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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

about a boy who never deserved what he ended up with

once upon a time,

their was a boy, a sad lonely boy,

when he was young he was abandoned,

by his mother



and biologic family 

he yearned to have a place

to belong

a home 


he has two sisters 

one who cares for him

one who wishes to ruin him

and a adopted sister 

who loves him

cares for him

helped give him a home

her parents made that a reality 

for all of them 

but luck was not on his side 

the chaos his sister wrought 

brought his world crumbling down around him

all because she wanted attention

the kind you get at hospitals 

doctors say she needed the attention from her peers

and the poor boy

who only had some anger issues 

he only wanted a home 

a family 

but now that dream was ripped away 

the stress his sister caused 

was too much for the adopted mother to handle '

she became sick 

the stress was literally killing her slowly

the doctors warned her

but her love was so strong 

so her husband pleaded 

and pleaded 

to let them go

she couldent 


until the doctors told her she would have less then a year if her stress continued

for once in her life she didnt have a choice but to give up

we all gave up 

but not because we wanted to

but because we had too

the poor boy 

who only wanted a family 

was thrown into a situation he couldent predict



with no hope left

as he gets ready to go into the system

his happiness crushed

all because 

his sister

played the game of attention seeking suicidal tendencys 

she loved the hospitals 

and caused this happy familys downfall

as well as her brothers broken heart 

loss of a loving home

leaving this tramatized boy 


beaten down

unable to understand why

he was being abandoned again

becuase of his sisters selfish act 

he loses everything he deserved.


no matter where you go or how far away you end up we will always love you daniel it was never your fault you are still apart of this family, and i am so damn sorry you ended up caught up in your sisters mess shes the reason my mom is sick not you, you sweet sweet boy but with mom being so sick and dads bloodpressure high there wasnt a choice anymore, i love you daniel forever and always my little brother. 


Submitted: October 19, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Blueclockworkraven. All rights reserved.

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