Rick and Morty's, impurely and simply constricted

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In ricks journeys he has discovered a new world,
the land of sub-moitimeir, a realm where all knowlege form every, existance from every universe meets in one shared co. Existing existance



Rick is walking past a scenery, of a city sky line,

Rick has a key he uses for an area 51 lock up fencing area, just an ordinary fence gate that he has opened,

then as he is walking strait ahead he buttons up his shirt, opens and walks into a door, way that says "restricted entry" and when rick enters inside this establishment there are scintifical setups and devices and scintist working on them,

Rick uses a secret buton under a statues head,

And then the workers that are around rick do nothing and as rick simple enters into this secret facility area 52, top secret secret file storage confinement

The floor opens up,

And rick takes a secret a lift down, to this facilty

And then, we see, a room Filled with computer deposit files

And people working, on them in compter booth stations,
Rick Takes a booth,

He searches all records, And downloads them all while having a drink from a macas style cup

And rick Stops his search at

Mind ulttering beings

, and decides to watch a file, on xeorps

(((Inside every living soul there is a supernatrual lifeform that admits (a digestive compond via feeding on what remains to be your intelgence ),

sucking the true will of your life,
reducing the likelihood of your intuctual responses, in your every day activity's

Yes it's is true
And yes It is a parasite

Which does infact feast on your sub conshace brain

And if you where to remove any of these lifeforms, that have atched them selves to your void soul

your intellectual skills will be far more supuier, than ever before

But these beings are sub-motiermer's

a lifeform that Lives on the bordeline, of the internaluctual world of the free lands,

a living sub conshace of a world,

a shared world,

one that infact sits parrel to the true living world, {and all of its bondries}

a co existance to our existance,

where all and everything in any realm

of every world of every universe
lives in this one existance

Where all knowlege of truth with no lies remains abodant, in this realm that is known as sub-moitermier

But wait there is more

if you where to remove any xoprs, from your void soul, you will achive an infinte prospective view on life,

increasing your knowlege, and intelgence
To unlimtleited boundaries
achieving more than you ever could before

And once you Return to the world you left,

The real world

you will be more than a devien god to us all

To travel to the borderline, of this mystical construct of a world, where all knowlege meets
2 people need to simontainlsy, join in a spirt bond...

It is where 2 or more path ways meet, admiting one beeting heart of a thought

I.e true love

the same thought at exactly the same time,

To be able to make yoir journey to world of sub-moritermer.....................................



But, there is one catch to this method for when you have this spirit bond...
one must die at the excact moment, of this spirt bond the length and duration of this spirit bond strength is unknown depending on one's disire

Ultumatly Leaveing your soul,
to try drift back to its keeper, its bond, its devoted simbiot, its true idenity, the real body your soul came from

when your soul finds no where to go, there is only sub-moiter that remains

Mmmmmm, hey mate


I love you man!

(Rick Hypnotise a scintist, by tapin a tringle)

(The Man's eyes light up
And he says)

And I love you,

just one tick...

(Rick uses the bell on him self)



And I love you too, brother

They both come in for a hug, until Rick pulls out a gun and Boom no more, scintist

Ricks whipes a tear away from his eye and then rick licks his finger, and holds it in the air, and says



I can work with that

As all other workers flee...

.......as rick thinks to himself
........And we se him walking outside the gate he came from just an ordinary gate....

with alarms going off

And helicopters in the air and rick un buttons his shirt



Morty is, playing with, cards on the ground making a giant but small castle, i say about 30 - 40 cards

Then rick walks in quick, and with the force of the door opening.... doesn't blow the castle down

Rick watch what you doing I here,


Hey morty, you know how you love me,


have you every made a machine so alabrate to kill your self but You just couldn't


(as morty card castle Falls tto the ground)



Justie One favour...



You no what probly not rick



Morty heres the gun, just shot, please morty, right in the head suicides is a cowrdd way out



Rick I'm not going to.... give me that gun...

I love you Morty,



I love you to rick



And I you

Please Shot me in the head morty






If you love me morty please shoot me in the head


Ricks back of his head gets blown out, as we follow Inside to his brain that is now guts for garders, we see ricks lasts thought of mortys, hugging and having all sorts of fun with rick, but then morty leaves amd waves good bye,
And we drift further away and further away



Ahhh bloop
(Morty has just killed himself)

(Now rick and morty have entered sub-mortiermer)



No way





horse guns swords lazers, books disk tapes aliens unicorns, evrthing you can think of all in one space

Rick, is trying to uses his devices but none seem to work



What the fuck, shit,

I love you man

(Morty eyes revert to normal)



Jesusss what, What what the fuck rick what the fuck you doing,

I love you,but not that much,

am i, dead,



No the mystical lands of sub-motiemer

Where all worlds meet

Be careful, sin-cerely, shit is here, somthing is blocking my devices

Who knows whats here,

(Than we cut out to a orb on a table that is showing rick and morty)

(Unknown man)
Bring him to me......

(Back to rick and morty)


And if we find this (exo's) we are bound to be more than juat gods when we return back home,

but we first need to find our void souls to return home



So, where do we start



There's no north here morty,
why, don't you be the brains, and and figure it out for once



Screw you rick, even when where in turmoil, you always have a way to bring me down, I had it up to here



Still morty that's pretty short, you think you would reach a little higher for a change, but even you genuous could figure put you could just point

I choose, oh the flying moose,
....... ahahahahah



Get bent riccccccckkkkkkkk!

(Morty walks off)

Mmmm, now if I where a thought sucking parasite where would I be,

(Now we follow morty)

Fuck, you rick, wanna kill me, then treat me as if, nothing happend,... teat me as if, as as mmmmmm fuck-en shiiiiiiiit!

(Ecos all rick hears the eco and Rick moves his head)

The, creatures near, morty flea, and as the do, morty see's a cave, that is glowing comming from its inside, and decides to enetr

Rick, is walking and using a magnify glass, and making an algorithm on the ground With a stick

Then snap, a branch breaks and there is some one behined rick

Rick jumps,



Hey wat the hell, stay away from me... old timer


(Old timer)

I am not just old but wise,living in this existance I have found all that life offers, and now I am existant to all

Old man glows and turns into a god looking man

Follow me and I will show you your way home

Rick grabes his hand

Morty sees alot of void souls in this endless cave Lucky they are alphabetically numbered from viod soul to viod souls, 


mmmm void souls, no way

earth, America, m, for morty

(This place looks like a cave hive)

Morty brushes off, a parsite bug feeding on his soul

And then goes into a trance,

And rembers all the bad times he had with rick

Morty, sligh head nod smile, as he cleches his fist

So where you taking me,


(old timer)

to the legion we have been watching you rick

life has told us of your comming the collected one rick sanchez the devien one who will come and be God to us all

I will show you your way back home rick, I know it is your most treasured desire

free you will be and I will show your way to your void soul,

where you will obtain even more knowlege, that exist in our existance today

For it is your brain rick, and now that you are here I am yours, a humble sevent of your devien being and

Blah, (man coughs out blood)
As light source spear has just gone through him

And morty is in the distance with a serious poss to his face, staring at rick,

Then morty says

On my, soul
None shall leave,

as the other heart is beating

Till death and hornor, only one shall reamain

Morty has become super smart and hunts down rick

Rick is downed in hunt,

But Rick manages to shurug off morty and hide

rick see's his living viod soul, at the temple that that man was leading him to

But morty is there,

Morty then gets distracted by a group of god men

And has a fight with them

Now rick is alone to find his viod soul on his own, and it is situated on a thrown covered in alot of bugs a Cacoun of them
rick shrugs them all of his viod soul now rick is supreme

Ricks gets so angry the screen whipes its self out after a blast comming from rick more like a light show

Rick, wakes up morty, and morty has a bandage on his head back at the smiths residence

Hey morty you don't rember anything do you

Hey little guy

You fell from a tree and bumped your head

But it's ok, honey mummy and dad are right here so gets some sleep

Rick is now alone with morty,
Morty Do you rember exo's






Good, do you know who's boss,



What ,Rick your the only boss I know



You better remebr that,

Alright love you, little guy

Rick shuts the door,

And exits Simulaation room

,( hhhhhmmmm crying)

Rick walks over to white board, and writes


Over opertion no. 99,900,9

Rick Puts a smile on his face



morty! Your back

Shrine to morty's child hood

Alot of diffrent creatures, forming a quick psyadilic effect


Did you get any of that

It's a good show


At the end of impurley and simple constricted

Make all ricks eys glow from evey dimension, as now they are more powerful than ever

(All Ricks)
If there was a god it's me!

And all sit and pray!


Submitted: October 21, 2021

© Copyright 2023 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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Life exist to explore all, and now I am back home, I Existing as anything

But now with waht I have done, I expct u must live alone

Tue, September 27th, 2022 11:45pm


Life exist to explore all, and now I am back home, I Existing as anything

But now with waht I have done, I expct i must live alone

Tue, September 27th, 2022 11:45pm

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