2013 book collection

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Emma-Lucy Stories

This is a collection of 2013 books

Table of Contents

2013 books

2013 book series Emma Lucy Stories


1. Belonging 2. Do you want to know a secret? 3. It was just a boy 4. The story of us 5. Wherever I go 6. Love and orphan 7. Starting fresh 8. Did I tell you I love you? 9. Secrets and Lies 10.
Charlie Anderson 11. Dear Kirynn

Belonging By Emma Lucy Stories

Contents 1. The truth 2. Searching for miles 3. Are we alone? 4. Set off 5. They were a mistake 6. Nothing 7. Lost and found 8. Why is it always us? 9. News, good or bad? 10. Big sister, do I
really know her? 11. Without saying goodbye 12. A new addition

Chapter one – The truth

I always hated my birthday; I don't know why but I've always had ever since the terrible accident ... I was in the car, waiting for mum and dad, it looked like they were arguing they got into the
car and we were on our way home, they were still arguing, and ... I don't want to write anymore So that's my life story I always wanted a family. But because of my background, I got put in a care
home I've never felt like I belonged anywhere and or with anyone It's all right for my older brother Jeffery; he wasn't there when it happened But never mind, I'm going to find out about my past
Chapter two – Searching for miles

Jeffery always says never look back, always look forward But I need to know why I survived, and mum and dad didn’t, and Jeffery won't tell me anything "Lil, look they were never my parents, they
were but they didn't love me as they loved you, but I can't tell you why they die and you didn't because I wasn't there," said Jeffery "fine, but they loved us both, yeah I know you weren't, is it
my fault?" I said, "no of course not Lil, why would you think that?" asked Jeffery "because I was in the car and I could of stop them," I said looking miserable "hey! Cheer up! I know you would of
stop Lil, stop blaming yourself and it can't be helped, they are always in your heart, and you always got me," said Jeffery looking at me "thanks Jeffery, you always got me to, and I can't help
it," I said. Jeffery didn't reply, it looked as though he was thinking "come with me" he said, "where are we going?" I asked, "to answer your question," said Jeffery. I smiled And we got ready and
set off to find out about my past

Chapter three – Are we alone?

First, we went to the first foster home I'd been to when I was little. It was the first foster home I was at, it was ok I guess "This is the first foster home you were at?" said Jeffery "you were
there too Jeffery," I said "yes but I got taken away from you, remember?" asked Jeffery "yeah, I remember," I said looking sad "never mind, you got me now Lil, I will never go anywhere and get
taken away, because I know it was awful for you, I promise," said Jeffery I smiled and knocked on the door and someone answered, "hello there?" they said "hello, I'm Jeffery and this is my little
sister Lily-Jane, we used to live here and we were wondering if you would remember us" said Jeffery. The girl thought for a moment "ah I remember you two now, yeah, what are you doing here? She
asked. We looked at each other and I said for the first time "we had the dentist around here" I said "ah, yeah, I definitely remember you, Lily and Jeffery, come in,” said the girl We went into the
home ...

Chapter four – Set off

We finished our cups of tea, said goodbye to grace and set off "Shall we go to the first home of our first foster parents?" I said "yep, let's go," said Jeffery We set off. I had so many foster
parents, I lost count, but I do remember one though, Mr and Mrs Fisher. They try to call me Phillipa but I didn't like it so they just called me Lily, Jeffery lived with us, but he got taken away
because he wouldn't let Lucie and William look after me and because I was only 1 year old, I got confused and cried but that's the past. They died when I was only 3 years old and they died in the
bath. It's a kind of a weird place We got to the house it seems like no one lived there so we went in "OMG, what happened?" I asked, "I don't know Lil, shall we go?" asked Jeffery "hang on, I just
want to see if the bath is still there," I said and I rushed upstairs Jeffery looking confused followed me "why would you want to see if the bath is still there," asked Jeffery "because they die in
the bath," I said "what, both of them?" asked Jeffery "yes jeff," I said and I opened the bathroom door The bath was gone; they must have replaced it with the shower.

Chapter five – They were a mistake

I froze. I can't believe they replaced the bath with the shower. When Jeffery came up, he said: "lily, are you ok?" "Yeah, shall we get going," I said sounding causal "promise?" asked Jeffery
sounding serious "yes Jeffery, I promise," I said We set off to find my other foster parents’ house "Jeff, I wondered if Cara is ok?" I asked, "she's probably worried sick about you," said Jeffery
"but I hate her. She gave me a pair of earrings for my birthday when I've told her a thousand times that I want a phone" I said "but Lil, you haven't even seen your present from me yet,” said
Jeffery He got a box out of his backpack and gave it to me I opened it. "Oh Jeffery, thank you so much, I love it, I love you, you are the best brother in the world," I said "I love you too and
it's not a problem ... I knew you were asking Cara for a phone, so I got you one and I am your only brother Lil and you're the best little sister ever," said Jeffery "So where did these foster
parents live then?" he asked "Follow me!" I spoke We set off to find my other foster parents’ house.

Chapter six – Nothing

We arrived at the house and there was a car parked in the driveway. I thought to myself, they must still live there. I knocked on the door. Someone answered the door, they looked at me and I smiled
nervously "what" they said "nothing, well it's nothing, we're looking for someone but they are not here so we will go, sorry" I said and I turned around "hang on, who are you looking for?" asked
the girl "oh, June Davis, she used to live here with me and my brother" I said "but I'm June Davis and I used to live with you and your brother too" said June I froze. I found her. I found her I
stood still for a few seconds and then I landed on the floor

Chapter seven – Lost and Found

June and Jeffery looked at each other Then Jeffery said "OMG, Lil wake up, please don't be dead, wake up!" shouted Jeffery. He bent down and put his ear next to my mouth. "She's not breathing,"
said Jeffery sounding serious "what!? Get her to the hospital; I'll phone an ambulance, "said June They rang an ambulance, and I didn't know what was going on. They arrived at the hospital and
Jeffery had a talk with the doctor "please help us, my little sister isn't breathing,” said Jeffery The doctor thought for a moment "Right, I need some DNA," said the doctor "why can't you help my
sister," said Jeffery "yes, but I need some of your DNA," said the doctor "fine, but I am only doing this for Lily," said Jeffery. The doctor smiled at Jeffery "she's very lucky to have you" said
the doctor "is it just you and her?" asked the doctor "yes, well me and Lily have an older sister called Sophia but she doesn't know and she doesn't know about her parents either, is she going to
be ok?" asked Jeffery "yes, but she will need to stay in for a few days" said the doctor "oh, that's fine, I'll stay with her" said Jeffery. Jeffery felt terrible, not telling me about our family
but I didn't know that yet

Chapter eight – Why is it always us?

The next few days were terrible especially for Jeffery, he was just sat down while I lay in a hospital bed "Doctor, she's still not breathing," said Jeffery While Jeffery was talking to the doctor.
I opened one eye and coughed Jeffery, June and the doctor heard and rushed to my bed "OMG, Lil," said Jeffery. I tried to sit up "hang on, I'll help you," he said. As Jeffery helped me sat up, I
smiled at him. "Lil, I need to tell you something," said Jeffery I bit my lip "don't worry Lil, you're not in trouble, I'm just so glad you're here, you got me to worry, now don't get mad, but you
have an older sister,” said Jeffery. I froze...

Chapter nine – News, good or bad?

"An older sister?" I asked "yes, called Sophia," said Jeffery "oh, that's nice," I said casually "good, well I thought you were going to go all mad," said Jeffery "no, I'm happy that you decide to
tell me after all those years" I shouted "Lil, calm down," said Jeffery "me! Calm down!" I shouted, "I didn't tell you until now because I knew you would shout," said Jeffery. I looked sad. Then
Jeffery hugged me "it's ok Lil, I would have done the same, actually, I did," said Jeffery "did you?" I asked looking confused "yep, I went mad at mum and dad when mum was pregnant, you see I
didn't want another sister," said Jeffery "oh I see, so where was Sophia when mum and dad were in the car accident?" I asked, "she was at our grandparents, "said Jeffery "so did she know about me?
And did she go to the funeral?" I asked, "no and yes she did," said Jeffery. "Let's go and visit her, where does she live?" I asked "she lives in New York but Lil, don't you want to spend your
birthday with your friends?" asked Jeffery "Nah, let's go," I said "but isn't it a bit rude just turning up on her doorstep," said Jeffery "no, because I'm her long lost little sister," I said
"ok," said Jeffery and signed ...

Chapter ten – Big sister, do I really know her?

This trip is turning into a nightmare We got to Sophia's house, and we knocked on the door. Someone answered it. "Hi Jeffery, how are you? Who's this?" It is your girlfriend?" said Sophia "hi sop,
I'm good thanks to you? And no, she's my little sister Lily-Jane" said Jeffery "really? So that means she's my little sister too" said Sophia "yes" said Jeffery. I stared at Sophia "come in,” said
Sophia I and Jeffery went inside and follow Sophia into the living room "sit down, do you want a drink?" asked Sophia "yes please Soph,” said Jeffery. She looked at me and I nodded. While Sophia
was in the kitchen, I looked at Jeffery. "What?" asked Jeffery "I can't believe you never told me," I said "well, I told you now, didn't I?" said Jeffery "yes, but now? Why on my birthday? I asked,
"because you wanted to know about your past," said Jeffery. I signed. "I'm going, say goodbye to Sophia for me," I said getting my coat and putting it on. Jeffery followed me. "What now? You can't
go on your own" said Jeffery "I can, and I am bye" I said I slammed the door and set off for home.

Chapter eleven – Without saying goodbye

I felt terrible about what had happened. When I arrived home, I opened the door and went into my room and landed on my bed and blast into tears. I and Jeffery had never ever had a fight before, and
I felt terrible and just leaving without saying goodbye to Sophia. I will probably never see her again 4 hours later I heard someone closed the door and coming upstairs and opened my door. I
pretended to be asleep as it was 10:00 o'clock; the person came over and kisses me on my cheek. I knew it was Jeffery. The next morning, I went downstairs and went into the kitchen and saw Jeffery
and Sophia. "Morning Lil," said Jeffery "morning, what are you doing here?" I said "Err............" said Sophia "LILY-JANE LEANNE CHESNUT!!" said Jeffery sounding shocked "what?" I said "sorry,"
said Jeffery "it’s fine Jeff," said Sophia. I signed and went upstairs crossly and slammed the door. I couldn't believe Jeffery!! A few seconds later I was on my computer when Jeffery came in "how
can you be so rude" shouted Jeffery "I wasn't" I shouted back "yes you were and Sophia's here because she's coming to live with us and she's sleeping in your room" said Jeffery and he went
downstairs leaving me gobsmacked

Chapter twelve – A new addition

I followed Jeffery downstairs "she can't," I said "well, she is, aren't you happy you have a sister," said Jeffery "yes, but can't we just visit her and not live with us straight away," I said
"don't be silly, I know you're used to just us living here but Sophia's family," he said and he hugged me. The next day the moving van came with all Sophia's things and I helped her put them in the
house "I am really sorry I was rude to you" I said "it's ok Lil, I know you're used to just having you and Jeffery" said Sophia "thanks, I want you to live with us on one condition" I said "what's
that?" asked Sophia "don't ever be like mum ok" I said "ok" said Sophia "promise?" I asked "promise," said Sophia and we smiled at each other. So, after that, it was me, Sophia and Jeffery. The
trip wasn't a nightmare after all. I found all my foster parents houses but I found that one special thing: A family

Do you want to know a secret? Emma-Lucy Stories

Contents 1. Chapter one 2. Chapter two 3. Chapter three 4. Chapter four 5. Chapter five 6. Chapter six 7. Chapter seven 8. Chapter eight

Chapter one "Prue, is going to kill me!" said Amber Cookson "no, she's not," said Ben Hall "you don't know Prue, she hates me for coming back here in the first place and second she hates me
altogether," I said looking worried "Ashley, help me out here," said Ben "Amber don't worry all Prue will do is give you a lecture about not doing your homework and going out instead," said Ashley
Studley We all laughed "well, it's time for us to go, see you tomorrow" said Ben "good luck" said Ashley I smiled and shut the door behind my two best friends and then I went up to my room Then I
heard the front door slammed and I covered my ears "AMBER UNA COOKSON, COME DOWN HERE NOW!" shouted Prue I rushed downstairs; I didn't want to keep her waiting and even angrier with me "what" I
said as I came into the living room "don't you give me attitude young lady" shouted Prue "I'm not; I'm asking you a question as you shouted my name" I said "well, I want to ask you a question,
would you care explaining why you failed to do and hang in your homework" shouted Prue "I was busy, ok, stop shouting at me, it's not like you're mum or anything" I shouted "doing what? And I know,
but I raised you and then you moved and now you're back" said Prue "I was out at a concert" I said, "you what!!!" shouted Prue. I signed "I'm going, I've had enough of this," I said, and I went
upstairs "This isn't over!!" shouted Prue I slammed my door and landed on my bed

Chapter two In the middle of the night, I woke up because I heard something in the attic I never ever go to the attic but why did I want to go in it now? I put my slippers on and quietly opened my
door and went up to the attic and I saw an old book on the table, and I walk over to it and opened it and it suddenly went to a page with a spell on it. I read it. it said: For those who want the
truth revealed opened hearts and secrets unsealed from now until it's now again, after which the memory ends those who now are in this house, will hear the truth from other's month I didn't
understand all that meant so I went back to bed. The next morning, I told Prue “Don’t be silly, you're making it all up" said Prue "no, I'm not" I shouted "err yes you are! And you're grounded for
2 weeks for giving me attitude and lying,” said Prue I looked at her and I signed crossly and got my school bag and slammed the door. I hated Prue so much right now, I wanted to kill her. I met up
with Ashley and Ben "hi Amber, what did Prue do to you?" asked Ben "grounded me for giving her attitude and lying" I said "see, told you it wouldn't be that bad" said Ashley "how long for?" asked
Ben "2 weeks" I said "see, not that long then" said Ashley sounding like everything was fine "no, it's not, it's really long because I can't go out with you guys tonight" I said looking sad "just
tell Prue that you're sleeping over mine" said Ashley "yeah I could, but I won't be allowed" I said "you could sneak out" said Ashley "no way, I'm already in a lot of trouble Ash, I'll just say
that I'm sleeping over yours" I said

Chapter three "NO!" said Prue as I walked in "I haven't even asked anything yet," I said "I know, but it's still a no," said Prue "fine, I knew you would say no anyway," I said and walked into my
bedroom and decided to go and look in the attic and bring my phone with me so I could take a photo of the book to saw Prue when I heard Prue calling me "Amber, Amber, where are you? You better off
not sneak out!" shouted Prue and she went up to the attic "What are you doing? Asked Prue "I am taking a photo of the book," I said, "as you don't believe me," I said, "I do now," said Prue "Amber,
I need to tell you something, come downstairs," said Prue sounding serious I did as I was told and followed my sister into the living room "sit down,” said Prue. I sat. "What is it?" I asked,
"you're not what you think you are," said Prue "what am I then? A boy, I don't think so" I said Prue signed. "you're a witch," said Prue

Chapter four "What!?" I shouted, "it's true; you're a witch, so am I," said Prue "but I can't," I said, "why?" Prue asked, "because I can't," I said "well, you are a witch, so was mum and dad,"
said Prue "were they? How do you know that we're witches too? I asked, "Because Gran told me,”Said Prue "oh, can I tell Ashley and Ben," I said "no," said Prue "but they're my best friends and we
tell each other everything, why not," I said "I know they are and I know you do and because you have to wait till you're used to using your powers," said Prue "Powers?" I asked looking confused
"yes, we also have powers, mine is to freeze things like gran and yours is to move things with your mind," said Prue I froze and landed on the ground ...

Chapter five "Amber? Amber! Wake up!" shouted Prue. I opened one eye and sat up "oh thank god, oh my god Amber! Why did you do that?" shouted Prue grabbing me "because you told me I'm a witch and I
have powers" I shouted "it's true, I'll show you, come on," said Prue helping me get up. We went up to the attic It couldn't be possible? Was this a joke? Prue froze a glass as it wobbled on the
table "see" said Prue "OMG! I have to tell Ashley and Ben" I said Before Prue could say anything, I rushed out the door and I was gone I can't believe I'm a witch with powers

Chapter six "A witch! You are a witch? It's not possible, how, when, why?" shouted Ashley "that's exactly what I said and just now, I found this old book in the attic with spells in it and at first
Prue didn't believe me, as usual, but now she does and she shows me her power to freeze things, look I'll show you," I said I moved a chair into a corner. My two best friends didn't say a word then
Ben said "OMG! Our best friend is a witch with powers!! He said, "I've got to tell everyone," said Ashley "No, don't!!" I said "why not? You told us, didn't you? Asked Ashley "yes I did, but I
wasn't allowed but I have. You're my best friends, so please don't tell anyone, can you keep a secret? That's the secret" I asked "yes, we promise Amber,” said Ashley I smiled and we hugged each
other then I had a thought. "I'm going to be in so much trouble!! I've got to go" I said "Why?" asked Ben "because I told you my secret and Prue said not to and I obey her," I said "Well, it was
your choice to tell us," said Ashley "I know, but I've got to go, see you tomorrow," I said I rushed home. Nervous of what Prue was going to do

Chapter seven When I opened the front door. "I can't believe you rushed off like that! And did you tell them?" shouted Prue "please don't say you told them," she said, "I did tell them, and why is
that a problem?" I asked "because we're not supposed to" shouted Prue "why? Who says?" I asked, "I do," said someone I didn't know the voice of "Amber, this is our dad," said Prue "our dad?" I
asked "yes!" said Prue "so this is my little girl? Hi, sweetheart," said Mr Cookson "don't hi sweetheart me! How can you be here? When I thought you were dead" I shouted "I'm sorry," said Mr
Cookson "I don't want anything to do with you, you're not my dad, my dad wouldn't leave and then come back after six years, he would of stay with us" I shouted, and I stomped upstairs I can't
believe my dad can come here after all these years

It was just a boy Emma-Lucy Stories

Chapter one

"Bethany, it was just a boy," said Tommy Richards "JUST A BOY" I shouted "he wasn't just a boy, he was my boyfriend and my best friend," I said, "I thought I'm your best friend," said Tommy "you
are my best friend; don't be silly, why are you being like this?" I asked, "I'm not being silly and I'm being like this because you are making a huge fuss over a boy who cheated on you with your
older sister Amy," said Tommy "get out! How can you say that?" I shouted "what? No Beth, listen," said Tommy "no you listen, ok you don't understand because you have never had a girlfriend," I said
"I know I haven't, but I do understand what you are going through," said Tommy "no you don't! Just leave me alone" I shouted "fine! I don't know why I bothered!" shouted Tommy and slammed the door
How can Tommy be so mean?

Chapter two The next day I didn't speak to Tommy and when Mrs Gill put us in pairs, I made sure I wasn't put with Tommy, but I was "How can you be so mean?" I asked "me? You're the one who said
I've never had a girlfriend," said Tommy "well it's true," I said "I don't know why I bothered! First, you're saying that I'm not your best friend, second, you are saying that I've never had a
girlfriend (which is true) and third you are saying that I'm mean," said Tommy "you are my best friend, and I will find you a girlfriend and I'm sorry I called you mean, do you forgive me?" I asked
doing the puppy eye face (as it always works when I and Tommy fall out) "of course I do!" said Tommy I smiled and the bell rang for the end of school and we skipped hand in hand BEST FRIENDS

Chapter three "So, what's up?" I asked, "nothing Beth, why?" said Tommy "well your sister told me that you were upset," I said, "which sister?" asked Tommy "Umm ... Sav," I said "My twin?" asked
Tommy "yeah," I said "right ... well there's nothing to worry about ...We're just having a few problems that's all," said Tommy "problems? What do you mean?" I asked sounding worry "just mum is
worried about the new baby," said Tommy "Aww," I said "so what's up with you?" asked Tommy "what do you mean?" I asked looking confused "well your sister told me that you are upset about
something," said Tommy "which sister? It's nothing" I asked "Umm ... pixie, it is something," said Tommy "it's nothing to worry about, Tommy," I said "ok you promise?" asked Tommy "yes, I promise,"
I said sounding serious "ok well see you tomorrow," said Tommy "see you tomorrow, outside your house, right? To walk to school" I said "yes Beth, bye,” said Tommy And I headed in the opposite
direction as Tommy to go home

Chapter four –

"Bethany Higgins! Be quiet!" shouted Mr Hoskyns I did as I was told and got on with my work The bell rang for the end of the lesson. I packed up my things and headed to my next lesson when I bumped
into someone "oh I'm sorry" I said helping the boy get his things off the floor and we both stared at each other "Steve?" I asked "hi, Bethany, right?" asked Steve "yep that's me! Your ex!" I said
looking sad "look I'm really sorry but give me another chance" begged Steve "I don't know, what about Amy?" I asked "it's over! She was the one who made the first move not me, not the other way
around Beth," said Steve "so please just think about it," he said And I was left on my own in the corridor. What should I do now? Was Steve telling the truth? I mean Amy wouldn't do something like
that, would she?

Chapter five –

"Beth? Bethany?" said Tommy waving his hand in my face "yeah? Sorry" I said "what's up? You were in a daydream" said Tommy "well you know Steve?" I asked, "what Steve Carpenter?" asked Tommy "the
one who cheated on you" asked Tommy "yep, that's the guy" I said "what about him?" asked Tommy "well ... he told me that Amy was the one who made the first move and not the other way around" I said
"so it's Amy's fault that you are not together with Steve?" asked Tommy "yes! Where is she?" I asked, "in her bedroom I expect, why," said Tommy "right ... wait here" I said And went out into the
corridor near the staircase at the bottom and AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter six –

What now?" said Amy "how could you break up me and Steve?" I asked "I didn't, I don't know what you are talking about," said Amy, "I think you did and I think you do," I said "no I don't honest,"
said Amy "so how come Steve told me you made the first move on him and not the other way around," I said "oh," said Amy "whoops," she said, "how could you?" I asked, "I don't know I'm sorry Bethy,"
said Amy "don't you speak to me! I can't believe you did that" I said "be...,” said Amy. But I just ignored her and walk into the kitchen That afternoon I was in my room with Tommy "Beth, don't you
think you were a bit hard on Amy?" asked Tommy "no! she was the one who broke me and Steve up, she was the one who cheated with my boyfriend, not the other way around, she was the one who knew I
was with Steve but she still made the first move" I said "maybe it was the other way around? Maybe Steve was the one who made the first move? Think about it?" said Tommy and went downstairs leaving
me clueless

Chapter seven –

What did Tommy mean? Did he fancy me? Why didn't he tell me sooner? I went downstairs and by the time I got to the living room I figured out what Tommy had meant, I answered all my questions
"Tommy, do you fancy me?" I asked "yeah," said Tommy sounding awarded "why didn't you tell me?" I asked, "because you were with Steve," said Tommy "well I'm not now," I said and I smiled at him and
then kissed him Amy had her mouth opened as she was shocked so was i. what was I doing? But it got worse, my parents, Pixie (my other older sister) and Alex (my older brother) came in. When I
stopped kissing Tommy, I was being stared at. "What?" I said crossly "Bethany Victoria Passmore, I love you," said Tommy. I smiled and I leapt into Tommy's arms I guess I had my happy ending after

The story of us Emma-Lucy Stories

Chapter one Dear diary, I've never had a boyfriend, but I've always thought who needs boys, right? But when I started college, I thought differently When I was walking to class, I saw my twin
sister and her boyfriend; I suddenly realized how cute he was I got my books out of my bag, but I didn't realize that Lucas was looking at me and rose was coming over and it looked as though she
wasn't happy. But she's never happy Taylor Brown

Chapter two

"What Rose?" I asked Rose when she can over "don't give me that, I saw you looking at Lucas, stop looking at him," said Rose "I'm not, FYI he was looking at me not the other way around," I said
"whatever Taylor, just because I have a boyfriend and you don't doesn't mean you have to flirt with him," said Rose "I AM NOT JEALOUS OF YOU AND YOUR PREVIOUS LUCAS!!!!, Ok go away" I shouted "sure
Taylor, just carry on thinking that," said rose and she went back to her boyfriend. I was so mad with her; how can she say that? She was the one who chose Lucas in the first place if she doesn't
want to be with him that's her problem; I have bigger problems to deal with. Like how am I going to first my project by the morning and get some sleep and not be late? But was I telling the truth?
Did I like Lucas? Was I jealous? Of course, I was. And no, I do not like Lucas, and I am not jealous

Chapter three At our college, every year they do a dance. I don't know why they bother to be honest. Apparently, there's a dance which you must find a partner which is a boy: O And because it's my
first year here, I must go for Rose's suck. Or maybe I don't, she can't force me, she knows I don't do dances To be honest, dances, discos, and anything like that aren't me, that's more Rose's
thing and she knows it. Mine are cars, mud, shows about cars and mostly boys' things. So, I've decided that I'm not going, and I so don't care if Rose doesn't like it. Because she can't force me to
do something I don't want to do, can she? She's not mum, she's Rose, my annoying, girly, bossy twin sister

Chapter four Rose was so not happy when I told her but she's never ever happy when it's me. "What? You have to go Taylor" shouted Rose "no I don't! It's not the law Rose" I said "yes, you do, and
it is in this case" said Rose "but I don't want to go, you can't make me!" I moaned "well, I can, and you are going, end of the story," said Rose "no you can't, you're not mum, you're my twin
sister," I said "I know I am Unfortunately, and we will go shopping to get you some clothes your clothes are too ...,” said Rose. "Too what? What's wrong with them? I love my clothes, just because
they're not your clothes" I said "too boyish, nothing and I know" said Rose "well that's me" I said Rose signed. She went back to her room to find her boyfriend. I wasn't happy, Rose is so bossy
sometimes Make that all the time

Chapter five Dear diary, The next day I didn't talk to anyone not even Rose. I was so crossed about what had happened. But maybe Rose was right, maybe my clothes were too boyish and maybe I should
go to the dance, just for Rose. Let me think about dresses, makeup, shoes. Err no way, if Rose doesn't like me as I am that's her problem because I'm not her. Taylor Brown

Chapter six The next day, whether I liked it or not, I was dragged down to the shopping centre by my big sister. How embarrassing. "Try this," said Rose passing me a dress "do I have to?" I moaned
"yes!" said Rose. I signed and went behind the curtain in the girl's dressing room. While I was trying on the dress, Rose was looking for more dresses for me to try on. When I came out Rose turned
and gasp. "OMG, Taylor, you look stunning," said Rose "we will buy that," she said putting the other dresses "great" I signed "do I have to go to the dance?" I moaned "yes, mum would want you to
and so do I, it will be fun, look I know you're not a girly girl like me but please just for me," said Rose "ok," I said "thanks Tay," said Rose giving me a hug. "But I don't have anyone to go
with, you're lucky, you have Lucas," I said "well, I'll find you someone, but don't you have any friends? Asked Rose "no," I said "you will soon, you've only been at Queen College for a week," said
Rose. I signed and went back behind the curtains. When we got back, Rose went to see where her friend was when I saw her bump into a boy and for some reason, she kissed him. If that wasn't bad
enough, Lucas saw everything. "Rose, what's going on?" asked Lucas raising an eye brown "um ... Err ... Lucas, it's not what you think" said Rose "Forget it, I don't want to hear it, it's over,"
said Lucas and walked over to me but past me What did I do? I didn't do anything did I? I wasn't the one who cheated?

Chapter seven Dear diary, I went back to my room, and I saw Lucas. He smiled back. I wrote something on a piece of paper, and I show it to Lucas. It said: are you going to the dance? Did he reply
yes, are you? No, I'm studying. He looked at me miserably. I signed. I wished you were. He wrote on a piece of paper and then he turned around and went. I thought for a moment. Maybe I should go to
the dance for Rose's suck because it's going to be a bit awkward for them both at the same time. And I went back to studying Taylor Brown

Chapter eight Dear diary, I've decided that I should go for Rose's suck and Lucas's I got my dress on and everything else like makeup and shoes and set off. When I got there, it took ages to find
the hall and no one would help me, I guess it because I'm Rose's little sister and she cheated on Lucas. But when I entered the building, everyone was dancing but then turned to look at me. I
looked confused. Why were they all looking at me? Taylor Brown

Chapter nine Dear diary, I walked over where Lucas was Should I tell him I love him? Maybe I shouldn't? But then if I tell him then I would have a boyfriend. But do I really love him? Or was it to
make Rose jealous? What if Lucas loves me? I didn't say anything; I just stood there when I realized that everyone was looking at us. Lucas pulled out a piece of paper. I read it. It said: "I LOVE
YOU" Taylor Brown

Wherever I go Emma-Lucy Stories

A special message from Emma-Lucy Stories 11 years ago, today I discovered my love for writing, I guess it was always in my genes really, I mean my older brother used to write stories when I started
and I started at 13 years old, and it’s been amazing 11 years. Wow, and look at me now published author. I can’t believe it. I would like to thank my amazing friends and the most amazing family,
they know who they are for always supporting me and no matter what, never let me give up on it and always told me to try again and I am so glad I’ve never given up no matter what.

Fun facts: Jacqueline Wilson wrote her first story when she was just 9 years old and she’s wrote over 100 books and has recently release a book called the runaway girls which I can’t wait to read,
I have always loved her and my all-time favourite is Tracy beaker of course, and I love the tv adaptions – the story of Tracy beaker, tray beaker returns, the dumping ground and recently my mum
Tracy beaker is awesome. Tracy Beaker was my hero growing up.

JK Rowling got rejected 9 times I think before becoming famous with the Harry Potter’s and this is also a character that I absolutely adore, and he is my childhood. The story behind the idea of
Harry Potter is that it’s a funny story:

JK Rowling was sitting on a train writing a story and she was eating her lunch, chips and sausages I think, and she asked for, wait for it – HP Sauce

So why not call the character HARRY POTTER – HP

Anyway Happy 11 years of Emma-Lucy Stories

Chapter one "Georgia, honey,” shouted Mr Jenkins. I rushed downstairs because it wasn't a good idea leaving my dad waiting for a long time, ever since mum left. "Yes, dad" I said "what are your
plans for today?" asked Mr Jenkins "well, I've got to go to the studio to finish off a film and then I'm hanging out with James, can you drive me there, dad?" I asked "sure, sweetie," said Mr
Jenkins "thanks dad," I said kissing him on the check A few hours later I was ready when the letterbox opened and a letter landed on the floor, I looked at it, it was for me, could it be from mum?
I thought to myself. I picked it up and read it. Dear Miss G Jenkins You have a place at Collwood College. This college is once lifetime opportune So, we hope to hear from you Yours, Sincerely, Mrs
Park Headmistress I started at the letter when dad came over "what is it? "Asked Mr Jenkins. I gave the letter to him. He read it. "Aww Georgia, isn't this good?" he asked "no, because I will have
to quit acting," I said starting to cry "oh Georgie," said Mr Jenkins hugging me

Chapter two That afternoon I was in my bedroom when my phone vibrated saying I had a text from James. It said: Hi G, Are you ok? Your dad said that you got into Collwood College? That's brilliant,
so did I! I'll come over See you soon G, James xxx Great! James knows! What shall I do now? Then I realized the doorbell rang, it was James. I answered. "James, hi," I said "hi, Georgie," said
James "do you want to go into my room?" I asked, "yeah sure," said James. As we walked upstairs James kept looking at me. "What?!" I asked, "what are you going to do?" asked James "I don't know!" I
said looking sad. James hugged me as I started to cry. That afternoon we had a pillow fight when I had an idea "James?" I asked, "yes G," said James "what would you do," I asked "I would probably
go to college, but it's up to you G," said James "do you want to have a sleepover?" I asked, "yeah sure G, I'll ask my mum, be back in a bit," said James While I waited for James, I thought of what
to do when I heard the door slammed and James coming upstairs. "I'm allowed G," said James "brilliant, I've decided what I'm going to do," I said.

Chapter three "What G," asked James? I looked at him nervously "what Georgia" said James impatiently. "Well, I've chosen to do the film," I said looking at James. He didn't say anything then he
looked at me "so that means you're not coming to college with me," said James "no," I said "oh, I think I've got to go," said James "oh, I thought you were sleeping over," I said James didn't say
anything, and he didn't even hug me. I looked disappointment. He opened and closed the door without saying a word I started to cry and went up to my room and looked at the photo on the frame on my
desk of me and James when we were little and landed on my bed and started to burst into tears and fell asleep.

Chapter four

The next morning I got my things together and went downstairs and saw dad "Georgie, are you ok?" asked Mr Jenkins "I heard you crying last night, what was that about?" he asked "oh, I and James
aren't friends no more" I said "oh, why, I thought you were really close and best friends" said Mr Jenkins "we were, it's because I choose to do the film instead of going to college with him" I
said "Aww Georgie" said Mr Jenkins "I'm fine dad" I said "let's go" I said 15 hours later, we were in America and unpacked my things, when I realized something and packed my things again and got on
the plane back to England!!! I am going to Collwood College!!!!

Chapter five I was back in England, I drove to Collwood College, and knocked on the apartment when James was staying in. James unpacked his things and put a huge picture of him and me on the wall
and answered the door. He didn't say a word! "Hi, I'm Georgia, I'm your new roommate," I said. James laughed and gave a big hug "I'm really sorry" I said looking sad "G, don't worry about it,” said
James. We sat down on James's bed and I turn around and looked at the picture of me and him and started to cry. "James Windsnap! You are the bestest friend in the entire world, I love you!" I said
"Georgia Jenkins, you are smart, kind, impatience, pretty, talent, you're my bestest friend in the entire world and I love you too, don't go to America at least you take me with you," said James
laughing and smiling at me. I laughed and told myself I and James will be best friends for life!! No matter what

Love and Orphan Emma-Lucy Stories

Chapter one "Go away, Tyler, I am trying to do something" shouted Chloe Totterdale pushing Tyler Green out into the hallway "what are you doing?" Tyler asked, "none of your business," I said
"what's going on?" asked Darcy Totterdale Chloe's older sister. Tyler and Chloe started speaking both at once "hang on, one at a time, Chlo you go first" said Darcy "I was doing something and Tyler
came in and started being nonsense" I said "what were you doing, you don't have Facebook?" asked Darcy "I was making a birthday card" I said "ah I see, so Tyler it was your fault" said Darcy "yes,
it is" said Tyler "so can you go pleased" said Darcy Tyler looked at me and went to his bedroom. I and Darcy looked at each other and went into my bedroom and landed on my bed and boast out
laughing "let me look at your card you made" asked Darcy. I give her the card "wow!! Chlo this is really good, who it for is?" asked Darcy. She opened the card and stared at it. "this card is for
this boy named Ty" asked Darcy "yeah, that's right" I said "how old is this Ty?" asked Darcy "umm... about 16 why?" I said "umm, maybe because he's too old for you, Chloe, I thought u known better
and anyway I thought you like Tyler," said Darcy "I do not like Tyler and why can't I go out with a 16-year-old," I said "umm, maybe because there are 6 years between you and this Ty and how and
where did you meet this Ty?" asked Darcy "why are you asking all these questions and we met over this site called Bebo," I said "I'm asking these questions because I'm worried about you and it's my
job to worry about you, you're my little sister," said Darcy "well, you don't have to worry about me, I'm fine and anyway I'm in love with Ty," I said and I went out into the hallway and down the
stairs but Darcy followed me. I went to open the front door when Darcy stops me "where are you going and how dare you to fall in love with this Ty, he's much older than you" said Darcy "for your
information everyone says that I'm mature for an 11-year-old and I'm going to meet Ty if you really must know now goodbye" I said and I opened the door and headed for the centre of town I thought
to myself, "had I been too rude to Darcy? She's only looking out for me and I thought if it was a good idea to meet Ty?

Chapter two I started to head towards town, but I didn't know that Darcy was following me. I saw Ty, I waved, and he walked over "hi sweetheart" said Ty and we kissed. Then Darcy came over. "How
dare you kiss Chloe" shouted Darcy "what are you doing here," I asked "I'm here to take you home," said Darcy "but I..." I said "no buts," said Darcy "who is this Chloe," asked Ty "I'm Darcy
Chloe's big sister," said Darcy "now come on, you have some explaining to do," she said, I had no choice as she was pulling me, I couldn't kiss Ty, so I put a mobile sign near my ears and then he
nodded, and I was gone. We didn't talk all the way home. "I can't believe you did that" I shouted and opened the front door "me, what about you, kissing a boy you hardly know" Darcy shouted back "I
do know him," I said "ok then, tell me what you know?" asked Darcy raising her eyebrows "um, let me see he's 16, uh..." I said, "that's it, I barely know Toby and he's the same age as me, but you,
you're 11 and Ty is 16," said Darcy "so, does that really matter," I asked "yes, it's matters, what if you get hurt," said Darcy "I won't and besides why do you care? I said "Duh!! I'm your big
sister, I'm supposed to care for you" said Darcy "I don't need looking after" I said "fine, do what you like, I don't care" shouted Darcy and then she was gone

Chapter three I stood there without saying or doing anything then I realize what Darcy had said "do what you like" I went downstairs and didn't say a word to anyone, not even Darcy, I opened the
door, Darcy didn't even try to stop me and headed to Ty's flat, but I froze when I saw Ty and another girl and walk over with my arms folded "Ty, what's this?" I asked "uh, um Chloe, baby, well the
thing is..." said Ty "yes, what is it?" I asked, "I'm dumping you, I'm really sorry, but it's not working out, I'm 16, you're 11, sorry you'll find someone your age," said Ty. I stood there and
didn't do anything but then I hit Ty round the check "good, thing too, bye" I said Ty didn't say a word. I headed back to the orphan, opened the front door, stomped upstairs and opened Darcy's
door. "you're right, happy now" I shouted "aw Chlo, what happened?" asked Darcy "Ty dumped me, you were right, I'm too young" I said trying not to cry "ssh, it's ok, you find someone your own age"
said Darcy "like who" I said "Tyler" said Darcy "for god's sake I do not like Tyler, he's a boy who's my best friend" I shouted. Darcy smiled and I smiled back "do you fancy going shopping
tomorrow," asked Darcy "no, sorry I've got to do something and before you say anything it's my project I'm doing with Tyler," I said "oh," said Darcy looking sad. I looked at her, I felt bad. "I
can change it for another day," I said "aw, I'll manage on my own, but next time doesn't leave your homework to the last minute, ok," said Darcy kissing me on the check "ok," I said. I went to my
bedroom, I still felt bad about tomorrow, but Darcy will manage she said she would, and then I went fast asleep Chapter four The next morning, I decided I would go with Darcy. "Darcy, I've decided
to go shopping with you," I said "Aww, Chloe you don't have to do that," said Darcy "I know that but I want to," I said "but what about your project with Tyler," asked Darcy "oh I can do that
after," I said "aw, you're the best little sister ever," said Darcy and pick me up and gave me a hug "I know," I said giggling and went to my bedroom and I login into my computer and I started to
talk to a guy called Harry Thomas who was 18 when I decided it was time for bed. I got dressed, said night to Darcy and started to read my book and by 10:00 I was fast asleep

Chapter five The next morning, I and Darcy headed into town when I saw a boy who waved at me "who's that" said Darcy "who knows" I said starting to panic. The boy can over, I grab Darcy's hand, but
I was too late "I'm going home" I said "ok, see you later, be careful" said Darcy "I will" I said. Darcy kissed me and I ran all the way back to the orphan and ran upstairs to my bedroom. Hours
later I heard Darcy slammed the door and shouted "Chloe Alexandra Totterdale come down here now" she shouted I knew I was in trouble but I went downstairs anyway "that boy says he knows you and
he's 18" said Darcy "yeah I know, so" I said stupidly "why didn't you tell me" asked Darcy "because I know you wouldn't understand" I said "that's right I don't understand why you were so stupid,
you know what let's not be sisters no more because apparently, I don't understand why my little sister can be so stupid" shouted Darcy " fine see if I care" I shouted back. I stomped upstairs and
slammed my door. And I put it in my diary I HATE DARCY!

Chapter six The next few days I didn't say a word to Darcy. I thought to myself if she doesn't want to be sisters nor do I I went upstairs and went into my bedroom and I login on my computer when
there was a knock on the door I opened and it was Tyler "I heard someone shouting, are you ok?" asked Tyler "yeah, me and Darcy aren't sisters no more" I said "why not?" asked Tyler "because she
doesn't want me to be friends with a boy who's 18, when Hermione, she's my friend and she's 18" I said "oh I see, she's worried about you Chlo and so am I" said Tyler "thanks Tyler" I said "but
Darcy is really bossy just because she's the oldest" I said "that's because she's your older sister, has she always looked after you?" asked Tyler "yes, since I was 1 and she was 4, when my mum got
ill and my dad couldn't look after us, he decided to take us here, so yeah she has, but I don't need looking after, I can look after myself anyway I'm really sorry about yesterday" I said feeling
bad "it's ok, I understand, we can do it now if you like" asked Tyler "great, thanks Tyler I owe you big time but if Darcy knocks on your door, you promise not to answer it" I said "I promise" said
Tyler. I hugged Tyler and we went to his room and started on our project.

Starting Fresh Emma Lucy Stories

Chapter one - Starting a new life Hi, my name is Jade-April Martin and I live in care with my younger brother and Sister Eleanor and Joey. We were put into care a month after our mum remarried to
Stephen French, I never liked him because he always shouted at Ellie and Joey plus, I was never treated right. My mum only remarried because my dad got killed in a car accident which was my entire
fault because I was augury and was shouting at my dad which caused him to crash into a bush. They tried to save him, but it was no good. My younger brother and sister cried for hours after I told
them, and I felt so bad, but I knew life would get better until Steve came along and he was the one that caused my mum not to care anymore about us and especially dad. I think she didn't care about
us because we were our dad's children and not Steve's. After that I raised them for a bit then we were found by social services, and they put us into a care home called Sunnydale. At first, I just
always wanted to be left alone but Eleanor and Joey made friends quickly and I didn't want to ruin that for them. I finally made one friend whom I will keep forever because a few days after setting
in we spoke then spent hours together talking, playing games, and laughing. His name is Connor barker. JAM J

Dear Diary entry one

Dear diary, Life as a care kid is hard and will be tricky because you feel like no one at school will treat you the same due to you not having a family but that's not true because everyone at
Sunnydale is my family whether we're related or not. In some ways, we are all related because we’ve all been through hard times but had the courage to move on and forget the past and embraces the
future as the strong person we are inside. My brother and sister are the main reason why I stay strong and live life to the full, I do this because my brother and sister need me to stay strong and
be positive so almost everything, I do is for them. JAM J

Entry 2

Dear diary, So let me tell you some interesting stuff about my new home Sunnydale. Well, really there is not much interesting to say except everyone here is nice and the food is very good but not
great like my dad's cooking was. He taught me to cook, and I enjoy cooking so I help with some meals when I'm up to it which is never much. We have this rotate which tells what chores we do when
and you do more as you get older, so Ellie and joey do three chores a week, tidying their room, putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and laying the table. Whereas I must do four others as
well as washing up, hovering my room, hanging out the washing and then putting the washing in the washing machine. I hate doing chores but if I don’t, I will have my allowance stopped which I don't
want to happen at all JAM J

Entry three

Dear diary, Days at the Sunnydale are so boring! And some of the kids are so annoying Like: Max McDonald Brittany Faith Perry Marcus Pearson Eleanor Martin But the rest are alright, my brother is
ok but: Connor Barker Cheryl Murs Skyler Louise Sanderson Freddie Thompson is nice, they are my friends So, Sunnydale is not that bad, but sometimes it can be boring like we don't go out anywhere
but that's because the other kids don't want to but I don't mind JAM J

Entry four

Dear diary, But there's one person who I'm good friends with and I think he fancies me His name is Connor barker I kind of fancy him too JAM

Chapter two – The date

The next day I was watching the telly when Connor came up to me "Hi Jade, do you want to go out?" he asked. I looked surprised I thought about it. "Umm ... sure, yes Connor, I'll go out with you,"
I said "brilliant," said Connor. The thing about Sunnydale is that you always get a surprise, you never know what's going to happen, and that's why I was so surprised when Connor asked me out.
That's why I loved it here. I never ever want to leave!! Or get fostered not like Johnny, he does anything to get him and his sister Tee to get fostered (they are from Elm Tree House, not
Sunnydale) JAM J

Entry one

Dear diary, I saw something weird; I saw Connor and Britney hugging Umm ... that was weird, maybe he's cheating on me, but he wouldn't do that, not when we have a date tomorrow I'm sure he wouldn't
do that but if he is .... What do I do?? I had feelings for him the second I meet him, I've so glad I'd said yes but if he's cheating on me with Miss Little, I think I'm perfect Britney Perry, then

Entry two

Dear diary, I cannot believe I'm going on a date with Connor Barker today. I can scream right now, but Brittney Perry is here, so I won't And I'm going to pizza hut for the date, how romantic! We
may even go somewhere else afterwards, I like to go to the cinema to watch a film, but I will leave it up to Connor because I'd chose pizza hut JAM J

Entry three

Dear diary, I had the best date ever!!!!!!!!!! We went to pizza hut but afterwards, we went around town then to the park and home again. I had my first kiss with Connor, it was the best kiss ever,
it was better than the kiss I had with Johnny and that was a bad mistake (no offence Johnny) I told Cheryl and Whitney everything, even about the kiss, it was very touching. Does this mean me, and
Connor are boyfriend and girlfriend? JAM J

Entry four

Dear diary, Everyone knows about our relationship. Even Joey and Eleanor know, it's so embarrassing. Everyone keeps on making commenting, the only person who doesn't is Britney instead she makes
faces and flirts with Connor. I feel so sorry for Whitney being Britney's twin because Britney is a pain. Anyway, back to me and Connor, it's going great, I'm so happy I can't wait for our next
date, I hope it's soon, but school comes first Unfortunately. JAM J

Chapter three – The discovery

The school was a nightmare, Connor didn't even look at me in class, he didn't even hold hands with me at lunch and break and he didn't even spend lunch and break with me, but instead, he did
everything with Britney. "Maybe Britney is upset?" said Cheryl "no, I think it's more than that," I said "yh I agree with Jade," said Whitney "I should find out what's going on," I said That's what
I did. And I found out that he's cheating on me You never know who with Britney Perry I know! What am I going to do? JAM J

Entry one

Dear diary, I can't believe he would do something like that! I really thought we had something and that he loved me but I guess I was wrong. I thought he actually loved me L I just can't believe it
I'm so upset and it's all Miss Britney Faith Perry's fault. I can't write any more, I am so upset to write anymore JAM J

Entry two

Dear diary, Everyone knows what happened between me and Connor. And everyone is asking questions and it's annoying. Right, that's it; I am NEVER EVER DATING AGAIN, especially CONNOR!! JAM J

Entry three

Dear diary, Connor tried to say sorry to me today, but I just walked away. Whitney isn't talking to Britney because of what she had done so it's just another normal day at Sunnydale. Eleanor and
Joey have made some new friends which is good, and so have I and that doesn't include Connor JAM J

Entry four –

Dear diary, I'm over Connor now. We had some visitors come to Sunnydale today. It was mum and Steve wanting us back, but I said NO, not after the way you treated us, no, we never want to see you
again and they went. Good!! I never ever want to see mum or Steve again, but mostly Steve because he hates me, and I hate him. JAM

Chapter four – A new life

Dear diary, We've met some foster parents who are very keen to foster us, they are called Michael and Kirsten Stevenson. I want to go for Eleanor and Joey, but I don't want to leave Sunnydale. They
can't force me to go but my younger siblings want to go because they want a family, but we have a family at Sunnydale. JAM J

Entry one

Dear diary, We're all decided to go but James said we can still visit and that Sunnydale will always be our home. Cheryl and Whitney are upset that I am leaving but they're really happy for me,
Eleanor and Joey and I'm going to see them as I'm going to visit Sunnydale. I'm so glad I've found a real family JAM J

Entry two

Dear diary, I've got rid of all the photos of me, mum, Eleanor, James and Steve and the photos of me and Connor. He was a big mistake and mum, I hope you're happy with Steve – NOT!!! I'm going to
start my life again Starting fresh JAM J

Entry three

Dear diary, Life is great; I've got a new mum and dad that love me, Joey, and Eleanor. And I get to see everyone at Sunnydale as offer as I want. And I have a new family that I love to bits, and I
have my own room which is so cool. JAM J

Entry four

Dear diary, A month has gone by, and things are great! I'm so pleased And I still go to Westside School because it's only down the road which is great because then I can see my best mates Cheryl
and Whitney. I have forgotten about Connor, but I still must see him, but only around the school, we're friends now though JAM J

Did I tell you I love you? Emma-Lucy Stories

Chapter one

Dear diary, I've got a big problem. When I started college today, I bumped into Molly (that's my best friend) I've known her since I was 1 year old. But when I did bump into her, I realized that
she was cute. I know! And what if she finds out I fancy her, she will be shocked L and what if she doesn't love me back David Williams

Chapter two Dear diary, I don't know when or how to tell her. Because she fancied me when we were little, but I don't think she still does, I haven't asked her, I hope she does then this problem
would be a lot simpler David Williams

Chapter three Dear diary, The problem has got even bigger. Molly suspected something Now, what do I do?? I can't just go up to Mol and say "hey Mol, you know you used to fancy me when we were
little, well I like you" can I I don't know what to do David Williams

Chapter four Dear diary, I have decided to ask Mol if she likes me still I hope she does! David Williams

Chapter five Dear diary, At school the next day, I asked her if she fancies me, and she does I am so pleased I Love you Molly Beaker, you're my best friend in the entire world, and it will not ruin
our friendship I promise. I love you mol David Williams

For all my friends and family, knowing that I have always had their support, wherever I am, I love you all and you are the best. Thanks for everything you do for me (they know who they are)

Without them, this wouldn’t have happened Emma-Lucy Stories x

Secrets and Lies Emma-Lucy Stories

Dedicated to one of my best friends Lewis the friend I look at as a brother, always there and always protecting me and always supporting me and his girlfriend Abbie because she is so lovely and

Chapter one

Dear diary, I don't know what's going on, but Jess, Hannah and dad are keeping something from me, they always lied to me, they got a secret that they're not telling me, and I really want to know.
Jess was the first world I said well exactly it's was Perry because I could say my j's probably anyway, they are keeping something from me, but I have no idea what it is. Jess never ever plays with
me now and dad is always busy or out and Hannah is always out with her so-called boyfriend, but I just can't think what they are hiding Megan Martin

Chapter two

Dear diary, It happened again, Jess lied to me and dad did. We tell each other everything me and Jess but now she's got a secret. My dad and me, we got a special connection, we tell each other
everything, he's my best friend, since mum left that all I have Jess and dad, but I feel I've lost them too. I just need to find out that secret. Megan Martin

Chapter three

Dear diary, I went to school today; I was determined to find out the secret, but I just can't think what it is. I couldn't do my work and I got in trouble, but I don't care I just really want to
know what jess and dad's secret is. But they won't tell me, I kept on asking my other big sister Hannah, but she won't tell me. I have to find a way to find out. Megan Martin

Chapter four

Dear diary, I just want to know the secret, but I just can't go up to dad and say "hi dad, what the secret you're hiding" can I. it's too hard and Hannah is on it as well and I have no friends at
school so I can't ask them for help. But it's just that I have no friends at so-called school, they think I am a freak, but I don't care no I don't care one single bit. So, I can't find out the
secret that is so private Hannah or Jess won't tell me. And dad is acting all weird as well. It's like.... Oh no, you don't think my dad is in love, do you... OMG dad is in love, that's the secret,
that's the most private can't tell Megan secret. I know the secret! Megan Martin

Chapter five

Dear diary, That's the secret, dad’s got a girlfriend. OMG, I can't believe Hannah or Jess, or dad known all this time and didn't tell me. Yeah, but what if the so-called girlfriend has kids and
then they will move in and then I won't be the youngest anymore. I feel that I don't want dad to have a girlfriend, but I want dad to be happy. Oh, I don't know but there something else Jess is
acting weird; I know she's got a boyfriend, but you don't think she's getting married. Oh great, I really wanted to find out, but I just get bad results. Megan Martin

Chapter six

Dear diary, So, I know the secret, dad is in love and Jess is getting married. So, I really wanted to know but then I know now I wish I never found out in the first place, but I guess I can't go
back in time, so I know dad is in love but with who? and Jess is getting married but when? and I am going to be a bridesmaid. Lots of questions fill my head I lied on my bed and fell asleep. Megan

Chapter seven

Dear diary, That morning I try to ask dad all the questions I thought of last night, but he just didn't say a word, then I ask Jess and she didn't say anything I didn't bother asking Hannah, so I
just stay in my bedroom all day but then dad told me the secret even though I know the secret, but they don't know I know the secret. I told dad I know the secret and now I am grounded. Oh well if
you get involved in family secrets, I suggest that you don't get too involved like I did because it is safer that you don't know. Megan Martin

Charlie Anderson Emma-Lucy Stories

A message from Emma-Lucy Stories

I would like to dedicate this book in honour of one of my best friends Model and Beauty Artist Tann Maire and in memory of her late mother Wendy Cooney who was a lovely lady, and she is missed by

Contents 1. Rumors 2. Picture day 3. Misadventures in babysitting 4. I do, I don’t 5. When dad attacks 6. Pool party 7. Charlie’s nightmares 8. Obsession 9. Sibling bonds 10. Charlie strikes out
11. Bad girl Anderson 12. Movie time (a star is born) 13. Being in love is hard 14. Oh no anyone but you 15. Facts of life 16. Rated aargh 17. Come fly with me 18. How embarrassing 19. Don’t change
20. Seeing you again 21. Please vote for me 22. A new talent 23. Evil 24. Stuck 25. A massive date 26. Educating sucks 27. Hollywood here I come 28. It’s back 29. The big change 30. About the

Chapter one – Rumours

“Charlie, honey you are going to be late” shouted Mr Anderson. I was fast asleep so I didn’t hear my dad, but I didn’t get away with having a lie in because my stupid little sister Rosie came in
and shock me and jumped on me “Rosie, get off me and go away” I moaned “daddy wants you” said Rosie “fine” I said getting up so Rosie fell off me and I put my clothes on and went downstairs not
helping Rosie up but she got up and followed me “yes dad?” I asked “you are going to be late and you have to take sonny and Rosie to their school too” said Mr Anderson “fine, I’m already dressed,
and so is Rosie so come on Sonny and Rosie” I said grabbing both of my sisters’ hand and headed to their school.

When we got there, both Rosie and Sonny let go of my hand and ran off. I signed and headed to my school and walked over to my two best friends Tanya and Frankie (which is my cousin, and her real
name is Francesca, but everyone calls her Frankie) “hi guys, am I late again?” I asked, “no thank goodness, did you try and get a lie in?” asked Tanya “yep but someone woke me up” I said sounding
annoyed “Rosie?” asked Frankie “yep” I said “oh, I’m sorry Charlie” said Tanya “it’s fine Tanya, isn’t it? Getting up and taking Sonny and Rosie to school or to anywhere they want to go everyone
and never having time for myself” I said hugging Tanya and Frankie “dad doesn’t seem to care no more” I said “oh, Charlie. He does, he is just going through a hard time” said Frankie “yeah, I
suppose. Can we spread a rumour about Carmen Taylor? Because she is doing my head in” I said “yeah but what? She’s perfect. She never falls over or walks into her locker” said Tanya “I’ll have a
think and let you know” I said “okay” said Frankie.

When I got home, I went up to mine, Rosie and Sonny’s bedroom and thought abo Read Chapter