----> ''GAVIN & HUNTER: The Secret Underground BASEMENT TOWN of 'LEAF '' ?! -----> (Underground Theme Park & Basement # X87 ! ) ---> VIDEO GAME !

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Fantasy Realm

-------- GAVIN and HUNTER ! ----------- ''The Secret Underground BASEMENT TOWN of 'LEAF' ! '' ------------ (UNDERGROUND ROLLERCOASTER ! --------- Down to the BASEMENT #X87 ?) -------- Video game and Underground Theme Park !

PART I. Sweaty and adorable teenage boys.  Gavin & his blind friend Hunter fall asleep in Gavin's underground closet-bedroom."


Photo of GAVIN !


Two very cute and adorable teenage boys, named Gavin and Hunter, lay together in Gavin's bedroom-closet.  Gavin's underground closet in his basement was spacious and he had a silky, fluffy bed in there especially for the nights that Hunter came over to visit AND play video games.





Gavin has shimmering dark-blonde hair which is covered in a type of sparkling syrup with little specks of pink glitter in it.  He has a bizarre earring in his right ear.  He is extremely handsome and has a bulky physique with broad, masculine shoulders.  He has flawless tan skin.



Hunter had been crying earlier in the day when he first came over to visit Gavin because the boys in school had been teasing him in a naughty manner! 




They were teasing and mocking him so very terribly...




POOR SWEET AND INNOCENT HUNTER!  He's so lovely and sweet!)



The closet was decorated with gorgeous innocence and silky-smooth beauty. 


A vent in the corner of the closet puffed out a glittering steam of tantalizing fragrance into the room.  It hypnotized the cute boy's minds in an orgasmic desire.  A whirring white noise from far below their room relaxed and calmed their minds in a peaceful splendour.  ;-)



  They're innocently snuggled up and playing VIDEO GAMES in Gavin's fluffy and incredibly silky bed in the closet.



A shimmering Christmas tree is decorated in one corner of the room.

Strands of rainbow-coloured Christmas lights hang from the bookcase shelves and the glittering windows. 




A sparkling trickle of healing raindrops shimmer down the steamy window-pane. 

A fragrant and aromatic waterfall of gorgeous innocence foams and splashes just outside their frosted window.  Healing essences of tantalizing richness and sultry calm are sparkling throughout the dark room. 



  Eternal loving serenity embraces their bodies with innocent healing and lovely beauty!




  Each of the teenage boy's hair are both very sweaty and wet with lovely innocence.  They're best friends who are in love.


Gavin is very softly stroking Hunter's shiny and wet blonde hair while Hunter begins to gently fall asleep, his sweaty blonde hair lying against the pink silk pillow.  Hunter is blind and he's very innocent and beautiful and extremely shy.






 "Awwww.... I love you, Hunter!  Little cutie-pie!  Awww.... you're such a good boy.  Please don't cry over those really mean boys in school,"  Gavin whispers gently, as he's caressing and combing Hunter's sweaty hair with a loving compassion.



He softly gives Hunter gorgeous strokes and mesmerizing whispers of beautiful ASMR that heals his mind with calming serenity.

Gavin is laying behind Hunter in the silky-soft bed with Hunter wrapped up in his manly arms. 




That feels really nice when you comb my hair !

So beautiful and gorgeous of you to do that for me, bro.  Awww... Gavin... I'm getting very sleepy now, bro."  Hunter cries softly while Gavin innocently begins softly combing Hunter's hair.  Hunter runs a warm hand along his sweaty, blushed cheeks.



Gavin has dark-blonde hair with shimmering teal eyes and a very handsome face.  He has silky-smooth olive skin with broad shoulders and a masculine physique.  His bulky smooth chest heaves up and down while sweat shimmers down his blonde strands of hair laying along his forehead.  ;-)




Hunter is an absolutely gorgeous and beautiful young teenage boy!  He has very innocent and vulnerable eyes of icy blue with sparkles of ethereal beauty that shimmer from deep within them. 

His straight blonde hair is playfully wet with sweat and innocent desire!  He's built and masculine with broad shoulders and a very handsome and alluring face.





Gavin is slowly combing Hunter's shiny, wet blonde hair while Hunter smiles in an innocent and lovely way.  His voice is pretty deep and masculine.



How incredibly beautiful and lovely!  ;-)




"Awwwww.....I love you so much, Hunter!  You're such an amazing best bro."  Gavin whispers softly while combing Hunter's sweaty hair sweetly.



"Awwwww....  You're such a good boy, Hunter!  - Awwww.... don't cry little sweetie-pie.  I'll take care of you, buddy.  I won't let them make you cry anymore,"  Gavin whispers gently into Hunter's ears, as he's innocently and gently caressing Hunter's damp blonde hair in a compassionate manner. 


Hunter's hair is short and straight, textured in a very unique and handsome fashion.



 Gavin gently kisses Hunter on his blushed cheek.  Hunter smiles softly, gazing upwards into Gavin's gorgeous eyes.





 "Don't cry Hunter, sweetie.  Everything will be alright now that you're with me..."  Gavin whispers.


"Hunter, you're so innocent and beautiful.  Awwww....I love you.  Oh Hunter! I love you with all my heart!"  Gavin says in a deep voice.





"Awww... Hunter. 

I'll take care of you, buddy," Gavin says.



Then, Gavin passionately kisses Hunter on his innocent blushed cheeks of beautiful desire with his warm lips of innocence. 



Hunter blushes and then begins to cry with soft tears of innocent loveliness and happiness.



Gavin kisses his warm, blushed cheek and then continues brushing his silky-soft hair. 


Hunter was having feelings of unconditional love and gorgeous intimacy that he had never felt before!



 He had never been loved in such an intimately innocent and compassionate way before! Such beautiful love of tantalizing healing and innocence flowed within his mind, restoring him with unconditional loving energy!




Gavin was so calm, gentle and compassionate with Hunter when they were alone playing video games in Gavin's room.  He made Hunter feel so gorgeously loved and needed and wanted.  They were best friends who deeply cared about each other.



Awwww....how truly beautiful and very sweet!


How incredibly lovely! ;-)



 Oh God!  It was so incredibly compassionate and beautiful of Gavin to do that for him!  Truly so very marvelous and lovely!  Hunter was so shy and innocent.  He desperately needed that unconditional loving friendship of endless compassion!



The boys were so mean to Hunter at school, teasing him for his blindness; his condition. 






 Hunter would lay in his bed at home and cry for hours when he was not with Gavin.  He wanted to be with Gavin forever and never leave him. 

He wanted Gavin to hold him in his warm embrace and kiss him and make it all better!  He liked the feelings that Gavin gave him.  He was the only boy that would play with Hunter and be his friend.  ;- (



Hunter loved him with all of his heart and his soul!  HE LOVED HIM!


(Oh God! It's so incredibly beautiful.  I'm going to start crying again.)







Hunter smiled and hugged Gavin while Gavin softly stroked his shiny and wet hair.  Gavin began innocently crying with unconditional loving desire.




"Awww...Hunter!  I love you so much, buddy.  You're so sweet and gorgeous and lovely!  I won't let them say those terrible words to you anymore..."  Gavin hugs him gently, his warm, lavish lips of beautiful decadence gently kissing Hunter's aromatic, wet hair.


  "Awww....Hunter.  Are you sleepy, bro?"  Gavin whispered again.


Hunter nods softly, turning to gaze upwards into Gavin's sparkling crystal-blue eyes.  Hunter gently 'smiled with his eyes', squinting them ever so gently, staring deeply up at Gavin in a loving manner.



Hunter just hugged and kissed Gavin over and over in a blissful and playful manner; a loving desire.  Hunter kept fluttering his sparkling blue eyes in total delight of gorgeous love and vulnerable innocence;  in a playful and innocent desire.  It was such an innocent love of gorgeous beauty!







  Awwww....they're being so sweet and cute with each other.  ;-) 




They slowly fell asleep, softly snuggled up with each other, embraced in each other's masculine arms.  They are falling asleep to a soft white noise sound from an air conditioner vent and gently stroking each other's shiny wet hair before they drift away into a blissful slumber.


They were dreaming of beautiful and lovely fantasies of unconditional, peaceful desire.


(Awww.... how very beautiful.  ;-) Such innocence of gorgeous happiness and love!)




Later that night...




A sparkling rainbow-aroma of bizarre steam began to puff from the glowing vent in the corner of Gavin's closet.  It was coming from the vent that sat near the wardrobe.  The steam softly glittered.



Satin-silk curtains hung from the glittering alcoves of the underground closet.  A fragrant, hypnotic aroma began to waft throughout the ethereal air of the darkened space.




Bewildering noises, as of muffled child-like, teenage voices, were heard from far below them from within the mysterious roaring darkness of the underground basement. 


A dull tramp of feet was heard distantly.  A bizarre roar of running machinery mixed with a vague sound of foaming and splashing water was also heard from far below them.



Gavin and Hunter were about to be awakened.  The glowing vent is now smoking in glittering phantasm.  Enchanting, decadent noises flash and tremble within the elegant beauty of the tantalizing closet. 



Bizarre, distant noises, that resemble a roaring motorcycle mixed with roller-coaster sounds, also echo distantly from somewhere deep within the mysterious and curious darkness of the underground vent.



All these bizarre sounds mix together to create a cacophony of trembling, roaring noise.



It sounds quite terrible yet fascinating!  Pink glitter shimmers from a type of rainbow-paste that is drizzling from the wardrobe and also from the vent that is built into the corner of the basement-closet.



The vent is the entrance to the secret underground basement-town of 'Leaf'. 






  Their curious and enthralling journey is about to begin. 



It all starts here.






Copyright 2018-2019 ZELDA VAXANDORF.

Submitted: October 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ZELDA VAXANDORF. All rights reserved.

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