Poems of My Life

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What is reality without fun

What is reality without the sun

What is reality without some puns



Reality is not just the way we see

But the way we say it over tea

Reality is many different things

Wild like the sea

Untame like new tea

Always there like the ever changing sky

Always enjoyable like fresh baked pie



No one sees the same

Rarely are we tame

Only with a lion’s mane

Will we finally came 



Open your eyes

See not just be

Nothing looks the same

Just like an ocean untamed

Reality is hard 

But we are tougher




They are all around us

Most of the time we don’t see the change

There are many changes that can turn winter to fall

Either the tallest tree goes taller

Or the sour lemons go sour

The smallest leaf change color

Or the largest rain clouds change



They are all around us

Just take the time

See with your eyes

Notice the ties

And fresh baked pies

Look around with fresh new eyes

See the change it makes

Look and see what you do can take

Notice all around you



They change without us 

A tye that never ends

The same 4 seasons every time 

That time has come along again

The same 4 seasons never change

They sing their same old song


The wonderful adventure

Always changing nature

Always adventure waiting


Pure Black

It is dark

Just below the surface

Pure black

Not a single light


The flashlights you bring

Guide your feet

With no light

Only thing that's bright

Is your flashlight

Quiet as it is

For nothing really makes a sense

No cares

No sirens

Not a sound


The purest black you'll find

Its just below a surface


Best Friends


We'll be friends till the end

The road we're on

Where we hold hands

Where we walk and talk

Where you understand

Where the secrets we thought

Will never be blabbed

Where no ones stalked

Will were never lonely or attacked

Where no ones stalked

Where our tears grow flowers

and water the grass

Where we can choose to walk or run

Where our hands our never lonely

and our minds are never blank

Where even at night we are never alone

Where our virtual sleepovers thrive 

and the cuddles we share, keep us warm

For this is the place

The place where we are best friends!


Saying Goodbye

When saying goodbye makes you cry

Rely on those around you and don’t sit by

Why cry when in the blink of an eye 

You could have new friends to get you by


However the far cry of those left behind

Will always be within your reach

Thereby they will always be with you

All you have to do is try


So why cry when you could reply with a sigh

Think of it like a see you later

Instead of a goodbye


Communication goes two ways

So don’t sit by and just wait

A goodbye is only a goodbye if you let it be



Who am I

Who am I

I'm a human

Not an alien

I was born on Earth

I have my feet on the ground


Who am I?

I'm an empathetic person

People might look at me

And I might look at them

But if they feel sad

I feel bad

If they are happy

So am I


But who am I?

I'm a lot of things.

I'm a person.

Im empathetic,

Im creative,

Im adventurous,

I'm even potty trained.

But most of all,

Im human,

I'm imperfect.

I try my best to reach the impossible standards set by society

I am quite 

But only when i'm in a group of people I don't know

Im loud,

Yes i know i contradicted myself

But only around family and friends


So to answer your question,

Im perfectly imperfect

And that's just me



Toxic Love


The way you push 

The way I pull

The way you treat me like a tool

Just another tool in your shed

There whenever you need me

But when I need you
Im put in a box

I'm tired of pulling

I'm tired of holding on

When you don’t want me

You just want me to hold on


The Unanswered Question:

The people you know,

The family that's blood,

Only comes when they need you.

Or when you beg and beg.

Not when you need them

Or when they want to see you.

Cause you know 

Damn well that you dont cross their mind.

You know damn well

That their money 

Is the extent of their love.


The time you spent bonding?

Was on a couch

Watching a movie


But the relationship you had?

That was toxic.

Pure and under Blackness.


The days you spent with them

Turned to nights

Where you cried yourself asleep.

The nights you couldn't stop wondering,


And contemplating.

What did you do wrong?

What made them like this?

What made their love for you disappear?

What did you do?

The night you turned and turned,

The nights you couldn't sleep.

Where you tried to find answers

To the forbidden

And unanswered question

What did I do wrong?







Being insecure is a lot of things

It could be not liking your skirt

Or your shirt

It could be wondering if people will judge your purse

Or even hating the way you look


Insecurities are the voices

The voices in your head that tell you

Don’t wear this

Don’t wear that

What are you a cat

Don’t curve your back

That freckle or mole is ugly

Or it really stands out


Being insecure is feeling pretty and then looking in the mirror

And it's almost mocking you

Because the clothes you’re wearing

Are just so nice

And they just don’t look nice on you


Its covering your smile

In fear that people will judge it

It’s only wearing baggy clothes

Cause you don’t like your body 


Insecurity is a feeling

And I just don’t know how to stop it



Some Haiku:

Knots, Lashings, fires

Cooking, camping, hiking

Scouts “Be Prepared”


Waiting, Struggling

Tumbling and Stumbling

This is dejection


Desire, wish, plan

Daydream,  Fantasy, Hope

This is a dream 


The Girl


Once upon a time

In a house upstairs

A little girl lived with her brown old hair

And up she went 

Up to the top

With her hair in a braid

And her stomach in a knot

But she rose above 

The floor she’s on

Up to the top

To her seat with God

And there she sat in her chair

With a smile on her face 

And a braid in her hair


Submitted: October 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 munchie-munchkin. All rights reserved.

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