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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Featured Review on this writing by Rob73

Clay runs into the car park and frees Jack who is busy steaming up the Merc.

Professor Gary Detroit, DPhil by Peter Van Eijk at Unsplash
Professor Hayley Colorado, DPhil by Vinicius Wieshofer at Unsplash

Table of Contents


Professor Gary Detroit DPhil ‘Every pair has its own personality, Hayley. Did you know that?’ ‘No, I didn’t, Ellio... Read Chapter


Karen McNiel ***** Hayley looks all starry-eyed at Elliot, saying, ‘You’re a kind, loving man to me and my kid, Ellie.... Read Chapter


Suzie McNair ***** ‘Watch McNair’s behaviour, Hails! She’s a failed pairing! Like us!’ ‘Who says I failed?... Read Chapter


Doug ***** The Strictly Private paradise is situated a ‘good fifteen to twenty minutes’ walk’ from the wine bar. Its... Read Chapter


Paula McVeigh ***** Karen orders a fresh round of Pinot. She shouldn’t really drink. Oh, well one can’t hurt, can it? ... Read Chapter


Doug ***** Doug looks down on Clayton Jackman III as he walks alongside him, the other way, avoiding the stinging nettles,... Read Chapter


Professor Hayley Colorado DPhil ***** The party is in full swing! Debi orders more wine. Karen shouldn’t drink. Hayley and... Read Chapter


Fleur McPherson ***** ‘Shush! Listen! Look at that genetic mutant! She’s some specimen!’ ‘I concede,’ Hails ... Read Chapter


Doug ***** The lake is 20 minutes’ walk from the bar, enclosed by trees. The far end is reached by wading through nettle... Read Chapter


Marnie McTavish ***** The women slump in the booths. Debi orders more wine. Karen isn’t drinking. Marnie and her man arr... Read Chapter


Debi McIntyre ***** ‘I think, at my age, beauty’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not that I’m not still youn... Read Chapter


Karen ***** The women slump under the table. Fleur orders more wine. Karen hurts inside. As the cuffing season ends, she g... Read Chapter


Professor Elliot Detroit DPhil ***** Elliot vows never to tamper with genes again. This is humanity, true humanity, Elli... Read Chapter


Liam McNeil ***** ‘Think it’s time we left, don’t you, Liam?’ ‘Uh?’ ‘I said: think it’s time we left... Read Chapter


Hayley ***** Jack races ahead of Hayley and her fiancé as they run down the permissive footpath, as fast as his short fat... Read Chapter


Douglas Boats self-combusted at exactly 15:45 on Monday 6th May 2019, in the presence of Professor Hayley Colorado DPhil, her fian... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments


A gripping Science Fiction story HJ.
The themes of genetics and science is topical.
Great writing.

Sun, October 24th, 2021 10:13pm


Thank you so much, Rob 73,
I hope you love the new layout,

Sun, October 24th, 2021 11:23pm

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