Once Upon A Time

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Review Chain


Once upon a time

there was a guy

who loved to use drugs and get high


he wanted the pain to go away

so he pushed everyone aside


he ran his palace 

from day to night

and didn't let anyone inside


he hid his treasure far beneath

that no one can seem to find


he’s been hurting for far too long

and seems like he just wants to die


the pain he suffers is far too strong

it pushes him down to the ground


he can't get up

he's way too weak

to fight the inner ache


he lays on the ground while everyone laughs

and can't seem to get a break


he has a fuse

that everyone lights 

just to see him spark


he bites 

he growls

he spits

he yells

but can't seem to getaway


he had enough one day

and stood up to his feet

he was no longer easy to defeat


he baked the pain into a cake

and shared it with his friends


he had no secrets he wanted to hide

so he let it all descend 


far away it went below

deeper than it ever has


he thought he was good

but that was a lie

he still felt the same inside


he tries to tell

but can't get it out

so he shows it in actions instead


he shows the pain to others

so see what he has to offer


trust me its never good

so don't ever take in personal

he hurts the ones he loves the most

because that's what happened to him


-Caleb Greer

Submitted: October 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Caleb Greer. All rights reserved.

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