taken from my book, "Beyond Free"

Nowhere Near Freedom


Well, I'm sitting

And I'm staring

At a 'phone in my hand

Because I know there is no one I can call

And I'm shaking

Because I'm angry

Because my friend only talks down on me

In a very


Condescending way

And I just

Wish him death

And I can't kill him

So I stay very pissed at the world

Hurt by all the people

That jinks what little luck I have

And these assholes

And these bitches

In my building

Just make me sick to my stomach

And the voices won't stop talking shit

I could kill ev'rybody here

My anger, it burns

And I am still shaking

So now I just shove

My 'phone back in my pocket

'Cause my other friends aren't reachable

And now I just sit in anger!

And now I just sit in anger!

And just grab my pen!

And abuse the paper

I hate Sundays

The fact that Halloween is on a Sunday

Doesn't make life any easier to live

Life is just a bitch

That I wanna kill

But nobody will ever let me

Kill anybody

All these fuckin' fake people

With their fake smiles

And their fucked up rules

That they just expect me to fallow

Not kill any one

Not fuck any one

Not even date any one

And don't I dare talk to any one!


I get it

I'm not even supposed to live

Sometimes I wish I could just go postal

And I'm forced to not talk about it

My heart is on fire

With nothing but painful anger inside

Resentment here

Resentment there

Resentment ev'rywhere

If only I could kill

I could be happy again

And be joyous

And free

But the world won't let me kill any one

So thee anger never goes away

How can I be positive

When everybody just wants to insult me?

I'm trapped

Trapped to my anger

That hurts inside

It kills me that I can't kill any one

Life isn't fun anymore



D. L. Cannon

Submitted: October 20, 2021

© Copyright 2023 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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