Arya Anderson

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

After Chris shows the whole school Arya nudes. Everything turns different

The Break up




I stood outside my class door, staring. I was really glad the door wasn't a see through cause I didn't think I could stand the look of people's faces when they see me. Chris had not just broken up with me in public, he had disgraced my name and had went off with Hilda Smith. The ex cheer captain; I took her position. I was so sure that in days now I someone else would take that post from me and I would be nothing but a leper.

I felt someone near me and I turned. It was Bob. That wasn't his real name but that was what everyone called him. "H-hhi?" Bob stammered. I watched as he tried to form words out of his mouth. Bob was a leper and in a few days I would be like him too. 

"Bob just get in" I stopped him from speaking further and frowned at him to discourage him from ever trying to talk to me, I knew it was rude but I had other things in my mind and plus when a leper feels they can talk to you that's when you know you're already a leper.



I watched Anderson

nto the class and I went in following suit because I knew people would notice the girl who stood at the door and refused to come into the class.

Some people shifted their attention to me, some didn't. Chris didn't even spare me a glance but the guy he was talking to whispered something to him while staring at me, this was it, the beginning. I was going to be a leper. I went to my seat. I wondered if my seat mate; Veronica would talk to me.

Veronica wasn't entirely my friend. We just sat next to each other and if I needed an extra pen, she always had one to lend. Veronica wasn't a leper nor was she popular, thing was no one really bothered her at all. She had this tattoo on her wrist, it was the name of a person. Her late father. And she had a lot if smaller tattoos on her body which weren't so east to see. And a strands of her hair had been dyed blue but you wouldn't know unless she showed you.

No one minded Veronica and she didn't even try to be social at all. Just a regular person. "Didn't think you'd come to school cheap-show" she whispered to me as I sat down. I frowned, Chris had called me cheap-show yesterday in front of everyone. He had told everyone that I used to send him nude pictures of my breasts and I was certain that he had shown most of them. I didn't know how to react. I wasn't sure if it was Hilda's idea to embarrass me or Chris just suddenly hated me for no reason and thought I was trash all of a sudden. 

The nude pictures however was just innocent me sending nudes to my boyfriend and he did send his in return but I wasn't going to tell anyone, I knew he was still cautious about that because he texted me last night saying if I showed anyone his nude pictures it wouldn't matter to him and people would just say I did it out of anger and then he'd added with a sneer saying 'I have a big ego so if you share my pictures with people it might actually earn me a good number of side chicks" I was confused. I wanted to ask him why he did what he did to me but I couldn't. I wouldn't bring my self lower. I didn't want him to know that what he did really hurt me. I blocked him already on all social media platforms and deleted his phone number. I wanted nothing to do with him again.


"Why would I miss school?" I asked Veronica "my parents pay to get me educated, I don't see the red in wasting their money."

I attended a private school. Hait High, Seattle. It was a small private school and the student population was close to half a thousand. 

"Sure" Veronica smiled "you can't lose education just because of idiot who doesn't know what's good for him.

I stared at Veronica, she said something nice to me and it tug at my heart. I felt tears sting. I didn't want anyone to pity me, that would only increase my chances of becoming a leper. I frowned "of course, he's dumb to realize that"

Veronica smirked "that's the spirit. Guys are fools and I've dated a lot to know. I write the names of every guy who broke my heart on my body"

I stared up shocked at her, so that was the reason for those tiny names on her body, I was trying to do a headcount, there was one on her shin, two on each of her calves, one at her shoulder, one time she wore this backless gown and I knew there was a lot of tattoos on her back. Veronica laughed out loud as she noticed my confusion "yes, Arya" she smiled "I've dated a lot of guys"

"How is that possible?" I asked "you're like seventeen or what? 

"Sixteen" she smiled "I look older right? I'm sixteen"

I nodded "how many guys have you dated in total. I want to know"

"Hmm" Veronica smiled "if you don't mind. Will you have a sleepover with me? You can count my tattoos and know for yourself"

"Sure" I answered immediately "I'm up for a sleepover. Friday?"

"Yes" She nodded "you're a leper now uh?" 

I frowned "why do you mean?"

"Normally you don't talk to me" Veronica shrugged "you just stare at me"

"I find you mysterious" I said "I always stare at your tattoos and wonder what they mean. It's strange you know? Writing people names on your body. Do your parents allow you?"

Veronica just stared at me and then we went back to how we were before ; nothing but just seat partners. 




I was more than glad when I realized that it was Tuesday and i wasn't going to have any class with Hilda. School was going pretty well, no one came to meet me or said rude things to me, even though they gossiped I didn't care. Yeah, most of them had seen how my boobs looked like naked but they weren't saying any hurtful words to my face, I knew they were all waiting for Hilda to start, which I was pretty sure she was going to. 

I however did have class with Chris. We had a lot of classes together and we would always sit together and talk about anything but that was long gone now. I was seated at the front of the class while he sat at the back with his friends, we were enemies now, I hated him. I wish I had never known him or fallen in love with him. It sucked.

Biology class was boring and the teacher Mr Hanson only made it worse when he asked me a question that I couldn't answer. 

"What were you thinking about?" He asked "you look distant"

"I was just trying to put to sense what you were teaching, I didn't really understand" I improvised and he nodded "well you should ask questions then. The topic is really easy to learn"

"I'll study it more when I get home" I smiled and he seemed satisfied and continued with his lesson.

As Mr Hanson turned to face the board someone threw a paper ball at me. I froze, I didn't turn back to look and then another ball hit me. "Mr Hanson?" I called out and he answered with a "hmm?"

"Can I be excused?" I asked "I really need to go out"

Mr Hanson turned to stare at me then he nodded "sure but be back before class ends, I'm going to pass out a homework"

"Yeah sure" I stood up and walked out of the class that was when someone shouted "cheap-show" 




I rested on the toilet door. This was it uh? I was going to be bullied by my classmates and treated like trash. Tears rolled down my cheeks. What did I ever do to Chris that made him hurt me so much. One day we were cuddled together in his room watching 100 ways to die and the next day he was sharing my nudes with our classmates and telling them how cheap I was and how he knew I was easy target. How weird it was, I chuckled nervously under my breath; getting played by someone who wanted you first.

I remembered the first day Chris came up to me, he had looked nervous and his hand was in a tight fist. He said hi and I smiled, he had told me his name and had mentioned that we had a lot of classes together and that he thought it would be nice if we sat together for during classes. Chris had told me one late night when we stood outside my house that he loved me, he had been so sincere about it and I believed him not knowing that he had only tried to use me. 

I wiped the tears from my eyes. I remembered the day he showed me to his mom, he had been so happy about everything, was everything just a plot? He wanted to get me to send nudes to him so that at the end of everything he would downgrade me. I sighed as I looked up, maybe this was punishment for something bad I did to someone but I had never hurt anyone to the extent that I had to get punished like this.

My phone rang and I took it out of my pocket, it was a notification, someone had sent me a mail which was odd. I put my phone back into my pocket and decided in my head to open the mail later. I was about going out of the toilet when I heard the door open. I heard Hilda's voice.

"How are my eyebrows" she asked someone but no reply came, she continued speaking "come on, comment on my eyebrows. I'm meeting up with Chris's mom and I want to look pretty for it"

"You and Chris are together now?" The other girl asked "you're the reason for his break up with Arya?"

"No" Hilda laughed "I'm not the reason he did that to her and no, we're not dating each other. I'm simply meeting up with his mom, don't ask me why."

"What Chris did to Arya was bad" the girl sighed "I would kill my self if I were the one"

"Well she was dumb to fall for someone like him" Hilda said "at least now she'll be much more careful when going into a relationship"


I frowned as I listened to them speak "why was Hilda meeting up with Chris' mom and why was she lying that she had no hand in what Chris did to me, she was standing next to him yesterday when he was saying all the things he said to me and she was laughing and adding her own comments. I was very sure she had a hand in it.





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Submitted: October 20, 2021

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