Hillybilly Nostalgia

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

"Wisdom is the recovery of innocence at the far end of the experience," said a wise man to me once. I'm halfway through the experience of life and still, wisdom eludes me like a mirage in the desert. as I reminiscence about the past, I realize that it is the little things that amount to the bigger picture and that there is no grand revelation or an epiphany at the end. it is the little things that count; the subtle vignettes of life.

on reflection: these are a collection of some pretty funny and hilarious situations from my point of view. some are funny and pretty crazy incidents with some very colourful characters that life has to offer and some I have taken the liberty to embellish with my imagination. the purpose of this novel is to make people reflect and learn from the experiences of this world and be a little wiser, a little better. the truth of the matter is that we never appreciate what we have until it is gone and the saddest part is we fail to realize the blessings that are already within and in front of us and always long for that horizon where everything will be, "oh! so perfect!" but sadly in an imperfect world; to seek for that perfection is an exercise in futility. so, the lesson I have learnt is to have gratitude for what you have and count your blessings and do the best you can to live this life God has blessed you with: by infusing it will happiness, fun, humour, joy and doing some good along the way because life just passes you by so swiftly. countless characters and incidents are there to write the story about. Here are some that stand above the rest.

Table of Contents


Those were the times when we used to do bodybuilding with dedication every single day. We used to religiously go to the gym and torture o... Read Chapter

The Village Legends

The Lua: There was a rumour around the village that said that too much reading makes people mad. They used to tell us that we will be... Read Chapter

Parijat Sangh (Brotherhood Club)

Origin of the Parijat Sangh (Brotherhood Club) We used to have a club called the "Parijat Sangh" (Brotherhood Club) the ringleader of... Read Chapter

Guddi or Kite Flying Season

Guddi or Kite Flying Season Another interesting season was the guddi (kite flying) season where everybody used to go to the "dara" (h... Read Chapter

The Story of the Guitar and Music

I can still see that boy Dritam whom we used to call "haddi" (bones) because he was so thin. One day he ran away from home taking along m... Read Chapter

Bhalu (Bear) and his tragedy

"Bhalu" (Bear) and his tragedy One particular incident was the marriage of "bhalu" (who sadly passed away recently when he was swimmi... Read Chapter

Loss of Innocence for the Hill Town

Those were the times of the violent agitation for a separate state called the Dreamland agitation that took away the lives of many people... Read Chapter

The Festival Season

The biggest festival was the festival of Dusshera and Diwali. The harbingers of that magical time, the festival time were the cicadas. Wh... Read Chapter

The Mystery of the Clay Rhino and the Old School

School used to be another source of trouble for me. The situation was such that if we complained against the teacher then our parents wou... Read Chapter


She had gone to visit her elder daughter, who was working as a doctor, that day to Cooch Behar, some 50 kms down in the plains during the... Read Chapter

Milk of Human Kindness

I met this brother from the northeast state of India and he did not want to go home. He was there in Mumbai for more than 3 years. He had... Read Chapter

Memories and the Clouds

It was a gloomy day but beautiful in its own aspect with the ethereal clouds; and when they came down as mist, created a sight that was o... Read Chapter

Unforgettable Journey

I had been climbing steadily for the last five hours on that steep hill with my backpack and all I could see was a cloud of mist and two ... Read Chapter

Home at Last

Close to ten years had passed since he had left his hometown. The memory of that fateful day was etched deep in his memory albeit not in ... Read Chapter

Brush with Death

We finally decided to visit the famous theme park with our friends. We decided on the venue and made our way on our bikes to the famous t... Read Chapter

The Last Day

As he packed his bags for the long flight home he had a cornucopia of mixed feelings in his heart. It had been in that wonderful place fo... Read Chapter

The Figure in the Long Black Coat

The figure in the long black coat had been walking frantically for many hours lost in the nostalgic ruminations of his past life. He ha... Read Chapter

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