Centre Of the City

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Writers' Tree House

Halloween themed

Hi! My name is Dennie, I just moved few months age into my new city. It was a fine place as you could imagine, but it’s not nice as you think,
It was the last days of October. I was getting ready for my job interview, I applied some light make up, did my hair, sprayed some of my expensive perfumes and wore a professional suit. It was a high paid job, so I made sure I looked more eye-catching & professional.

It was a huge building with the elevators going up & down from second to second but trust me something was off. As I entered the office room where I was going to get interviewed, the chair started to face me in the seat there was a grumpy old looking woman. Without any hesitation I asked, “Have I come to the right room ma’am, I’m Dennie Elizabeth?” “Yes dear.” She replied with a weird grin. “Come sit down” I sat and when I was about to give my CV, she told “oh no dear! We don’t need any papers; we need just your blood type and a sample of blood” “BLOOD!” I shouted inside my heart “Are you sure?” I asked. She answered back “Yes dear!”


To be continued…

Submitted: October 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Onethmee. All rights reserved.

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So they're vampires?
This reminds me of the trope of lesbian vampires, but I guess that's just me.
Really short. It would have been nice to get a story a little longer, maybe with more of a build up and more suspense on the ending.
But I don't hate it.
Different people speaking can also use a separate line.
But the key to success is practice and persistence. maybe release the next part on Halloween or something?

Sat, October 23rd, 2021 8:29pm


Firstly, thank you for the compliment & for the few tips. :)
I didn't have any clue about 'the trope of lesbian vampires' (i even don't know what that is. ._.)
Anyway thanks!

Sat, October 23rd, 2021 7:05pm

Ann Sepino

I hope you continue the story. Ten bucks says that boss lady is a vampire. But she might be a lycan or something too, because some versions do say they also consume blood. Or maybe she's just desperate to find a blood donor. I mean, why else would she want to know a person's blood type, right?

Anyway, interesting start to a story. I wish we could have gotten to know our protagonist more. But considering this is to be continued, there might be a reason why we mustn't yet.

Good job on this part!

Sun, October 24th, 2021 1:59am


Thank You, Ann!
Hmm... I can't say that that lady is a vampire or not :)
But, you made my Sunday morning! The blood donor thing made me laugh :D
Again, thanks, Ann.

Sat, October 23rd, 2021 7:08pm


Wow! Interesting.... I guess that the woman was a vampire. Anyhow, I like such stories :)
~Looking forward for the next chapter =)

Sun, October 24th, 2021 2:57am


Thank You for the compliments Diya! :D

Sat, October 23rd, 2021 8:14pm


A very interesting story. :) Hope you'll post the next parts regularly. Keep it up.

Sun, October 24th, 2021 1:48pm


Thank You Poetshri :)

Mon, October 25th, 2021 2:18am

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