Reverse Time

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

In order to prevent a murder from happening, you'll have to arrive at the crime scene after the murder has happened.

Detectives Don Hobson and Tanyan Shan were at the Crobar District Court, Republic of Voltrana, on Planet Cylandriod. Cylandriod was in an alternate universe. The two detectives worked at the Crobar City Police. They attended the court to witness the sentencing of Mikyla Dalkan for the murder of his girlfriend, Elisha Graham.

Mikyla stood in the dock below the judge’s podium, awaiting the verdict whom the detectives knew full well it was guilty. Don and Tanyan stood on the balcony at the back of the court. They knew that Mikyla Dalkan had spent his entire life in prison for the murder of his girlfriend: ever since he woke up in the hospital with lung cancer. That was forty years ago. His cancer had gone since then. He would be in his late forties now. Time runs in reverse in the Cylandriod Universe.

“Has the jury reached a verdict?” asked judge Kensin Lyasahl.

The head juror stood up and replied “Yes, Your Honour.”

The bailiff walked up to the head juror, grabbed the paper from him and handed it to the judge. The judge then grabbed the paper from him and read. After the judge had read the verdict, he took a deep breath and said “Mikyla Dalkan. You have been found guilty for the murder of Elisha Graham. I therefore sentence you to life in prison without parole. Court dismissed!”

The court erupted as the victim’s family cheered. Don Hobson felt so exhilarated. His heart fluttering as he gave his partner a man hug. He was glad to have Mikyla in jail. He deserved it. The security officers escorted Mikyla out of court in handcuffs. He was finally going to jail.

“Well,” said Tanyan “That was a good job we done, Don. He finally got him convicted.”

“Yes, that is good. At least Elisha got justice. He’s never been able to harm anymore women. Let’s get some dinner.”

Don smiled. The two detectives exited the court.


It was a couple of weeks later. Don and Tanyan had been called out to a wheat farm next to the granary. Tanyan did the driving as Don sat in the passengers seat. They went down the gravel road past the yellow grass. It was a nice sunny day. They eventually reached the granary to find the forensics team combing over the light blue canvas.

They pulled to a stop not far from the granary. Tanyan switched off the engine. They climbed out of the brown cop car, slamming the doors shut. They walked over to the body that was wrapped in canvas.

“So, you got Elisha Graham’s body there?” asked Don to the forensic cop, constable Jargan.

“Yes,” replied Jargan “the owner of the granary found her body next this morning.”

“What time did you find the body?” asked Tanyan to the farmer.

“’Bout 9:30” replied the farmer “I unwrapped the canvas to find this body. I felt revolted. I never knew I’d be the one to find Elisha’s body.”

They took a look at Elisha’s body. Don knew that Elisha had been murdered by her boyfriend, Mikyla, since they had him convicted a couple weeks ago. Elisha had dirty blonde hair, her naked body was a medium build with wide hips.

“How long will she be dead for?” asked Don.

“About 12 hours” replied Jargan.

They knew they were going to arrest Mikyla sometime in the past as they already had him sent to prison. Don looked up at Tanyan and asked “How should we arrest him? Since he had dropped her body here, maybe we should wait behind the granary for him to drop Elisha’s body? Maybe hide behind the granary. Once we catch him in the act we arrest him, yeah?”

“No, Don,” replied Tanyan “By then, it might be too late. We might not save her life in time. Perhaps we go to his house. Arrest him before he has a chance to kill her.”

“Yeah,” said Don raising his finger “We could put out a surveillance of his house for when he murders her. But we must be there after he murders her. So that we can stop him before he gets a chance to murder her. Doesn’t he live at 31 Saxona Street, Larquin?”

“Yes,” the forensic team snapped photos of Elisha’s body. “We’ll set up a surveillance last night, at midnight. We’ll meet after midnight. Let’s head back to the station.”

The two cops climbed back into the car. Tanyan switched on the engine. They headed down the gravel road away from the granary.


Don and Tanyan waited on the street opposite Mikyla’s house on Saxona Street: waiting to hear any signs of a struggle. They saw him leaving the house 10 minutes ago. Presumably to dump Elisha’s body close to the granary they visited earlier. It was not long after he murdered her. The lights were on.

“Quiet night, aye” said Don.

“Yes. The murder will happen soon” replied Tanyan. He gave a deep breath. Keeping his eyes out for any sign of the convict. “You know, Don,” Don turned to look at him. “The scientists say that we are being dragged towards the big bang. That’s why time goes backwards”. Tanyan looked at Don, then looked out the windshield again. “They say that once this universe goes through the big bang, time will go forward.”

“That won’t happen for another eight billion years. We’d be dead by then. Anyway, how could you prevent a murder if time went forward?”

“I have know idea, Don. No idea.”

All of a sudden, the two detectives heard Mikyla arguing with his girlfriend inside his house. This was the exact moment that Mikyla murdered Elisha Graham.

“Come on,” yelled Tanyan as he opened the driver’s side door. “We got to save her before it’s too late”.

The two detectives climbed out of the car, slammed the car doors and ran over to Mikyla’s house with their pistols out. Tanyan opened the front door, ran down the corridor towards the living room where they heard the couple arguing.

“You’re not leaving me, Elisha” yelled Mikyla “You are staying with me!”

“No, I’m not. I’m leaving. I’m sick of the way you abuse me!” retorted Elisha.

“Get back here!”

Don and Tanyan ran into the living room with guns drawn. Just as Mikyla was about to shoot Elisha in the back of the head, Don yelled “Put the gun down, place your hands on your head.”

Mikyla complied, placing his rifle on the table and placing his hands on his head. Tanyan went behind him, cuffed him behind his back.

“Mikyla Dalkan,” yelled Tanyan “You are under arrest for the attempted murder of Elisha Graham, for physical and emotional abuse against a spouse. You have a right to an attorney. You have a right to defend yourself in a court of law ...”

As Don put his pistol away, Elisha ran up to him, saying “Thank you, thank you for saving me” as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and hugged him tight.

“It’s ok,” replied Don as he hugged her back. Tanyan escorted Mikyla out of the living room. “You’re safe now. He spent the rest of his life in jail for your murder. Let’s get you home.”

Don walked Elisha out of the house.


It was a few weeks later that Elisha and Don started dating. They met at a cafe, drinking their chillatas. Elisha said “I can’t believe I dated that cunt. I woke up to find him pointing a gun at me. That asshole!”

 “It’s all in the future now,” said Don “You can’t change the future, but you can change the past.”

“Amen to that.” Elisha gave Don a most beautiful smile. “Well I guess we’ll be growing young together. Live through our teenage years, enjoy our childhoods before we become unborn. Get absorbed by our mothers’ wombs.”

“I’d like that very much” said Don.

Elisha and Don smiled. She had the most beautiful bright blue eyes that he ever did see. Elisha leaned forward and kissed Don on the lips. Sticking her tongue in his mouth. Such bliss.

Submitted: October 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 simon arthur. All rights reserved.

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