Oldest Examination

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

If there is a great honor from your dearest contribution that shall be our strength and faithful for the best we can give and receive for a lifeline we contribute our commitment for the Living Earth, what shall inherit any ambition turning into reality, can this simple gesture of the past golden days be back as the future we want for our childhood on this planet and its creation that gave us this existence for the oneness to be kind and being humane in our chosen considerations? Let us live and let live this commitment here.

New realities bites our informed choices of public spending,

The oldest child no longer invests in its wealth but recreates our promised healthy home,

Crazy people turning their revenue roadmaps into ecologically sensitive diversified timelines,

Games revisit weaving this evergreen transportation for our ethical priorities crossing another milestone,

Living Earth gives new imagination sustainably innovative this relief heeding our priceless blueprint into practicable action,

Now the time call upon our debted existence but there is something suspicious going on,

How encouraging these working employers will mandate the way we can operate our attending events?

When global standards into long term market signals had many years of ongoing threats,

New thresholds overcoming any ambition into reality turns how we are going ahead,

Not an introduction into borders lower than its poorest targets committed to lessen carbon emissions,

But with the true love our natural living ecosystem sustains for clear directions,

If we still wait for these investments only in letters squeezing distress-coping natural ecosystems,

Far the trip gone scaling our isolation depicts a difference cannot undo poverty and its uncertainties,

This human-made climate nakedness sends your habits work as both sides of the same coin,  

Today the decision-makers and their future remits who charge these young minds,

Our balance sheet understanding young people’s behaviors in many fascinating ways,

Extends this movement is the call of your hour,

You are not our foreigner writing letters from youth,

This clock anxiously clicks leasing nature based green infrastructure saving our accompanied coastal areas,

Fresh water pours into this tickled mind matters we nourish their sustenance,

Today some situations distract connected human events,

Across our planetary sustenance that interests my carpenter’s handcraft,

Transformative green projects into our economic health add scale how all mangroves grow,

Transition into a sustainable future turns every way I wish you defend this step everywhere,

Today may your mediation distract this ongoing situation into leveraged collective success,

The World Bank has investment how can immediately contribute securing this traditional heritage,

But workers at home admissible for their green economic solution sustainable for all,

Must pursue their ambitions for decisive inclusive recovery calling upon as uncertainty renouncers,

If you can meet this risk barrier how every investment will add value to our social life,

Very strategic finance can rescue our future into detailed plan of action exhausting as an additional initiative,

If we blame insecurity over these helpful times into a true reality,

If we take an urgent action that live and let live another responding awareness,

If we get to work solving this problem for overcoming the next challenge in making,

The golden moments shall be fruitful with the future we will raise for generations ahead,

Shall turn this consideration expressly benefiting every practicable action that takes on,

A lifeline redefining our live engagement with the living Earth,

Together serving our planet’s greenery extending all its fresh expenditure,

More than our limited share on any reason why we are here,

I hope the very openness shall truly oblige this commitment for all.

Submitted: October 19, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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