hung up on him.  Oh boy, I’m so glad for the buttons to let us be free from that kind of talk and actions.  We must be on guard all the time, my dear women friends:  The scammers are everywhere and have all kinds of wild ideas and always play on our sympathy.  I have a very big heart and find it hard to not help, but once again I won.

Always use the three principles below:

  1. Never send money.
  2. Never send cards.
  3. Never send numbers.

These are my protection and will be yours if you need them.  If you live alone, don’t give your phone number or address.  I hope this book will help you to remember to say “No.”  And always let the scammers know that you are not a sitting duck.  Then you never have to explain what you do with your money.  If you give your phone number out, expect stupid calls; but also remember that you can hang up.  So, do so and don’t let them use filthy language.  Never send pictures of any parts of your body, as they could be used for blackmail.  I had an experience with blackmail, but not over anything that involved dirty pictures.  I could go on and on, but this is enough for now.

I’m looking forward to your stories.  You can reach me at 2631 Krafft Road, Apartment 1009, Port Huron, Michigan 48060, Phone number 810-294-1920.  Please call or write if you want the list of names I have encountered.  I will be looking forward to your stories and requests.

Please let me know if this book lets you see some places where you might have done things differently.  Never give the scammer anything.  They sit on their butts and never do a lick of work and live off women’s hard work or inheritances.  Don’t give them a dime, ever.  I will be praying for you and sending you strength.  Be strong and never yield.  Gold bless and keep all of you who have been targets or may be targets in the future.  God is real and will help you if you take the time to listen.



Connie Smith

Submitted: October 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 connie-dean-smith. All rights reserved.

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dewey green

Concise and informative, good job!

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