Poetry For The Stormy Soul

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

When a life of unusual hardship takes you under, look to those who have walked the roads before you. This is an autobiography of my life, spoken through metaphors that bring inspiration to me in times of despair.

Table of Contents


When You Do Not Make Peace With Your Past You Repeat It With Different Names And Different Faces ... Read Chapter

The Waning Of Humanity

The Waning Of Humanity Invisible Zombie Apocalypse Who Is Human Who Is Hiding In The Caves Of This Treachery We Might... Read Chapter


Ask Me Not What Peace Can Be Bought A Principle With Love Tenacity And Understanding It Is Fought For It Can Always B... Read Chapter

Closed Doors

When You Come To A Closed Door What Do You See? Do You See Death? Do You See Fear? Do You Hear A Sarcastic Sneer? Wha... Read Chapter

Letting Go

I had a dream once We were in a barren desert There were two roads One I knew I had to go alone I did not want to leave you For... Read Chapter

The Unmarked Trail

I explored an unmarked trail A path that made me weep and wail It was long and winding Along the way I made a lot of sa... Read Chapter


I had to lose my mind To find my heart ... Read Chapter


We don’t belong We watch the crowd It just seems so loud Longing for connection Not willing to compromise Misfits ... Read Chapter


Wrapped in the chains For so long Getting back to life Feels so good I wonder what I’ll do now I’ve made it this ... Read Chapter


Everyone kicks me while I'm down Here I am drowning All I see are hands That keep shoving me underneath I feel so empty a... Read Chapter

Lovely Isolation

I walk alone Down an empty road The path behind me disappearing I see a tree and a wasteland Covered with leaves On t... Read Chapter

The Artist

Why do we create? Is it the burning desire That threatens to consume us? All we wanted was a normal life All we can do is... Read Chapter

Breaking Out

I had to break out Of the shell Of what people always knew me as To find my true self Now I am walking this path Full... Read Chapter

Toxic Investment

They don't know how to love They choose not to learn They run from their demons So they drown in them You are not special... Read Chapter

The Darkness

The page comes alive Colors in my hands I travel through the canvas Into another realm Riding on a dragon Embracing m... Read Chapter


What are you supposed to do When you work through your shit But everyone you meet, Is still dealing with the wreckage? Yo... Read Chapter

The Nightmare Merry-Go-Round

You learn how to love You finally open up You watch everyone run You run away and then you ask me to stay I loved you ... Read Chapter

On Love and Fear

How many times Will I bear my soul On listening but deaf ears Everyone is choosing Just choosing fear You won’t let... Read Chapter


Act in fear And lose everything That you hold so dear Act in love Your fears, You will always rise above They go ... Read Chapter


Another step Another string of moments Another jaded catalyst Contrast in everything Creating joy where there is none ... Read Chapter

Dear Isolation

For a long moment I chose you I took solace in you You brought me comfort You made me feel safe I’m really starting... Read Chapter


Like a prism in the moonlight Embracing every aspect You’re angry You haven’t figured me out yet Like a prism in the ... Read Chapter

The Future Tree

Nothing is set in stone Everything set in motion Must stay at motion You can change direction In the tree of life You... Read Chapter


If you’re waiting for life to get easier You may not get the chance We are digging our graves With every hit we take Ju... Read Chapter


Born out of pain Tilting my head up Embracing the rain I traipse alone on the wet pavement Glancing all around me The... Read Chapter

Between Worlds

We walk between worlds Dancing on the shadows We watch chaos unfurl We stand in between Here we are in the eye We ack... Read Chapter

Room to Grow

Clinging to vines That strangle me every time Afraid to lose control Though I need room to grow The never-ending change o... Read Chapter

Prisons & Prisms

What a prison Is the pressure Of constant positivity What freedom there is in humility We need this to truly heal I a... Read Chapter

See Me

Only allowed to see Any part of me that is like you Only seen in your own reflection You don’t mean to drown me In the ... Read Chapter


Dear Banshee, Why won’t you cry? I hear you weep and you wail But only, only from the inside You survived horror and cr... Read Chapter


I’m not usually lonely, I love my own company Part of me lately, Longs for another soul People to share the joy Of ... Read Chapter

Hidden In Plain Sight

My fingers hit the keys At first I am alone Music coming out of my solitude The pain of a past unspoken In a home where o... Read Chapter


We look at someone We think they have it all Inside, enslaved, drowning Harder and harder they fall Pain and suffering ... Read Chapter

The Beautiful Side of Pain

Within us deep We all have a pain that never sleeps It plays over and over Like a broken record Is it there to force us t... Read Chapter

Beloved Cocoon

My lovely cocoon Your threads are a roughness That I can bear I fix you, Whenever there is a small tear I work to pre... Read Chapter


I’m looking at my future with ferocity Not fooling myself with positivity I know how afraid I am Still afraid to even make ... Read Chapter


I got caught up in the chaos Only knowing me in adversity So I became my own endless supply Hiding myself from the lies Y... Read Chapter

Dear Cancer,

The moment I realized I was more afraid of living than I was of dying was the moment they found the reason I’d been sick fo... Read Chapter


I’m not afraid of dying I’m afraid of what I’ll have to live with My heart pounding in my chest My head just won’t le... Read Chapter


A decade ago A monster became my home Voices inside my head Hurting and hurting Not caring how much I bled I lost my ... Read Chapter

Flying High

A bird flies solo She watches her wings A sadness fills her Where are the others? She wonders She wanders Sometim... Read Chapter


They throw money at every problem No one will talk to me They won’t speak to me Years with no words No one reaching out... Read Chapter

Civil Disobedience

For years, I fought for a life I thought I would live The idea that on the other side of my suffering Must lie a hope I hadn... Read Chapter

The Moment You Found Me

The last 48 hours Have been the hardest of my life At the crux again Deciding whether to live or die I crumbled to my kne... Read Chapter

The Dangers of Perfection

How much do we lose? In the pursuit of perfection? What does our relationship with the circle of life Look like? Utop... Read Chapter


What if knowing isn’t everything? What if you had a choice to know For three straight years What if knowing isn’t everyth... Read Chapter


Years ago I was at another moment When I was questioning Whether or not to take my life I worked at a call center I c... Read Chapter


I was everything to me I meant so much to me I thought I was creating My very own destiny Then I lost control Everyth... Read Chapter


So many years in tears Over so many closed doors Slamming in my face Feeling completely disgraced Why am I even here? ... Read Chapter

People and Protocol

So many people hurting Crying and screaming on the floor Trudging through total disaster How did we end up in this war? D... Read Chapter

Small Voices

Society calls us a nobody And takes all our power away Trying to take the passion From voices long held at bay We think w... Read Chapter

Broken Promises

You learn more about a person From how they treat an enemy Rather than a friend How do they treat someone That they don’t respe... Read Chapter

More Than Gold

There once was a boy Who became a man He watched with tears As he desired the girl The one who was most beautiful Mos... Read Chapter

Petty Tyrants

Massive evil and corruption Boils all our blood We look around We look at the ground We look up to the sky We feel th... Read Chapter

Delight In Pain

Dear Psychopathic Sadists, In how many ways can I say this You take delight in all that you can bleed From the people whose t... Read Chapter

The Vision

There I was, In the mental hospital again I lost my mind again Lost inside of visions of the future I couldn’t comprehe... Read Chapter

Love Is, And Is Not

It’s not always about the love We think we deserve They often say that’s how it is I think we seek the love The love ... Read Chapter


She’s always falling in and out of love Determined not to ever give up She wonders over and over If there will ever be anyo... Read Chapter

Carbon Copies

    You shoot me with conformity You turned it all against me You could have been yourself But no one would... Read Chapter

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