The Diary of Lady Louisa of Norwich

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Stories Galore

This story is in the form of a diary of the daughter of the Earl of Norwich and author's view of a young woman who despite her background makes her way as a working girl in a country where Royalty very often lived lavish life styles and contributed very little to society.

The Diary of Lady Louisa of Norwich

Jack Kay


 The time is the turn of the last century around  1914. The lady in question isLady Louisa Clarkeand this is  the  highlightsof her diary thatshe kept until her death in 2006. Her dairy was written  into several 200 page hand made ledgers with stiff boards as covers and the paper was expensive vellum. Her handwriting was exquisite. The entire set of books were written in India black ink andsmudges do notappear on any of the well written pages. She began writing upon receiving the book as a gift toher 12th birthday in 1926.She was born on May 1st 1914 in the London Hospital, which was an exclusive birthing location for the families of lesser royalties. Her father was firstson ofThe Earl of Norwichborn Alexander Rodney Clarke , whose forbears were granted the title in 1655, and which was a peerage. In 1908 the Earl married Esmeralda Young , the daughter of avery wealthy American tobacco merchant. She was very well educated but was a person of few words and very little knowledge. The fact was that she was an intellectual dullard.She did bear five children but her ability to teach or care for them was non existent.As you will read in the diary Louisa grew to detest her, for many reasons. There were four girls and one boy in the family. It was very difficult to pick out the main points from the Louisa diaries and much of it covers experiences during specific chronological historical times . The most enlightening are of her personal life which is spelled out in dramatic fashion. She leaves out absolutely nothing about her head to head with both her father and mother and siblings. But even more she discusses vividlylife time activity using several four letter words in her descriptions.

She was really not a woman of her times, she makes note of that very explicitly. She changed her life style long before the modification of society. One might say she was far ahead of her times. She was a very strong independent person with a strong backbone. She wasnever bettered by anything ,especially men. It is estimated that she had over fifty boyfriends of whom she refused to marry any of them. But this is enough of a background , it is time to meet Louisa. By the way, she was very attractive, with long blonde curls , a very pleasant pretty face , a well sculptured physically fit body and a behind that men swooned over.


May 2nd 1926

Papa has given me this massive diary on my birthday to write my daily happenings. I will try -Ma-Maw thought I needed to spend more time practicing my handwriting. So much for her critiquingwhen she can barely write outmenus for the meals for cook.

May 11 1926

A very sad day indeed, our brother Timothy fell and broke his wrist. Dr Hutchinson was sent for and Tim was hospitalized. He has just turned eight and Papa was very upset. Mother cried as well but as usual drank two glasses of wine at lunch and proclaimed "accidents will happen". One of the twinsDana cried out "not his fault though Ma-Maw." Our mother looked at her up and down with daggersand ordered her to leave the table. "I think it is time we had a little talk and perhaps a reminder about being seen and not heard my mother said with a red face. Father said nothing.She was promised a spanking if she ever spoke out like that again. I would not let it go by and confronted my mother in the library where she went beforedinner.I was not given a second to speak and just said to her mother may I speak to you.She immediately snapped at me thatshe would be obeyed and that nothing she said or did was open to conversation. I knew if I said a word I would get a horrible beating. I also decided not to speak to my father who it seemed was not on anyone's side except his own.

Sept 11th.1926

Our home was being refurbished with modern facilities and we moved to out London apartment on Wessex square in West London.I was placed in a school for girls to continue my education. It was the the Lady Estelle Wheelton school for girls. Up to now I was taught by a tutor named Professor Trilbury. There was something strange about him that I never could understand. He had a very high pitched voice and he was just like a girl?He taught us to read and write , spell and geography and history. But I was now entered into a more social atmosphere so Father said.Every day a car arrived to take me to school and I was required to go before my mother to be inspected. HenryMortimer our butler told meit was like when he was in the Army. We had a private joke every day over it. I left at 8:30 am and returned at 2:30. The school was not far from our house in Wessex square.The teachers were all woman and they were very snooty. They addressed us by our last names. The girls in my class were all children of royalty some lesser but some higherlike Princess Albertawho father was the the cousin of the King. Also Princess Beatrixfrom Holland. She becamemy good friend the moment we met . The woman teachers I found out were all unmarried and the head mistress was Miss Kate Bennington.She was very kind, I foundthat out right away.

Sept 30th 1926

Beatrix and I got best marks in a French test and also in History. My father was very happy and patted my shoulder, My mother said nothing. It was after we went to bed that I got everyone in my bedroom and we talked about how we should get her attention.She had continued to use hurtful punishment except on Tim who she stayed carefully aw ay. My sisters and I were the recipients of face slapping,head smacking and in the case of both Dana, and Ruth and Sylvia spankings.

Oct 29th 1926

I just can't write very much today I was sent home from school early and my parents received a note that I was caught smoking in the furnace room. Three of us werecaught but a another student who told on us. We were just having some fun and trying it out. The girl who provided the cigs is Greta the Danish Ambassador's daughter who said she is really going to get it from her father. I am writing this early because I am sure I will not be able to sit down after my mother gets through with me.

Oct 30th 1926

I am 12years old and I got spanked like I was five! OH God did it hurt and not only that I am confined to the house for a month and must eat my meals in the kitchen. I wont tell you dear diary all of the story BEHIND my beating. My mother seemed to enjoy it, Sylvia said my backside was really red. I am also suspended from school until Nov 10th. The study material will be brought to me by Beatrix.

December 15 1926

I have decided to never speak to my mother unless spoken to . There is no possibility of that happening. The worst news was that we are going to America in June of 1927 to Mother's ancestral home. We will be there all summer!!!I will be 13 and it will ruin mysummer where I hoped to go to Holland and visit Beatrix as her parents had extended an invitation. We are now off for Christmas vacation and the countryhouse is nearly ready to live in again. I will now become a boarder at the school rather than living at home after we move to ur house in the country.

December 31st 1926

Mother packed my clothes in a trunk and I also my suitcase. Despite t thefact we have uniforms of blue skirts and white blouses and really STUPID hats with very heavy winter trench coats ,we can wear other clothing at night. Mother said nothing to me during the packing and I did not expect anything else. Father told me to behave about fifty thymes. School begins again on January 5th . Sylvia and Dana are very envious of me and Tim says a lot ofsmarmy things.

January 4th 1927

Mother wishes me goodbye with lots of threats. No real goodbye as the trunk is loaded and thesuitcase is placed with me in the back seat. The girls and Tim wave along side the servants. Mother does not wave and father is in Manchester. I stifle tearsasI feel aterrible let down , I am going to be alonewith stuffy teachers and girls who are very stuck-up. I am reaching the last page of my diary for the year . I am not sure I will carry on although Father gave me two more while I finish school for the year. Strangely I can still feel the beating I received , I often am pained , I guess I am unloved but so are we all. I have no one to go to.

End of Diary Book 1

Lady Louisa Clarke


Extracts from Book2 Follow

The entries in Book 2 follow Louises first year as a boarder intheschoolare usually one or two lines mostly concerning her new found friendships. She also speaks about her school work in which she excels in every subject and is the best student in the school. She does mention very mournfully the fact her parents do not come to visit on the special parents days.Her friends come and put their arms around her and introduce their families.

February 18 1927

Today was for me a real low down day . It was MEET THE FAMILY DAY and mine didn't come. The girls were so good and even some teachers hugged me. Sylvia took a chance and called on the phone , I cried like a little child.Miss Leblanc, the French teach was really good to me and told me in French être fort et avoir du courage mon merveilleux étudiant de votre jour née viendra- be strong have courage my wonderful student your day will come.I did feel better after she spoke but it was when Margaret Balfour thedaughterof British Minister of the exchequer ArthurBalfour introduced me to her brother Grahame who was fourteen that I really perked up. I sucked up my fear and asked if he would like to have a tour of the school and he said yes. We walked around and I explained where everything was located and suddenly he took my hand and we walked together. I could feel myself blush and I knew my face was bright red , but oh oh oh he was such a gentleman. When we returned to the ground floor entrancehis family were leaving and he introduced me and they called me "Lady Louisa"and he spoke quietly and asked if he could write to me and again I flushed but shook my head up and down and he smiled and took my hand to say goodbye- I was so overcomeI babbled goodbye and ran to the WC and broke into tears. What a terrif. ending to what had started as a bad day.


March 5th 1927

My mid term break is coming on the 15th of the month and I do not want to go home. Meals are not servedwhen there are no students so it was out of the question to stay atschool for a 10 day break. So it was so lucky that Margie Balfour asked if I would like to spend the holiday with them attheir country estate in Buxton located in the South of England. . Mrs Balfour called and asked my Father and he said it was a good idea. I was overjoyed. I had two SACRED letters from Grahame nd Margie said he would be home for a week.What a Lark for me.

March 15th 1927

I received a message from the Head mistress Miss Bennington saying "your mother has called to say that your father is ill and you must make arrangements to come home immediately. The train ticket was in theenvelope with her message. For a very short moment I thoughtI am going to Buxton anyway and pretendthat I didn't know. But I have decided to go.

March 16th 1927

I arrived home yesterday and my mother said nothing I found out my father had the flu and needed care so I undertook to bring him his meals which I got from our kitchen . Cook made a very light tray for him. He had me sit by him while he ate what he could. He could hardly speak. So I carried the conversation. I wore a surgical mask so I wouldn't get his flu.

March 19th 1927

My mother never spoke to me at any time , what she was doing was a mystery to me. The girls and I spoke about the misery she brought to our household. Tim did not see father , for fear he would catch the flu.

March 22 1927

Such great news today . Margie Balfour called and we spoke for a few minutes and then Grahame came on the connection. He was so kind and polite and said he missed seeing me at their home in Buxton . We made arrangements when I came back to school to spend Saturdays together. He was just turning fifteen and had his own money. I said I would be back in London on the 26th and of all things he threw me a kiss over the telephone and I was so excited I nearly cried. After the conversation Mother looked at me but said nothing. I told the girls and they hugged me and said things like " Louis has got a suitor" and we all laughed . At dinner after seeing father mother asked me who I was speaking with on the phone and I said just Margaret and her brother said hello. She sniffed as usual and ourconversation ended.I spoke to father about having an allowance and he said it was a good idea. He would get his bank in London, the British Commerce to open an account and deposit a five pounds every month.I am really ecstatic.Mother followed after my discussion with my dad and bawled me out for asking for money.I said nothing because she looked very much like she was going to slap me.

10th April 1927

Back to school and I am happy to see Beatrix and all the girls. The girls in my sleeping room are different this semester. I now have twinsisters Georgina and Helena Jameson daughters ofa major Distillery owner in Ireland. Sweet ladies who are just so darling you can't help but lovethem. I am looking forward on the next Saturday to seeing Grahame. Margie , his sister says he talks about me every day.


16 April 1927

Grahame and I met todayat the tea shop and have sticky buns with tea. I didn't like to have to pay in advance but they have students who sneak out without paying. Grahame is growing a moustache and so far it looks like about five hairs stuck on his upper lip ha-ha. Anywaywe just talked our heads off about school and he sat close to me , I know I was blushing . I saw a few girls from school and they peeked at us sitting in a corner by the window. We left soon after and he walked me back to school and we hid behind the outside enclosure and he kissed me. I really didn'tknow what to do, it was so sudden. I felt so warm and he hugged me . I hugged him back and placedmy lips next to his and I was just so excited that I could hardly speak. We said our adieus and I headed back to my dorm. I guess this is my first love affair and so I began to read love stories from the classics.

April 22 1927

On Friday I got a wonderful letter from Grahame, and although it didn't mention love , he told me how good I looked and that I was beautiful. That afternoon I was called to Miss Bennington's office and I got an earful about how they (the school) were the guardians of our morality. I had been seen alone with a young school age boy , obviously older than I and that I was forbidden to meet with boys unless accompanied by other students. Thus I could not see him without his sibling Margie or a staff member. \that really did throw cold water on the meetings but I know Margie would slip away when we met and that we could go tothe Holy Mackerel sea food shop three blocks away.

May 1st 1927

A good news day it is my birthday, I am 13now and I spoke to Father who said he was coming to London to go to his bank and to register Sylvia for next term at my school.More good news is that my marks are the highest in the school and that I have an A+ average, I am very proud of myself but when I spoke to Father , my mother chose to say nothing. I spoketo Sylvia who was delirious to see me and go to Londonwith father forapplication at the school. She and I will room together in a twin room in the fall. The two Irish Girls were sent home yesterday.I was sorry because they such a happy duet.Usually when that happens it isbecause of failures in 2 or more subjects. I really wanted to help them but they were not prepared to enter the school.

May 15th 1927

School will be ending in another week and I have only heard from Grahame once in the last three weeks. I did ask Margie about it but she said e was busy with his finals because he was going into his last term at his Canterbury boy's school. The best news of the year however came when, Father visited yesterday and told me that the summer trip to America had been changed. He was not going because of the pressure of his office and his recent sickness which had left him weak. Mother was still going with Sylvia who was down cast and the twinsand Timwho werealso very upset that I wasn't going because Father needed me to help out with several different projects including translating his correspondence from his French investments. I was thrilled to get away from Mother but would miss my sisters and brother. My father bought me a new pen and pencil set and a book set by Rudyard Kipling. They were leaving on the Queen Mary liner on 5th June from Portsmouth. Sylvia promised to write. They were going to Charlotte North Carolina via New York.

June 1st 1927

I received a trophy and a Encyclopedia of the World for having had the highest standing in the school. Most of parents of the students were therefor the exercises and the graduating class were dressedin gowns and hats and the school band played. It was nice to finish my year so well. But without my parents I felt a bit downcast.


June 21st 1927

Father and I spend lots of time since I came home together. He was very appreciative of my help . Yesterday I received a call from Margie in Buxton who asked if I could come for a week in July and I would get a chance to spend time with Grahame. I asked Father today and he said we could finish all of the business he hoped by July 5th so it would work out well. I got a letter today from Sylvia and she raved about America but said therehad been a very terrible incident on board the liner. Sylvia said" Dana had decided on her own to walk around the ship and got terribly lost. Mother was beside herself with worry when they couldn't find her . After three hours a ship's officer named Hadden found her two decks below us and in a companionway of cabins.We were so glad to see her but of course mother's response was that Dana was going to get a spanking . Dana was already very scaredand that would not make the situation better. We all were there to see her get her beatingwhen Hadden knocked on the door and told mother that corporal punishment was not permitted on the ship. It was a fib of coursebecause Dana had told him that she was sure to get a beating. Sylvia said she was saved by Hadden and she just loved him for it. Every time mother saw the man she pretended she didn't see him and was scared of him.Mother kept telling Dana just you wait until we get to America and you will not sit down for a week. The threat was forgotten."

July 6th 1927

I left by train towhich is a four and half hour train ride plus a 1/2 hrautobus ride hour to . Buxtonis a spa town in Derbyshire, in the East Midlands region of England.The trip was really exciting I did fall asleep for a few minutes. When I arrived there was a auto bus there to Buxtonthrough the old city of Nottingham. On arrival Margie and Grahame were there with their Father who drovehis car. He insisted I sit in the front seat and I could hardly hear my friends.He wanted to describe the area for me . When we arrived he drove by the Roman baths where he hoped his children would take me. They were special because they were very old.We arrived at their home and it was something of a castle. It spread for miles with sheep everywhere . They were the the grounds people because they are the grass cutters it did' ntneed cutting. I was given a room to myself and I met their mother again. She was very pretty and also fussed overthem a lot. I asked Margie if they were strict parents and she said they had never been spanked and punishment was always in the form of losing something for a week. Margieand I laughed and listened to recordings until dinner and Grahame went fishing with his father. Dinner was set for 6:30 and we dressed up .We all met at the door of the dining room. They really had a lot of servants. The butler, and assistant butler and two girls who served. Grahame spoke to me several times and of course I blushed bright red.Tomorrow we have several outings planned and should be a fun time.

July 9th 1927

Today was a terrible day for me . We have been having so much fun together but suddenly in a very few minutes it became like a spike to my heart. I still can't stop crying. We went to the Buxtonbaths I had purchased a two piece bathing costume, a bottom and a halter. Both Margie and I had gone shopping at Marks and Spencers and the swimming set were right in style.There are dressing rooms where there are stalls for changing. We got dressed and met up with Grahame and Margie's young man Fred Alsop. We got in the water and it was very warm. You had to get out about every 15 minutes becauseThermal Baths and the Natural Mineral Baths are not good for the body. We lolled in the water for the 15 minutes then came out. On the second go around Grahame splashed me and then came over as if to hug and kiss me. He was taller than me and witha single motion he reached down and stuck his hand into the back of my bathing suit touching and rubbing my bare bottom. He ran his hand over me running his fingers over the curvature of my behind. I guess I wasn't really terribly shocked because as Margie had said "boys will be boys." I wasn't prepared however when he shifted hand to my front and began to slide his fingers up and down my bush.I asked him not to go there, He kept on and took my hand under the water to feel what I surmise was his tool . He kept my hand stroking him and I tried to pull away but he is stronger than me. He held onto my hand as he stoked his bathing suitwith his other and then groaned , very loudly, trying to cover it up by pretending to cough.He let me go and I made my way as fast as I could to the stairs nearby. I was in tears and raced out to change my clothes. I guess Margie had seen me because she came out and followed meto my dressing stall although there were other women in the room and whispered to measking what was the matter.I couldn't explain with all ten people around and we both changed. Outside the baths weretables and benches. I sat down and again burst into tears. Margie placed her arms around my head and I told her what happened. She also cried becauseI said that that all I knew was that touching a woman in that spot is unforgivable, It is sacred; we had health classes atschool which told us how we must never allow the bush or pubic hairto be handled unless we were in a state of matrimony. It was such a let down for me. Further I know so little about Grahame was doing that when it happened I ran away, thinking it was my fault. I wasn'tas upset I told her about him fondling my posterior but going to my front was so insulting. She then explained what had happened to Grahame after he began to touch me. I could hardly listen and I told her I want to leave tomorrow.She said it was not a good idea and pleaded that I should not go until I was scheduled to leave. I agreed .

July 8th 1927

Never so happyto go home. Father remarked that I looked verygood and I was very happy that he didn't see how torn up I as about my breakup with Grahame. I hadn't spoken to him during my last two days at the Balfour home and I just said when I left " see you sometime" he did not answer. I settled in to a very quiet life but father soon changed that when he gave me several letters and correspondence to help answer. Stocks and banking were in trouble he told me and he was pulling out of several investments and taking the money and transferring it to Switzerland where it seemed safe. I had learned to type and of course helped him with French translations. He made me very happy when he said he would now pay me the going rate of 2 pounds a week. I was going into my lastsemester at school in September and I would graduate in April. We discussed what I should do after grad and he suggested I take business management at the Oxford School of Business in London. I told him I would think about it , I was still only 13 but if I started the school at 15 I would begraduated in 1934 when I am 20.

Jul18th 1927

Father told me that he had not heard from mother since she left in June. He was concerned and was thinking of sending a telegram. I wasn't surprised , shethought only of herself.

July 31st 1927

Letters continued to arrive from Sylvia and I decided not to read them to father because they were very critical of mother and the family. She spoke of our dumb cousin Archibald who was very heavy andchildish. Mother sat all day, reading and not helping her sisters do any cooking. They in turn kept saying how undisciplined we were said Sylvia. They kept telling her we needed to have a good old fashioned spanking and things of that nature.


August 09 1927

Good news , Mother has written that they will be returning from America on August 21st at Portsmouth on the Queen Mary via New York. Father is delighted. We make plans to greet them We all will return to school in September , me in my last year at Wheelton.

August 14th 1927

We took the train to Portsmouth from London andwaited to welcome our family. I was very excited to see my sisters and brother.

August 15th 1927

The ship , the Queen Mary sailed into harbor early on today and we waited impatiently for our little troop. We saw mother first alighted surround by the children. She and father did kissromantically while we hugged and kissed each other. Mother's greeting to me was a blithe smile and she commented on my hat which she said was too adult for a young girl.Fatherarranged for an auto to travel home. We babbled all the way.


End of Diary Book 3

Lady Louisa ClarkeEnd of Diary Book 3


Extracts from Book4 Follow


Louisa finished her 4 year stint at the girl's school just before her 15th birthdayin May 1929 . She earned numerous graduationprizes and she was accepted at theOxford School of Business but it was going to be very expensive. In October 1929 the banks failed in Britain along with those in America. The failure caused Louisa's father to lose a small fortune , with theresult that they had to change their style of living. Her father still persisted in maintaining their heritage by holding a coming out party for Louisa's 16th birthday in May 1929.It turned out to be one of her worst confrontations with her mother.

September 15th 1929

I began my new adventure today at the Oxford School in London. Father has arranged for me to live during the week at a well known Ladies boarding house near the school. I have a large room with ahuge window facing a park and they supply meals . I have use ofa room with bath and toilet on the same floor but I am use to sharing. The school is quite immense and I will have to learn over the next few weeks where all my classes are held.

September 30th 1929

Oh dear Oh Dear- The classes are really hard . They have a test every week. The professors often mumble and hardly ever write anything on the blackboardhanding out assignments . Right now everything is a mystery.We must have 20 people in the class and so far I am one of only 3 girls . My bed sitting room has been okay but the meals are indigestible. I called father to tell him how terrible the food has turned out.

Oct 5th 1929

On my visit home this weekend my Father announcedthat I was to have a 'coming out party' in May of 1930 when I turn 16. Mother said nothing but my siblings all gathered around me and we hugged. He also told me that I was going to be moving at Christmas into a private home which was a investor in his firm named Aldridge. His full name is Victor Aldridge and there are three children , aged 5.7 and 8. They have a full array of servants - a cook,maid, butler and chauffeur. Mrs Aldridge(Daphne) is a former actress from Canada. I will be visiting them on my next opportunity.

October 29th 1929

My school work is piling up but more importantly therehas been a stock market crash. I reserved the telephone for a call to father as this entire mess will really effect his business. When we spoke father sounded very gloomy. He said he will not be effected like Americans he knows but still we will have giant loss. He did say we will have to pull in our belts meaning my education may be affected. It is very scary. But he did insist that I must carry on. Thankfully after Christmas I will be moving, my internal organs are a mess I spend a lot of time attendingthe bathroom (Yankee expression)thatI have joined the swimming team just to keep fit. Father also mentionedthat mother has had to insert additional funds for supporting the family trust's. My mother has not spoken directly to me on my rare visits to our home.

Yesterday I met a really nice young man names Harley Jansenat a dance party in the school recreation hall. I am really starting to learn the various steps including the Fox trot and the turkey trot.


Oct 15th 1929

I have been studying for the fall exams in November not much time forthe chronicle of events.


November 18th 1929

WOO WOO the exams are over and I have passed everything. Along with my classmates we have decided to have a party at the University social club I have appliedfor summer work in 1930 under the auspices of the British Recovery plan. The jobs advertisedwill be at the Exchequerand will pay a small salaryI can continue living with theAldridges who I met last week. They are a young couple and he is very handsome. She is a Canadian and speaks beautifully.The children are really darling and we had some fun playing lawn tennis in their back lawn.

November 25th 1929

We had our class party just before leaving for the Xmas school break. It was wonderful, lots of food and there was also some strong stuff which I am very careful not to imbibe. We also also had some guests, invited by our professor and twowas Neil Gorish and his sister Roslyn. They are the scionsof awhisky distillery family and thought to be very wealthy. He and I danced several tines and he was a an absolute gentleman. He kept saying he could hardly believe I was not yet 16. I did mention that both he and Roslyn would be on my invitation list and asked if he could give me his address.Roslyn is a year older than I and wrote down her address for me. She is very personable . He held my hand and almost hugged me when they left. I found out later that he was studying at Cambridge and was 18. We had a gay old time and I did not get to bed before three in the morning.


December 7th 1929

Got my marks and happily passed all the exams with flying colors. I arrived home today as well,mother as usual said nothing . We were all happy to see each other and father took me aside and reminded me to draft a list of those I wanted for my coming out in May. I can invite 35 friends, and classmates , and there will be 25 family members as well. Extra staff will be hired for the occasion. I will begin tomorrow making a list. I definitely want both Neil and his sister.I noticed that mother is acting very strangely and is particularly miserable with the staff including the cook .

December 25th 1929

Mother advised me that she will select my dress forthe coming out party. I was very disappointed because I just know that it will be some aged design and color. I questioned father but he just did not want to take sides. Surprisingly it were mother that spoke to me. It was closed I ever heard her speak kindly. We had a wondered Christmas with multi gifts, mostly at reduced costs because of the recent crash and a lack of spending money . I did get a very nice Parker Fountain pen from Father. Mother gave me a cheap Chinese Kimono. I had purchased Tim a Rugby ball and he was really excited . He and our chauffeur Paul went out to kick it around. I gave the girls trinkets from a jeweller and mother a new book by the American writer Jane Allen.She nodded her head in thanks!We had a great meal of ham and turkey but my stomach asusual acted up.

January 1st 1930

I attended a New Years party at our neighbors , Lordand Lady Hardwickes, Sylvia said shewanted to go but Father said she was not permittedand that I must be home at half midnight. There wereonly 6 young people at the gala all near my age including their son Joseph who was home from Sandhurst Military School. He was very pompous and I hardly knew him. He spoke like he hadpotatoes in his mouth and although we did dance quite a bit he smelled of lavender and cigarette smoke. I drank water even though therewas punch. I was picked up by our chauffeur. Joseph asked if he could see me again or something likethat- I could hardly make out what he said. I nodded my head and hoped he would never call on me.I am getting ready to return to school on the 5th of January. Also today I gave my list to Father and he told me he would have special invitations printed.

January 3rd 1930

Fathercalled me to his office to discuss the list and questioned if I wanted a few more names added. I said it wasenough , he mentioned thattwo of my cousins who lived in London werenot available as theywere in Canada for a year studying at the Agricultural school.He suggested our neighbor's son Joseph but I said I would prefer not to. He suggested my aunt Fiona's two boys George and Jason and his brother's daughter Beatrice. I thought that a good idea and they wereadded tomy list. Father also told me he would send out the engraved invitations in March.

January 25th 1930

My application for summer employment has been denied, but the application was sent on to the Defense ministry purchasing ministry and I would hear within ten days. Father sent menote saying that my cousin Hilda was coming to Britain from America and that she wouldbe staying with usfor a month, he was sending her an invitation to my party. as well. School is really difficult , We are now studying purchasing and I am so far a total failure simply because I really never had to buy anythingother than personal items. Not only that my arithmetic is also suspect - so said the professor. ! OH WOE is ME. At least all is well at my new digs. The family and children are delightful. I have very strict rules however and if I am out after 5:00 pm I must write a note.The food is glorious and my organs have finally settled down.

February 12th 1930

An Australianclassmate named Roddy MacLeish has come to my aide in regards the class on purchasing. He started with the basics and we sharedstudy periods together, he is a nice young man and he smells fantastic, he does not smoke or drink, some one said he was the child of missionaries. We went to tea at Brinklies Tea Shop , he invited me. I think he is at least 19.Sometimes I have a hard time understandinghis English because he uses Australian slang.

Feb 28th 1930

When I returned from School today I was told that my mother had called and left a message for me to come home on the weekend which is in two days.I had made plans to study and spend some time both at the pool and with Roddy at the Kinema and going to the new showing of photographs at the British museum.I thought about it and rather than making another problem with mother I decided to delay my plans. I will give Roddy the bad news on Friday before I leave .


March 2nd 1930

This has to be one the worst days of my life. Mother and I were involved in a terrible rage and argument . As soon as I arrived after being picked up she began to scream at me violently. Luckily fatherwas in Newcastle on a visit to one of his properties. She began by yelling so loud that the servants were frightened out of their wits. My sisters and Tim all hid out in their bedrooms. Sylvia was still at school. Mother stood right in front of me with a boiling red face and told me that I was a rotten child, and that "what do you mean inviting two Jews to our home for your coming out" I tried to find out what she was talking about and she yelled even louder, and then I saw her raise her arm to strike me and I used all of my strength to withhold her extreme anger and in doing so held her arm in a tight grasp, twisting it so she wasunable to move. Now she cried andordered me to let go. I just hung on tighter and pushed her onto a settee behind her. I hung onto her arm until she stopped attempting to flail at me. and for some reason I clenched my fist when I let her go.She stopped long enough to lower her head and sob. 'You invited those two Garnish people into ourhome, imagine having two Christ killers at our party, I was stunned by her accusation but I just at that moment decided to finallysettle our continuing struggle and I shouted at her "you must never raise your hand to me again, never, ---because if you do so I shall respond in kind asI am very strong and I will hurt you badly, as you have everfelt" I also added that she and I must never speak to each other again. I told her that both Garnish teenswould be at the party regardless of her feelings in the matter and she could stay away if she liked. Father came home afterthe altercation and after discussing the situation with mother he came to me and was very angry. I was made to look like the malefactorrather than the victim. My allowance was stopped and I must apologize to mother. If I didn't I will be withdrawn from school and I may no longer live in London. I was also told that the coming out may be cancelled if I do not do as I am told. He was as I saw catering to mother because of her investments and the family money. Tomorrow (Sunday) I will do something , but what I don't know. What a calamity.

March 3rd 1930

A.MIt is Sunday and I have decided to go back to school after apologizing and also telling my parents I will obey them. I hate to have to eat CROW (I learned that from Robby.) But what other choices do I have.

PM So I have apologized , it turned out horribly - with mother and father both giving me 'what for'. I must also uninvite the Garnishes and for that I decided to tell them that that since the invitationshave not gone out that I would prefer to cancel the 'coming out'They agreed and the my future certainly looked uncertain for sure. I did not say goodbye and walked to the train station.What a revolting development.


End of Book 4

Extracts fromLady Louisa Clarke Book 5

Louisa returns to College but her heart is not in it. She feels that she is an outcast and eventually her marks begin to fail. In April she is notified that her application for government work has been turned down and she seeks other work but jobs are very hard to find. Robby is returning to Australia for the summer break to work at a bank in Sydney. She makes numerous applications until she is accepted as a desk clerkat a summer resort in New Haven near Brighton. She just does not want to return home and although she isentreated to come home on weekends she refuses.She did tell her father about herjob and thatshe planned to stay away all summer and return to school in September , he said he would not orderher home but that he may stop paying her tuition. She turned 16 in May and she heard nothing following which she went to the Bluebird Lodge summer on the beachacross from Dieppe in France. The work is exceptionally demanding and she is constantly exhausted. By end of July she is so fed up she quits without giving notice and returns to London where letters await her from the school , one advising her that she had a failing gradein the second year and that anotherthat the tuition was not paid for year two and she must rewrite most of her exams. She discussesher accommodation with Mrs Aldridge who offers to hire her as a child watcher for room and board and a small weekly payment of 2 pounds 50. She has verylittle money but decides to start lookingfor work of any kind , it is a tough course of action for her but she is intent on surviving.

August 1st 1930

Quit my job and came backonly to find out that I have failed year two and father has stopped my tuition.Luckily I am still able to stay as a child watcher with the Aldridges.Father called this morning and offered to send me transportation back to our home. I refused and he became angry , I just said goodbye quickly. Right now I am crying like a baby.

August 4th 1930

Daphne(Mrs Aldridge) told me to get a hold of myself and start hunting for a job. I know she is right but without any experience I am totally useless. I do like caring for the children with whom I am trying to build a bond. She also told me that I can have two days off mid week to look for work . She helped me to wear some clothes she loaned me as we are near the same size. She also told me something I never thought of , I was well proportioned up top and down below. She used her Canadian lingo to say I had fair sized boobs and a well curved ass. I am still laughing at her description. She said men were often the employers.

September 7th 1930

Daphne was very excited as she showed me an advert in a travel magazine she subscribed to - it was for shop girlson the Canadian PacificLiner the EMPRESS OF BRITAIN.She was beginning to sail in on May 31 1931from Southampton to Cherbourg to Quebec . The shipwasto beused for cruising in the winter. Young women of agee 17 to 25 with salesexperience and possibly the ability to speak French would be considered. All the employment standards must be met. Daphne wrote a draft for me to copy in my own hand and submit. It was very exciting , and she also told me she would help to prepare for the interview if I was invited. This very day I applied for a British passport and Daphne said she would sign as my guardian as I no longer lived with my family.

October 1st 1930

Father came yesterday to speak to me about returning to our home. I said just as long as Mother were there I would not return. I also told him I had applied for employment on a cruise liner and he said he would forbid me from entering into work other than that which he approved. I said I would seek legal opinion as to my status. That was something I had learned at the school. A person was considered an adult if they lived away from their family for 1 year and I would be in that category very shortly.Father blinked when I told him and told me he would see about that. He took out his wallet to give me some money but I refused I did not want to be beholden to him.

October 5th 1930

A letter arrived from the Canadian PacificSteamship Company and said I could come for an initial interview on November 15th 1930 at their offices in London. Daphne said we must go to work immediately on getting me ready. She said I needed to be glamorous. First we went to Marks and Spencers and she selected clothing for me, three different outfits , one of which I would wear to the first interview. It was called professional clothing . A black skirt with a white blouse a belt and a black dress jacket. She also got me shoes that were called high heels.I was also going to wear a hat with a small feather.The other other outfits were similar but in two colors. She also said I would need to have my hair coiffuredat oneof thenew beauty parlors that were springing up. We stopped at another shop which specialized in cosmetics, and she bought several items for my lips, face and eyes. I asked how I was going to pay for all her purchases and she said if I got the job it would be payment enough and I cried like a small child.

Oct21st 1930

Today I began exercises in walking properly. I had to pull back my body and straighten myself out and push my fanny back and my bust forward. I can'ttell the number of times Daphne corrected my posture . We also had diction lessons and I was forced to speak very clearly and with conviction. She did so at every opportunity except when Mr Aldridge was home. The children were so funny, speaking just like I did after correction. I was exhausted every night after all the lessons.But I followed every instruction and Daphne I can see is enjoying herself . She and I hug after every correction. It is really fun .

November 5th 1930

The arrangements are all made and I am walking like a model , at least that is what Daphne said. Her husband is getting a real laugh about the whole situation and he he thinks I am just the frosting on the cake. I will have my hair beautified on November 13th and they will send me in a taxi cab, Daphne said she would like to go but her husband said it was up to me now.

November 14th 1930

All I can say istoday is a great day. Daphne and husband hugged me before putting me in a taxi cab and off I went to the Canadian Pacific office.When I arrived I showed my letter and I was ushered into a rather stuffy room with several padded chairs. A number of other girls werethere and I was shocked to see how poorly they were dressed. They shifted their eyes away from me, and very shortly they began to call our names to follow a verytall man in a pin stripe suit. He said nothing and indicated with his hands and arm where to go. I waited for about a 1/2 hour and finally my name was called and I was escorted by the man to a office on a upper level, which was reachedon a elevator.One girl passed me with tears in her eyes and I knew that she was decidedly rejected immediately.

When I was called I walked in the fashion that Daphne and I had worked on and they motioned me to a chair in front of three personswho I guessed were the employers.They asked my name and where I resided. They quizzed me about my education and where I had been schooled, andseemed very impressed with my background . The youngish woman with a very sharp part in her hair, then addressed me in French. I responded immediately and used a higher class of spoken French then her questions. Youwill be17 in May as we understand they said and I said yes.One thing I tried to do that seemed to be a hit with them was to smile and move around slightly. They then asked em to walk around in the room and asked if I had done any modelling. I said I had been trained by a Canadian actress and Model.

They told me that they were not employees of the Canadian Pacific but were developing contract stores aboard the ships and that the person selected would be working for Star World Shopping company and we would be selling jewellery and clothing. I said I would be thrilled to work on a ship and that I felt it wouldbe a terrific experience. They then asked if my parents wouldagree and I simply told them that I lived with a guardian and was considered an adult. The woman who told me her name was Erica Glossop said the most wonderful words I had ever heard in my life. "Miss Clarke we would be happy to have you as an employee at Star, we want young woman of your culture and intellect , would you like to take an employment offer now." I almost burst into tears and we all shook handsand she out her arm around me and said we are just so fortunate to get someone like you , are you sure you are not really royalty? And we all laughed. My lipsare sealed and I got a position.


Almostentire balance of the 5th diary was taken up with Louisa's getting prepared for her job on the Empress of Britain which by the time it sailed in May 1931 was now renamed the Montcalm. The training sessions were mostly held at the Steamship offices but later in mid winter at their Star Enterprises office in Holton near London. Atend of April the staff ofnew stores were gathered at the Montcalm for a month of intensive training. Every facet of their employment was observed, and their speech as well as theirknowledge of the merchandise. Within one week 2 of the women had been fired and the staff was cut to 12 including four men. The rules were exceeding strict and there was to be absolutely no socializing bystaff. They werelimited to invitations from only the official crew of the ship for fraternizing but none from the seaman branch including officers. Invites to sit at the captains tableor attend the officers messfunctions were to beopenly received but immoral behavior was not acceptable and would mean immediate dismissal. They were assignedwith two women to a cabin which was they found quite roomy. They also were given access to the wardroom for meal times and had a special location. They had access to all facilities on the ship especially the sales deck which was on promenade deck near the ships pursuers office. All sales were in Canadian dollars and the passenger or others signed a sales check for payment on docking.They had amonth to become orientated and to practise their sales skills on local personage inSouthampton. She was a hit immediately with peoplewho were hired by Starcame aboard because she spoke French fluently and the Star trainers were delighted. Two other girls whom Louisa really liked were also very good at merchandising. They made sure they met only at meal times to speak but she became acquainted with her cabin mate Sarah Winestock who she recognized as being Jewish. As the sailing date was nearly upon them they learned where all the ship's stations were located and their job during drills.On May 25th they weregiven their pay and allowed to take a break and return home.Louis hertook the chance to set her mettle when after three days of working she realized that all of the contract workers were getting short changed on their meals.

May 2nd 1931

Yesterday was my 17th birthday and the light went on as I suddenly realized today that the Officer'sbuffet table was constantly refilled and was in use whereas ours werebrought by a steward.

Lunch turned out to be soup and a few crackers , dinner was even worseslab of ham one potato, a terriblecup of coffee and some kind of afters thatresembled rice pudding. We talked among us but none of the sales group had nerve enough to complain. We rarely ever saw the woman who was the manager of the contract division. Her name is HelgaFrayne and she is what you would call a very prim and properwoman without one hair outof place. |Her cabin is a single on the main deck. One of our team tried to speak to her one day and she jumped down her throat and told him that all communication must be in writing.As one of out team said , thats a load of BULLSHIT .I loved it so much |I laughed till I had to pee.


May 4th 1931

Today on my break I went to see Helga Frayne. When she told me that I must send her a letter outlining the problem, I just saidNO MORE BULLSHIT we want you to have our meals improved. She was shocked and said I could be dismissed. I said if you make an issue out of this I will go to the purser and also make arrangements to see the Captain. His officers have told me that I can see him anytime. We want the same meals as the Officers eat , I said and she was so shocked that she agreed. She told me that the Star company had to pay for all of the meals. I told her we are working and we were hired on the basis of receiving proper nourishment and health care , Your job is to protect us, we are all young people that need good meals. Finally after the harangue I got her eating out of my hand so to speak. I just want to eat off the BUFFET ha-ha.

May5th 1931

We got the use of the buffet and I ate so much I had to poop twice, !!! The team hugged me and Miss Frayne came to see if our meals were satisfactory and kept saying Louisa this and Louisa that and would I make sure everyonehad enough to eat !!!I really enjoyed the adulation. We got back to work and the town's people grabbed up all the bargains.I guess I am the person in charge now. One girl Nancy Kelly started calling me LADY LOUISA- little did she know.


End of Book 5

Extracts from Lady Louisa Clarke Book 6

Louisa went to her home on her 5 days off before sailing mostly to visit with her brother and sisters. He cousin from America was living in the house and she acted like she was a royal guest. Louisa made up with her father but did not utter a word to her mother who stayedaway from her. After three days she left bidding goodbye to her family and took the train back to London and visited with her good friends the Aldridges.The ship sailed as scheduled and along with the other rookies she had sea sickness the first few days. The sales in the stores were very brisk and they all settled into their daily work details. Louisa loved the interaction with the passengers and had to refuseseveral invitations from young men who were sailing . She and the other girls did sit and talk during breaks with young crew members. The 8 day sail from Britain to Quebec went by very fast and the turn around also was only 24 hours and so it went right through the summer and fall when they began cruising to Bermuda from Quebec to New York it was during their visit to New York that she met her first young manin December 1931.

Dec5th 1931

After Miss Frayne left at the beginning of November I was appointed to the job of assistant manager by Arthur Gregarious the General manager of Star. I also metthe new young pianist who came from the USA and joined us in New York named Tommy Bell. He is 21 and quitehandsome . I relaxed the mingling rules as I am in charge now and I am only 17 and I have risen through the ranksquickly.

Dec 10th 1931

I called thehead office in Londonon our return and asked if they would consider adding cosmetics and perfume as we are getting calls from passengers for the top lines such as Madame Kopeck, which is a hot item in Paris. A message arrivedalmost immediately and it was passed by the telegrapher Stan to me right off the wire. " Good work Louisa , will stock the counter in the number 4 store in one week standby for a delivery in New York when you returnfrom Georgetown." Wow I was as happy as a child.

Dec12th 1931

Went to listen to Tommy at the lounge on the Crows nest I have to sit in the watchers section because I am not permitted to drink. Its okay with me. After his show we wandered around the promenade deck and listenedtoSwampland dixie band play. We sat on a bench nearby under a deck cover. We kissed in themoonlight and boy did I get a feeling in my stomach and my lower body. I did not allow him to touch me on top but I bent over so he couldrub my bum through my clothes . He was really aroused because I see his erection(I guess thats what it iscalled) I have to be very careful, I want to keep my job asit looks very promising.

Dec 22 1931

Stock arrived for our number four store and we will begin cruises from New York to Tampa Florida and returnon January 2nd. The full itinerary has not been published but I was invited to the Captain's weekly meetings in the theatre. All the main crew members are in attendance and my name was called and it was a thrill.Tommy and I are going at it very hot and heavy. Thing tho -he is somehow unable to control himself and seems to be wetting himself and leaves me for repair himself on the promenade deck.

Dec 25th 1931

Christmas and we have a special meal and the passenger are very generous in giving crew and my girls and boysenvelopes.I am given money but I gather it up and share it among my staff. They are extremely happy. I could use the money but I want them to as happy as possible. We will begin our new route soon.

February 15th 1931

I am giventhe departed Miss Frayne's cabin to myself. It is fantastic and Tommy and Ilook forward to some intimate moments. Gregarious has wired that he wants to see me in Tampa Bay on February 28th. I am rather worried that I may have miscued and I tell Tommy to say away until month end.

Feb 20th 1931

We have now done 4 cruises to Florida and in a few days we depart again. Still trying to understand why Gregariouswants to see me.

Feb 28 1931

I was really stunned by the meeting with Mr Gregarius. He told me thatI was doing an outstanding job and that I was number one prized employee but he hadheard that I was the daughter of Lord Norwich. I listened to every thing he said and that it would not look good for STAR if it was learned that a member of thearistocracy was a sales person on a cruise .I am still learning to be a lady but I became very incensed that it would make any difference and in fact it was good for the Montcalm and the Canadian Pacific . After all people say that royalty don't work and this proves them wrong. I want the job and I want to stay on this ship. I see a great future for me I said and I am happy to work for a living. It did help because I broke down and cried. He also was emotional and he said well lady Louisa you are really a terrific young woman and we are lucky you are working for us.

March 2nd 1931

The word did get around and people started calling me Lady Louisa and I put a stop to that. Tommy was bowing to me and I told him not to turn his back on me if he kept bowing. Hope it all will end soon. Passengers began to point me out and were very polite.It certainly did not hurt our sales. I saw the article in the Times of London. My photograph appeared -from where I don't know but I did look really good looking and the newspaper really lauded me.

March 10th 1931

Tommy told me he is leaving the ship as his contract is up and he has some show opportunities. I am in a way thankful he was a dud when we tried to make love(they call it having sex !!!) He leaves on April 1st .

May 1st 1931

it ismy birthday andthere are numerous cards and letters for me when we arrive at home port. Also a new engineer named Mason Richardson joined the crew and he is tall, dark and handsome. Wow we had lunch together and I nearly wet my pants hahahaha.



End of Diary Book 7

Lady Louisa ClarkeEnd of Diary Book 7

Extracts from Books 8-9-10


Louisa really falls for the new crew member and it is not long before they begin sharing each others cabins. She is no longer a virgin and their enjoy frequent sexual unions. A new captain also comes aboard and he is very unfriendly to Louisa but she stays out of his way. She is no longer invited to the Captain's table or to staff meetings. Eventually he moves on is replaced by a French Canadian Captain who is very good with the crew and especially the Contract staff. Mason leaves and is replaced by a overweight and smelly guy who Louisa takes a dislike to. As the years begin to role by Louisa tries to make a trip to the family home once each year . Her mother does not speak to her but family members love to see her. She has grown into a beautiful young woman who wears very high fashion clothing . Her salary is high enough to allow her to take a vacation to several places where the Canadian Pacific Ships sailand she is well known throughout the cruise industry. In 1938 when she is 24 , her sister Sylvia who is 21 is to marry ViscountHarold Isherwood and Louisa attendsdenotingthe entire affair in her diary.She has a terrible run in with her mother which appears in the June 15th1938 notation as the "time has come."

December 18th 1938

I have come home for the Christmas break and also the news that the ship is being decommissioned in 1939 is very bad news. I was hoping to get another position but they are afraid of the possibility of war and have only the one cruise ship working the Atlantic, the Queen Mary.I spoke to head office before coming home and they will let me know shortly. Mason is still a great boy friend but he will leave soon for the US Navy where he will beon a Air Craft carrier, he said.

December 20th 1938

I suppose it had to happen sometime! Mother and I had had anotherhuge blow out. Father was away in London and the twins , were away with their boy friends , Brother Tim was home but stayed pretty well to himself. I had my lunch in the small dining room. Suddenly mother appeared with a very weird look on her face and began to shout invectives at me. I was - she said a useless good for nothing daughter and that I was making a mockery of our family.

I had enough of my mother and I told her in very mean and nasty way to "fuck off" . She then raised her hand to strike me and I just lost it completely and slapped her several times on the face and mouth and she ran away bawling. I was really sorry and when my fathercame home, thestory was told , I was banished from the house.

December 26 through 28th 1938

I went to Sylvia for a few days but I am so angry that I cannot write anymore for a while.

Jan 5th 1939

I am out of workand I am short of money. I called my father todayhe said I must do the apology routine and I refused. The money I receive from my dad has been stopped .Tomorrow I will head out and try for a job.My rent on my small flat in east London is coming due shortly and I will be out on my backside if something doesn't show up.I will try for war work somewhere.

Jan 6th 1939

It is very difficult to get any work beyond ordinary so I am really in a pickle.


January 29th 1939

My rent for my flat is due on the 31st and I am down to my last farthing. My rations are also very low , but I did receive a note from a photography place that make advertisements for watches and jewellery . They photograph your hands , wrists and neck, your face is not seen. The photographs are used in catalogues.

February 3rd 1939

Oh goody just in the nick of time, I go ta job that payswell, I went to Sylvia to borrow 25 quid to get over the next month Rent is paid and I have a few pounds to live on. The job is really good. The manager is a man names Clifton Archibald , and is known as ARCHY. I am paid by the hour and for each photograph and they take several each day. I do enjoy the work and despite the task of moving watches and rings as well as both expensive and costume jewellery around I have learned to be patient.

March 1st. 1939

Today I had the strangest request for photography. I was asked to be photographed in lingerie such as panties and brassiers etc. I said I would have to think about it. According to Archy, I would be paid more and the shots would be below my neck .

March 5th 1939

So I took them up on their offer and it is unusual. I go to the change room, strip down and several items are on hangers to wear. I cover in a robe wherein they take several photos when I remove the robe , I am never in the nude and the money is terrific.Also I finally paid Sylvia back and all of expenses are now covered.I just realized I will be 25 in May and Iam still single!

April 15th 1939

GOODY GOODY hahaha My trust fund has been reinstated by Father. Also I learned my mother has returned to the USA and may not be back. Sylvia spoke with her and she is afraid of the war. Good riddance etc. ....... My job is very interesting and I find I am getting more work on a regular basis.


The diary suddenly stops after Louisa's birthday except for one notation in July which is regarding a Egyptian man she has met where she says WOW IS Sadam a terrific guy and has a magnificent 'tool'. In September 1939the war breaks out and her job ends, She mentions her love affair in very brief notations such as 'Sadam and I spend a lot of time in bed" and very soon his unitwill be called up .

There is a very long period wherethereare no entries at all , and finally in her book 9 the tear stained expressions of Love.

April 15th 1942

There are not very men like Sadam. His love is beyond measure. He holds me in his arms, kissing me constantly. I am wet whenever he touches me and he easily glides into me.I cannot even think he will be gone in the coming weeks.He is a member of the Kings Own Regiment and they are going on a secret mission.Our love making knows no bounds.

May 10th 1942

Sadam my own true love has left. Just a few hours ago . My eyes have constantly fill with tears . he is........................



The last notation ends any mention of Sadam and he was no doubt lost at Dieppeduring the raid . Louisa does not discuss what she is doing for some months and it is late 1942 before she again begins making additions to her diary.It is in these pages that she finished her association with Sadam.


Nov 18th 1942

I applied for a position at position at Maxim's Perfume counter and I was hired. The bombing in London is absolutely frightening. I must tell you dear diary also about the terrible news regarding my formerlover Sadam. Earlier after I met him , he introduced me to his sister Angel. It was from her that I learned he was taken prisoner at the debacle known as the the Dieppe attack. But even worse she admitted to me that he was married with three children. All summer I cried about this development and now I am ready to accept the fact that I was used. His wife never knew about me 'thankfully" but BLIMEY it was so difficult to take his deceit and lies. I felt likepiece of meat . I felt absolutely raw and I was crying all the time and then suddenly as if it were an epiphany , Sylvia and I went into hysterics when she said " you only have yourself to blame" and the crisis was over.

December 18th 1942

The twins are in America and Tim has a job (secret) for the war effort. Silvia's husband is home now and we are all to meet for Christmas with father at home. Our mother has not returned from America and it has become a matter thatwe do not discuss. My job is really fabulous I sell perfume and they say I am a real attraction for them at MAXIMS.

December 25th 1942

We had a great dinner at home with father . He is nearly blind and we have to do most of the talking. Sylvia came with her two children who are growing very fast. Tim comes with his latest girl friend who is dressed like a clown! Sylvia and I giggle like children whenwe speak in private. Father told me he is raising my trust fund so I can live without having to work. I do not mention that I am working at a perfume counter.Sylvia and her husband are on the outs as he has seems to be drinking excessively.

Jan 15th 1943

Working at the perfume counter affords mean opportunity to get a lot of dates in war torn London. Yesterday I was asked out by Don Parsons a producer at BBC . He buys perfume for his mother (so he says?) In any event he asked me if \I would like to audition for a new radio showbeing devised for evening performances. I said YES of course. Wow what a thrill. Father briefly tells us that hea nd mother are in the throes of a divorce. For his sake I am happy.



Louisa had a very clear and sweet voice and it was perfect for Parson's idea fo ra childrens story program lasting 15 minutes at 19:15 five nights per week.Louisa was selected on a short contract to see how the children would accept the show. It was a hit. She was renamed EDITH ALLEN and theshow was called AUNTIE EDITH's STORY HOUR . Louisa read a short children story each night and even in the midst of a very miserable war children tuned in with their parents to listen to the BBC nightlybroadcast. From thevery beginning Louisa was joined on piano by Eve Scotta BBC studio pianist who played a few opening bars of a lilting children's song which was the opening segment. The show opened with a short piano interlude and then Louisa ina voice oversaid hellofollowed by her short children's story. The program was so popular that Saturday and Sunday broadcasts were recorded on Friday for a weekend show, By mid 1943 the show was heard everywhere in Britain and in other Commonwealth countries. It was not very long before the media were wondering who EDITH ALLEN was and to get more about AUNT EDITH . Her sister wondered about it but Louisa was very tight lipped and kept her job at the perfume counter doing the show at 6:00 right after work.


March 15th 1943

Well of all things I am now a broadcaster at the BBC. I began two weeks ago and the work is simple. The pianist Eve Scott plays a short intro and I welcome all the kids for the story time.I have a script with the weeks stories which are edited so I can complete them in the 15 minutes I have on air. Like today I did Rumpelstiltskin and tomorrow will be Little Red Riding Hood.Eve is so good she plays little background piano music often while I am speaking. We do a 15 minute rehearsal and then I get the signal which is a red light to start. The first two times I was nervous but Don said I was fabulous and a natural speaker .The pay is really good.

April 25th 1943

The children have begun to write to meas a bundle of letters werethere on my desk and they had suggestions for their fav. stories. This is becoming more fun than I ever imagined. I also met an American radio host who hasdaily program called "Make Believe Ballroom" with great Jazz tunes . His name is Sam Elman. He had his start in the USA at the Mutual network he told me.We are going to lunch on Saturday. He is very good looking and wowy doeshe dress well. Lunch is not much these days in London.

May 1st 1943

Had a very quiet birthday. Sylvia is going through a trauma and in reality I had no one to celebrate with. Father is quite ill and now is blind. I am 29 andreally alone but what great jobs I have. The radio is growing and the perfume counter is busier then ever. We gota new number called BLACK VELVET a few days a ago and it is selling very well. I have come up with an idea re the children's hour. Ask the kids to write short stories and send then in and we award prizes for those we speak..


June 10th 1943

My idea wasaccepted for Kid's stories and all most at once after the rules were advised stories started rolling in . It ws terrific and some of these children have writing talent, A young girl name Hilda Backstrom sent in a terrific fairy tail that I have had to read twice already . Had a date with Sam and we went for a walk. He is divorced (aha- where have I heard that before) I am almost positive he would like to pull down my panties. I do need a rolly polly!

July 20th 1943

The radio show has become hit on BBC radio and I am sought for interviews, I have said no because they will find out I am Royalty. Don said they will eventually find out. MAXIMS do not know that I am lady such and such so why let the cat out. Sam is getting hot for me and I will no doubt soon relent. Sylvia said the same thing our mother said why am I going out with a Jew. I really lost my temper with her and told her to mind her own beeswax.

July 25th 1943

It was like paradise with Sam, and at the Savoy of all places. We did it and he is good -REALLY GOOD. There is no place on my body that he did not kiss, and he has a terrific Cock stand. The next time will be at my place and will be soon I hope.

July 31st 1943.

Three days ago we got a wonderful piece from a girl named Harriet Downing and Don said it almost sounded like adult writing . I asked if she could be brought to London and we would interview her for the top show PANORAMA. Just as we guessed Harriet Downing is a 30 some guy who lives in Dorset!!



Louisa writes very little in her diary over the next several months. Her father passes away in 1944 and the ability to gather is not possible because of the war but Sylvia who is now divorced withher boy friend andTim and his new wife Anniecome together with Louisa to mourn. Nothing is heard from the twins or their mother until some time after thefuneral. The twins are living in Trenton New Jersey and her mother now lives in Florida, she has a boy friend named Edgar Wolfe(Married sometime later) . The years drag by for Louisa and Sam leaves to return to America.She decides to stay single and her dates dry up. The war ends in 1945 with theresult that Louisa leaves Maxims and concentrates on the radio job. However the writing is on the wallis that Television will soon replace radio.Much of the inheritance of her father's estate went to her mother. The family home was sold and the taxes were extreme. She was still in receipt of a trust fund and made a decision to go to Canada and the States on a trip in 1950 . She wrote the twins and also contacted hermother with hope she couldreconcile.

We pick up her story in her March diary entry:

March 11th 1950

My letter to mother has goneunanswered but both my sistersDana and Diana in America are overjoyed thatI am coming.

April 5th 1950

Tim has made all my arrangements to fly from Heathrow to La Guadia in New York and I am very excited . I am flying first class and I am on one of the new Viscountswith British Airways. I will be in America and Canadafor two weeks and my broadcast will be done by Eve who is just amazing. We also have recorded some of the broadcasts. The show continues to be very popular and I have received a few awards.Don Parsons has moved on and the short period shows are now produced and directed by Erica Fleming who is a real jerk!! SHE OFTEN CORRECTS MY USE OF WORDS THAT SHE SAID SHOULDNOT BE USED TO SPEAK TOKIDS BUT THE CENSORSHIP BOARD HAVE NEVER EVER SENT A COMPLAINTAll caps arefor an asshole hahah

April 18th 1950 .

I leave on May 15th and Sylvia and her NEW boyfriend Spanish diplomat Diego Sanchez Garcia will take me to the airport. Sylvia has really become quite vulgar as she said she and Diegonow 'F ....k likerabbits ! They have a large apartment in central London and he adores her children. I love to speak to kids and I can stand them for about 15 minutes!!! I have purchased several hundred dollars in US funds in travelers cheques.

May 15th 1950

I am writing this in my dairy from my seat in First class on the BOAC Viscount. What Fun and it is a lark to havea meal delivered at 20,000 feet.The air line stewards are very fashionable . They address me as "My LADY" oh myhow thrilling.

May 15th - 1950

I fell asleep and my seat mate said I was talking in my sleep. She laughed and said I think I know that you are AuntEdith and host the children's broadcast. She asked for my autograph. I asked her how she knew and she said my picture was in the newspapers and the hostess told her. I also found that I needed the toilet after the big meal when I wokeup and it is quite amazing to be having a poop at 20 thousand feet hahah.

May 15th -1950

Very bumpy and scary when we landed at the La Guadia airport but both my sisters and their husbands and their children are there to meet me. and we get my baggage.I am very tired from what I don't know but the sites and sounds and the talking , kissing and hugging as we ride in theirnew Ford station wagon is so wonderfullythrilling. Dana's husband Donnieis the driver and he talks incessantly about all the sights and sounds. The children are delightful and sit next to me and often hug me . It is so beautiful that I actually break down into tears . Diana touches me and we laugh as Dana puts her arm around me.The light is now fading and we drive through a maze of lights in a mass of both cars coming and going. It is so magnificent. I feel like I have been up for hours .Eventually I fall asleep with Dana's children cuddled beside me.

May 16th 1950

I am stayingat Diana's home and it is magnificent . Joel, Diane's husband is a real gentleman and makes sure I am comfortable in their guest room . I slept in today and had a sumptuous breakfast. We sit and talk and Joel listens . He has taken the children to their private school and we planned out my visit. Just after lunch Diana and her husband Donniearrived and we all sat talking, it was glorious. The girls are so fastidious and Dana has a maid and a cook. When the kids arrive it so much fun as they just crave my attention. I just love them to pieces.I do a story time for them at bedtime and Dana cried like a baby !!!

May 21st 1950

The twins have been terrific with me. They and their husbands have escorted me to all kinds of attractions. I am having the time of my life. Yesterday the girls mentioned about Mother. Dana gave me her phone number in Daytona Florida where she lives. We discussed whether I should call. I was warned that it might be a disappointment.



Louisa decides to call and the phone is answered by her mother'shusband Edgar Wolfe . He is very polite and calls her mother to the phone.Within moments they begin a conversation which lasts for over an hour. Her husband comes back on the lineand offers to fly to New Yorkwith her motherand meet at the Plaza hotel which he knows from staying there regularly.

May 22 1950

I have been bawling like a small child all day/ I have spoken to mother and it was like she had become a completely different person.It has been 10 years or more that we have no seen each other. We just talked and talked without any raw feelings. She said she had heard that I had a successful BBC radio show and she was so happy to hear that. She kept calling me darling Louisa and I was so profoundly happy t hat I could not stop the flow of tears. SO MUCH WASTED TIME WHENWE COULD HAVE HAD A TERRIFIC RELATIONSHIP. IT WAS THEN THAT SHE SAID LETS MEET , MY HUSBAND WILL MAKE THEARRANGEMENTS. WHAT AWONDERFUL FINALE TO OUR CALL.I JUST CAN'T WAIT. (caps are Louisas)


It is surprising that Louisa writes a very short entry into her diary about the meetingshe is overcome with emotion in the three days she meets with her mother. Eventually she describes all of the various thoughts gained from the visit.

May 26 1950

I have waited a few days before picking up this book again but I must now confess my meeting with mother was unbelievable. We metat their hotelroom. I came in and her husband met me at the doorand hugged me. Mother sat on a chair and came up to greet me. It was at this moment that the first joy I have ever had with my mother began. We hugged and kissed said we were sorry a million times and hugged and kissed some more. Edgar held us both in his arms and there was a silence where all thatcould be heardwas our sobbing. I stopped her from saying several times that she was mean. She said it over and over and I said I know now that you were unhappy. .... and so it went on. We sat together all afternoon and evening and I went to my room almost in a daze.One thing that was apparent was how she looked. her hair , and clothing were exceptional, at times I couldn't believe that it was her , and she spoke softy which I suppose was another element of her transition. Edgar would often go to her and place his arms around her to comfort her and similarly with me.

May 28th 1950

Sorrowfully the visit with mother and Edgar was over today at noon as theyleft. Dana and Diane came over from Trenton and we all had a lunch together also full of tears and laughs. Not a distressing word was spoken. Mother wants all of the children to have money from the will. My visit to the twins is to end in two days and I will fly to Toronto to visit with a woman who worked with me on the cruise ships -Violet King . I will then fly home on June 1st.



Her visit to Toronto is annotated in her book but very little is mentioned. She arrives back and is met by Tim . Sylvia excitedly visits her but Louisa is not very outgoing about her vacation. She finds that Sylvia is often inhibited because of her drinking. There is now a long seance for two years without entries. Numerous short occurrences are entered but she picks up the thread in July of 1954 when she meets David Fraser a man over 10 years her junior at 30 and she falls head over heels in love AGAIN !!


August 11th 1954

It is very difficult to understand how atmy age of40 that a younger man could be so in love with me. David is really just a kid. He swims at the pool(where we met) every day . He takes me to Soccergames where I actually still can't figure out who is playing and better still, he is magnificent as a lover. He just loves me on top and holds my behind as we thrust/ o.. GOD it is fantastic. We are going to Paris in September for a fortnite. He works for a Canadian overseas men's clothing manufacturer and he is seeking new buyers.We are having fun. I still go to the BBC everyday for the radio show but things are cooling. I did get a an offer from the Canadian Broadcasting company todo a similar show in Toronto., starting in March 1955. David and I discussed it and he said he is willing to move, It is very tempting. radio is drying up here in Britain I think!






End of Diary Books 8-9-10

Lady Louisa ClarkeEnd of Diary Book8-9-10

Extracts from Entries ending in about 2004



The next group of entries are for Louisa a self analysis and demonstrate her desireto maintainher independence. She often refers to David as her lover but never in a contextof a permanent arrangement. She does not take the job in Canada and unhappily for her in 1962 David decides to move on. Sylvia is living in Mexico with her second husband Diego but she misses England and writes to tell Louisa that she is coming home . Louisahelps her find a home and returns with hr two children, who are both teenagers. We pick up the diary in 1965 when Louisa is 50 years old and unemployed.

March 11th 1965

As usual Sylvia and I had a luncheon at the Fox and Hound .I got my walking papers in January from the BBC - I will miss the money. Sylvia is seeing a older man who is employed in the technical industry , he is anxious to introduce his friend Roger McWilliams to me but I was very plain to Sylvia that if he is looking for a bed partner I am not interested.She is having a real problem with Diego as he will not give her a divorce.

Mother and Edgar are visiting in Juneand I am really looking forward to her visit- she writes very often and the letters are a delight. Tim said he would like a reunion at the Plaza. She recently raised our monthly stipendsfrom the trust fund and every little bit helps. Diane called me from America yesterday and it was such a nicewarm conversation.

April 15th 1965

Roger McWilliams is a terrific guy. He is so charming and he veryloving. We have not slept together but he seems happy to just take me out. We have tickets to the opening of "Don't Cry for me Argentina" which is coming up next week.I find him very sophisticated and well read. Sylvia is pardon the expression her pants off but I really want to preserve some of my honor - haahahaah . Roger calls me MY LADY wow I haven't heard that for a long time.He has a car which is unusual in London, because of parking restrictions. I think one of the things about Roger is that he is old fashioned!!

May 2nd 1965

We visited with Roger's parents and his sisters yesterday(Sunday) it was like I was the QUEEN . They were bowing and his father kissed my hand. I really had to set them straight, that although I really appreciated their respect and admiration I was just a plain girl andnever really thought of my self as royalty. Nonetheless their hospitality and lovely conversation was memorable. Also yesterday was my 51st birthday. Telegrams and letters arrived , I was moved by the onefrom Motherwhich was filled with love and adorable salutations.

May 28th 1965

Mother and Edgar arrivein a few days. Tim has done a bang up job organizing the visit. They are staying for 10 days and will be at the Europe hotel near thewest end. Roger's parents have been fantastic they will entertain Mom and Edgar twice once at home and the other at the Ruby Restaurant in Soho.I have also made several arrangements with Sylvia for shopping expeditions and luncheons. Tim is very excited as he has not seen our mother for over 20 years.

June 10th 1965

Dear diary - so much has happened in a very short time. The visit by mother and Edgar was terrific- reallymagnificent. Tim could not get over how well mother looked at age 73 . Even more surprising was her charm and loveliness. She hugged us and wrapped around her arms around us at every opportunity. We all cried like we were kids. It was so wonderful. We owe all of this to Edgar who remade herimage. He is a wonderful human being with such a kindly personality. We just love him and Tim keeps calling him DAD. I haven't got that far. Sylvia is a bit more reserved and still thinks it is all an act . Frankly I DON' t GIVE A DAMN hahaha. We went to two shows and a orchestra concert and saw a new movie of Fiddler on the Roof at theParamount in Wessexsquare. They left just yesterday for a trip to Ireland and Scotland via train. We all bawled like children and it is one of the highlights of my life. Last evening Roger and i finished off two bottles of wine and yes of course finally had wild sex at his flat on Grovesenor Square. It was fantastic and just as we began to actuallyto go to sleep and reached over and taking my head in his arms asked em to marry him!!!!!I was so exhausted I fell asleep HOW ROMANTIC on my part .He is very well hung and it was good sex for both ....

June 15th 1965

I suppose it is a an honor to be asked to be married. I can't see it though. I am 51 years old and I really enjoy being on my own. I like solitude and privacyand independence . We did speak ------ Roger saw my point. I toldhim that it was wonderful of him to think of me as his bride but I am happy being single and getting together with him regularly. I would never hold it against him if someone else came along and he wanted to move on. I would be disappointed but I would make myself understand. He was welcome to stay over at my place when he wanted to and we could travel if he liked although I am living on a shorta leash these days financially. He did say that I would have a good allowance if we married .


July 11th 1965

Mother died yesterday and I am veryupset - we are going to Florida for the funeral .According to Edgar it was sudden although she did have some senior'sailments. I guess we must go some time. She had , after we reconciled made my life more complete. I suppose we didn't know how really unhappy she was living in England. We had learned thatmarriage with father was arranged . She knew from the beginning that love was not part of the bargain. She produced five children whom at the time she resented and as a result she was not able to love us as a mother should. Father had very little part in our upbringing and it drove herto be angry and mean. She made a decision very earlier on to return to America, although her family were opposed. She did notchange the error ofher ways until she met Edgar who said she needed to renew her life , and he did give her the love she needed to re- visither earlier life. He said she was blessed with such wonderful children and pointed to my success as a radio broadcaster and how well Tim had done. Moreover he said Dana and Diana and Sylviawere proud parents of her grandchildren.

July 13th 1965

As usual Tim made the arrangements for Sylvia and I and he also took our sister in law Anne (his wife) she is so forthcoming and jolly. We are flying at 1500 hrs from Heathrow to New York and then to Miami. From there we will drive to Daytona where Mother's funeralwill take place. It will be a long trip.

July 15th 1965

Today was mother's funeral and it was stifling warm in Daytona. She was buried in a standard plot so that Edgar could visit her grave. It was really a very simple service and all of the children attended along with her family members including her two Sisters and a brother. The British consul's office in Tampa Bay sent two members including Sir Henry Dudley the Earl of Strathmore who knew our family and lived in the US. We had a luncheon at the Daytona Marina and a few other people joined us who were dear friends of mother and Edgar.There were lots of tears especiallyfrom me. I just couldn't hardly speak , mainly because we had renewed our family ties in the past several years. Sir Henry said that the government of Britain would supply the stone with the proper wording. He was quite pleasant and called mejokinglyAUNT EDITH after my radio show,

July 22 1965

I had a great visit with the twins in Trenton and the children who are just such great fun and I just love them to pieces. Sylvia flew directly home because she is trying to get back together with Diego and her two kids are very unhappy.Just before we left the lawyer for mother met with us and the will was read. Mother did not want to break up the estate into an inheritance simply because of the trust fund. But she did leave each of us including Edgar a cash settlement. I we each received $10,000 but Edgar donated his share to pay for our travel expenses. We all received 2, thousand and I gave my share to Tim who wouldn't take it !!! WOW did we have words and therewas some use of very bad 4 letter words hahahaha.

August 15th 1985

I have applied at Marks and Spencersin the Perfume or Jewellery departments. The cost of living has jumped here in Britain and my apartment is eating up my trust fund income. The job is two days a week and pays L160a week. I am just going to make it with my interest and inheritance, I also floatedwith Sylvia the idea of us bunking together at my place. Both of her children are on their own living with boy friends . I don't know I think we can get along. She does have a job tutoring mathematics to school aged children. I have three bedrooms and we could buy our own food. My only worry is her indulgence in providing sexual favors. She will give me the answer soon.


October 10th 1965

Well at last Sylvia has agreed to a joint lease on my apartment sharing all costs. The telephone lines will be our own responsibility. She will move in on Nov 1st and I have discussed with her how she can place some of her furniture. W also spoke about the boy friend dilemma and I agreed to permitting visits two times per week. I will also have the same idea. But Roger and I usually do our love making at his place. ALSO I am beginning to get a little tired at all the sex shenanigans. Although it can befun at times! I have been offered full time for the Christmas season at M&S. I sure do like themoney. Sylvia calls me a THE SHOP GIRL and I guess I find it funny.


November 10th 1965

Sylvia has moved in . She had her first visitor a man named SIR ARTHUR BRIGHT and they made out -(I could hear her ) she said unfortunately he did not live up to his name and I just laughed until I cried. Tim came over with flowers with his wife and their oldest daughter Vickie . She is just a little doll at 19. We drank some wine and Tim saiddon,t be surprised a letter coming your way at New Year . I couldn't get the gist of his vague secret.


December 26th1965

I am in SHOCK.BUT FIRST The family that is Sylvia and children along with her ex husband and Timwith his wife andtheir girls helped to celebrate the Xmas and Boxing day holidays. We had lots of fun exchanging presents. The store has been busy beyond belief and the manager was just overjoyed at the perfume and cosmetic sales which he said were over the top. Unfortunately Roger and I have taken leave of each other . I suspect hehas found another woman , a little younger. No matter I am having a whole basket of fun with the store crowd. WELL the shock is something I can hardly speak of and it is the letter I received by Special delivery mail from Windsor Castle - from the Royal family - I have been selected to be honored at a special investiture where Iam included on theQueen's Honors list to be awarded a scroll and medal in the category Companion of Honor for my work on the BBC radio in my programme AUNT EDITH's story hour. I thought Sylvia would actually go stark raving mad. She iseven happier than I am !!! It will be during theJanuary 15th Presentation. I have Tim to thank because heput meup for the award..


January 12th 1966

Dana and Diane arrived with their families yesterday. It was so wonderful. The tears flowed. They arestaying at the Plaza and out buying special clothes. I invited Edgar whom I called and he arrived this morning. What a thrill for me. Jim Parsons is not able to attend because he is unwell. But a repfrom the BBC Henry Adler who is the special programming manager will attend. The manager of the store's women'sclothing department helped me select a dress and shoes and a jacket which is fantastic. The store are very proud of me.


January 16th 1966

I am still shaking - I was just overwhelmed by the pageantry of yesterdays occasion. I must have gone to the toilet 15 times and needed Diana and Dana to help medress !!!! Sylvia was in shock !!! Finally the car Tim ordered arrived and we travelled to Windsor castle. I had my invite and the manifest of my family and friends. Sylvia held my arm on one side and Tim on the other. We were ushered into the grand ballroom. A woman came to meand explained the program and how I would beintroduced to Queen Elizabeth. I must curtsy(I had practised) and she will speak to me . The Queen's secretary will read out the Queens honor.It all happened so fast I can hardly remember. She spoke to me and told me how much she enjoyed the readings with her children and praised me for my high calibre broadcasting. She mentioned to me that she was particularly happy that I as a member of the aristocracy had chosen to work and give back to society. I was handed a scroll and the medal and escorted back to my place IN SHOCK. Sylvia kept giggling like a school child and Tim told her to knock it off. hahah . What fun what joy what a feeling of pride. The first person to greet me after the band played God save the Queen was Edgar who hugged me and the tears flowed down his face . I have to say that I did not cry. But I was close to it. There was a reception with a small musicalgroup playing tunes from my show and I was sorry that Eve was not invited. We stood together as did all the recipients and talked while ushers brought drinks and coffee and finger food. Sylvia finally made me laugh out loud when she whispered in my ear. " I could see the outline of your royal behind when you curtsied." I just lost it and Tim put his finger to his lips and saidthat they could dress me up but not take meanywhere. A gong sounded and we were all getting ready to leave when theQueen appeared and she walked over to my family and friends group. Everyonebowed and curtsied and she asked about my family and I introduced Tim as the Honorable Timothy Clarke andmy sisters as Lady Diane and Dana and of course Lady Sylvia who nearly fainted. She alsospoke to the other close family members and knew that Dana and Diane lived in America. She wished us all well and said they should beproud of me especially since as a member of a Royal House thatIhad served Britain !


Louisa's award is noted with a long article about her life after she is interviewedby the London Times. She, Tim , family and Sylvia celebrate her award andarticles in the papers. She is also asked to be the manager of the Perfumery in Marks and Spencers but she desists because of the responsibility in managing personnel andproducts. She works her 30 hrshift for some years but in 1973 she resigns to just be at home and retire from an active life. Both she and Sylvia enjoy their own company. In 1972 Sylvia decides to take up livingwith Diego again as he is now a full time London resident. It lasts exactly six months and Sylvia is back with Louisa. She complains that hewants to screw her every night and has begun to practise rough sex.They receive some very upsetting news in 1974 when Edgar writes to tell them that theirfamily solicitor has said that their familytrust fund will run out on January 1st 1976 . Louisa will be left with a very small government old age pension because she si 60 in May but Sylvia will not have an income , because Diego has told her that they are divorced he will give her nothing . Edgar said hewould not havethem livewithout an income and makes a short visit to London in May just after Louisa's birthday.Tim is concerned but both he and the twins are well cared for.

May 16th 1975

The three of us met with Edgar at the Europa Hotel where he is staying. We had lunch together and discussed the problem of our income. Our incomes will end the end of the year and unless we return to work we will be in dire straights. I told him my savings were less than a thousand pounds and Sylvia is broke(not news to me !!). he has come up with a solution. Mother left him a sizeable investment portfolio,He said his own trust fund from his family business was more than enough so he has decided totransfer the portfolio to our name with the result that all of us would receive an income of about L20,000 each year which is more than we were getting under the trust fund. He said however that based on his calculations that thefund will run out in 2020! We could reduce our take by two thousand per year to stretch it out but it would not match the cost of living. For Sylvia and I it was a God Send because our rent was increasing by about L 150 each year. Tim told him that he would take only half , in view of the fact his pension which begins in 1977 will be sufficient to live on. Sylvia would have her pension in 1978 and with us living in the same digs we will live quite well. Edgar also said that since he had no children that he has left us sufficient money in his will which could bere-invested. We talked until the waiter asked us to move to the anti room and we couldn't stop thanking Edgar for saving us from catastrophe.


June 28th 1975

Edgar had stayed for over a month travelling through Europe and he left today to return to America .

September 15th 1976

Diana and Dana with their husbandshave arrived for a visit. We discussed our lives and they couldn't get over how good I look at 61. Sylvia and I go to a Gym three times a week and she is still entertainingher boy friends. I did meet a man at the work out and he is a police detective at Scotland Yard. He is a man of few words but is is very kind and extremely courteous. He works nights sometime but we do seem to be together often. He never speaks of his job but he does have two grownchildren but heisdivorced. We have slept together and he is a wonderful lover and I must say really good atholding back until I am ready.



Except for some family illness and a gaul bladder operation she required Louisa life takes on a steady diet of simple comments. In 1980 Edgar succumbs to a heart attack and she attends the funeral in Daytona. She is very sad that there are very few persons attending but Edgar lived a very spare life anddid not have a lot of friends. His relatives had all pre- deceased him. A reading of the will illustrated how much he loved and admired the Clarke family because all of his assets were left to them.A considerable portion of his assets was in property and investments. All of her mothers jewellery was left to her and Sylvia and it was valued at several thousand dollars. The twins had also attended the funeral and she spent some time with them, both were now grandmothers and showed her several pictures of the children.

February 25th 1980

I just returned from America .Tim, Sylvia and I had a long confab. I have given them copies of the will and since I was the the main benefactor had to explain our proceeds and assets. Since the money was left in America, we decided to leave it there, otherwise we would have high death duties to pay. Tim said we could draw on the money as necessary and pay the taxed amount. He also suggested that we obtain a Barrister with knowledge of American tax laws and set up accounts for payment. Later I called both Dana and Diane and they immediately agreed with our decision. I still do not know how much was left to us and the American tax lawyer Harold Bernstein will keep us informed. Another thing was the jewellery. We decided to auction them off because none of us were interested in high priced diamond items. The auction house of Crew and Son were selected.We all hugged and kissed and it was a very good discussion.

June 12th 1980

Sylvia and I saw a movie today called "the remains of the day." When we walked out we both were in tears. Although it really had very little to do with our lives it was still left a question as to what is left for us. We are both now in our sixties and although she has two grown children , I have (by choice) no one. I have sort of got out of the dating stream, because frankly I like sleeping alone! Sylvia has cut back now she in her sixties. We have begun attending live theatre and musicals. The tickets are very expensive but we can certainly afford them . We are also going to Cyprus in September. We have time share thereand the weather is fantastic.We will also go to Israel if we can. We expect to stay until November 15th and then a week in the Holy land. We also have an invite to Corfu in January by a man to whom Sylvia is acquainted. In July, our cousin Beatrice McNab will be visiting us from Canterbury. She is the daughter of father's brother Barry. We have not seen her since we were children. She was married to Aldridge Mcnab who passed away last year. She has 3 children who live in Canada.


July 15th - 22 1980

What terrific fun we had with our cousin Beatrice . She is so much like us. I asked her if she wanted t o come with us to Cyprus- Kyrenia to be exact and she was overjoyed. The time share hasthree bedrooms and will be perfect for us. She said she will share the cost but I insisted she be our guest. Sylvia just loves her. We have a cook-maid and we can eat out at the many beach restaurants. We went on a round of lunches,shows and movies . She is so glamorous and it was uplifting to be with her. She is really aristocratic whereas we are actually childish style royalty but she admired our simplicity. She bought us both a heart shaped necklace . We invited several people we know(actually whom Sylvia knows.) Tim and his wife and children met with her and he was very impressed. He said sheis very much like us and even looks like us. We will be together for some months in Cyprus and it will be such fun.I am truly sorry we waited so long to get together with her.

September 25th 1980

We are staying on the Greek side of the island but itis still dangerous with the two enemiesGreek and Turkish battling it out. We, however are quite safe, the British United nations unit is a quarter of a mile away. So far we have lolled on the beach in our nearly naked bathing suits, The comments by the soldiers is really something to hear. We rub plenty of sun tan on our bodies and we are getting tanned (almost black) . Yesterday we took a cab around town on a buying trip. We bought hats, shoes and sun dresses. The daily weather is about 80 degrees. The number of date requests are astonishing. Beatrice is absolutely fantastic and says things like I am old enough to be your grandmother hahahah.Our cook-maidAntonia is jolly and we have great food.

September 30th 1980

We were told to remain in our time share and we hung around all day but nothing happened. A soldier was shot with a rubber bullet. We were invited to a concert on one of the castles upin the hills next week. Military bands ar e here quite often and this is one from Canada. We will be escorted. Sylvia met a young officer from the Grenadier Guardswho invited us. I can see another LOVE affair for her !!!!!. He must be all of 22!!!

October 15th 1980

I had a date today with and American Naval officer from the Communication establishment on the island. He was a thirty year vet and a grizzly but nice guy. I enjoyed the lunch and he was very kind. Some how he did not appeal to me.


Beatrice has received a letter from her Solicitor telling her that her home has sold in Canterbury and she has come up with an absolutely wild idea about buying a home she wants to buyin Mayfairwhich is a block from the underground and has invited both Sylvia and I to share. We will have our own bedroom and the entire use of the house. She has a cook and a maid. Our cost would be half of what we are payingforour flat in the West End. Sylvia and I sat and discussed it while having a tea this afternoon. I like the idea , We have planned to travel as much as possible but still living in agarden home as she described it would b a new experience.


Louisa and Sylvia make thedecision to move in with Beatrice and give notice on their flat. They move in December and find that the house is slightly crowded. But Louisa suggestthey have too much furniture especially when Sylvia hooks her foot on a chair and takes an nasty fall. Beatrice advises them to do whatever it takes to make themselves comfortable. The maid is very prim and proper but the cook is a scream. She is from Jamaica and is black as the ace of spades. She has a a very spirited sense of humor and the women are entertained with her use of the English language.They both live out and take theunderground to the house every day except Saturday and Sundays whenthey eat out, or Sylvia prepares breakfast. In January 1961 they fly to Corfu to visit with Sylvia's friend Lady Helen Warwick and they spend time on the beachdeveloping their tans.

The three women live a quiet but pleasant existence over the next several years. In 1994 Louisa turns 80 years old, and she is beginning to suffer from the first signs of aging . Sylvia and Beatrice notice that she is very forgetful and recognized the onset ofdementia. There are several entries but only one that made any sense when she may have hada momentshe was lucid it was in 1998 when she was 84.

March 11th 19?(The year was 1998 )

Life has been good to me. I have lived and loved and despite my mother's original inability to love or be loved It came through with a wonderful transformation on all sides. I have been have the good fortune of a loving siblings and the grace of our cousin Beatrice to whom both Sylvia and I just adore. I can't remember very much now of my life but I feel a sense of accomplishment , some how. My brother and the twins whose names I will have to ask Sylvia have been to visit me I think. and .....(the notation here stopped and these wordsare her final expressions.)


The last bit was her last entry in the journal of her lifeshe passed away in a seniors home on October 10 2005. Sylvia was also very ill and died lin 2006. Beatrice lived on alone passing away in 2010 at age 99.

The twins died within 1 year of each other in 1012 and 2013. Tim is still alive and lives in a seniors home in London , but he also has dementia and remembers absolutely nothing. So ends the diary of a lesser royalty who sought to provide a measure of credulity to her life and one would say she was successful.

We have seen some excellent TV from Britain whichgives usa view ofof the life style and marriages of the aristocracy(Te Recent Downton Abbey for one) . There were multiple marriages of richAmerican women to lesser British royalty , much of which was to save them from bankruptcy.


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