Cindy and the Kids

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is my homage to the musical "Into the Woods"

Act I

Scene 1

It is the end of the production “Into the Woods.” The story is complete. The audience applauds. Some are standing. Cindy, the ex-wife of the prince, is left to mind two children: Jack, the boy giant slayer, whose mother had died, and Red Riding Hood, whose grandmother had passed on.


Cindy is tending to the young ones, and everything goes swimmingly until a morning when she, Jack and Red Riding Hood are finished breakfast and Cindy – surprise, surprise – is doing the dishes. Jack is playing a game with Red Riding Hood in the livingroom. When the plates, cups, silverware, etc. are in their proper places, Cindy busies herself with other kitchen tasks. As she does so, Cindy hears chirping. She glances around, looking for the sound, and moves to a window above the sink, where she sees a pair of sparrows on the ledge.


Cindy (cheerfully): Hello!

Sparrows: Chirp!

Cindy: How did you find me? Why is it you’re here?

Sparrows: (series of bird noises)

Cindy: Oh, you knew which way to fly. (pause ... more chirps) The prince is having a stroke?! (obviously disturbed)

Sparrows: (series of comforting chirps)

Cindy: I know I shouldn’t worry and that it will be alright. Thank you for bringing me the information.

Sparrows: (chirps – ‘you’re welcome’ – fly off)

Cindy takes a deep breath and walks toward the livingroom to tell Jack and Red Riding Hood. Jack and Red Riding Hood greet Cindy politely, busy with play, but when they see her face, they know that something isn’t right, and they stop the game.

Children: What’s wrong?

Cindy: A pair of sparrows came and told me that the prince was having a stroke.

Red Riding Hood gets up and lightly squeezes Cindy’s hand. Jack embraces Cindy.

Cindy: I’m sorry, but I have to leave.

Children: Why?

Before Cindy can answer, there is a rap on the door. Cindy opens it and recognizes a royal messenger, wearing the prince’s livery.

Messenger: May we talk privately”

Cindy nods and goes out the door. She and the messenger move to the yard. The messenger hands Cindy a letter bearing the palace’s seal. She breaks it then reads aloud.

Cindy: My dear, I know that since we split, I referred to you as “the maiden who ran away.” But I beg you – nay, implore you – to return to the palace immediately. I am unable to think of you not being at my side. Please come to me. I desire to see your face before I go through the gates of heaven. I suggest that you make great haste so that I can speak when I part from you.

The moment Cindy is done reading the letter, she waves to Jack, Red Riding Hood and the messenger and begins to run to the palace.


Scene 2

Palace drawbridge guard: Halt! Who goes there?

Cindy: Cinderella

Guard lowers the drawbridge and Cindy enters the castle. She sprints down several corridors to the prince’s chamber.

Guard at door: Why have you come?

Cindy: The prince wants to see me.

She gives the guard the prince’s letter. He glances at it and shuffles aside. The moment she is in the chamber, Cindy shuts the door and makes her way to the bed, where the prince lies beneath the covers.

Prince: Did you get my letter?

Cindy nods.

Prince: I’m sorry for my manner when we parted that March night, which was seen and heard by so many people.

Cindy: Why didn’t you tell me of your illness when we were married?

Prince: I did not wish to scare you.

Cindy: You’re scaring me by not telling me about it.

Prince: My apologies. You may no longer be my wife, but I still love you.

It is the last thing the prince says before going to God. Cindy kisses his dead lips in farewell. She then leaves the palace, making her way to the forest, where she finally spills her tears. Once they have stopped, she hears something familiar, from time spent with her stepmother: finger-snapping. It was used as a summons, and it upsets her. At first, she thinks that she is imagining it, or it’s in her head, but then the sound comes a second time from a bush. Cindy creeps to it and peers inside.

Cindy (shouting): Who’s there?!

There is no one.


Scene 3

Finally, a voice speaks.

Voice: Go to me. Go to me.

The finger-snapping comes a third time. Unlike before however, Cindy follows the sound until she arrives at another part of the woods. Here, the source of the snapping and voice is revealed: a young man emerges from behind a stand of trees.

Young man: Hello. I’m Boyzen.

Cindy: Hello. I’m Cindy.

Boyzen: What brings you to the woods?

Cindy: My ex-husband, the prince, called for me because he was gravely ill. Just when I reached him, he died, saying as he slipped away that he still loved me.

Boyzen pulls her close and falls to his knees, drawing Cindy with him. Boyzen drapes an arm around her and they both begin to cry. When the tears have come to an end, they rise to their feet and take each other’s hands.


Act II

Scene 1

Cindy has given birth to a child. A girl.

Cindy: Let’s name her Ingrid.

Boyzen: Yes.

On a day after her birth, Boyzen discovers that Cindy has vanished. He finds Ingrid fussing, so he lifts her to him and bounces her gently within his cradled arms. Eventually, she calms.

Boyzen (to the empty air): Oh Cindy, why did you leave? How will I care for an infant on my own?

Scene 2

Boyzen goes off to find the baker.

Boyzen: I met Cindy in the woods and asked her why she was there. She told me that she had just seen her ex-husband, the prince, die. Before he died, he told her that he still loved her. I comforted her, and we agreed to stay together. We’ve just had a little girl, Ingrid, but today, Cindy has disappeared.

Baker (angry): How could she?

The baker is about to say more, but then remembers the lost loved one and begins to cry. Boyzen comforts the baker.

Baker: You must seek her out.

Boyzen: I don’t know where to start.

Baker: I’ll come with you.

The baker takes up Little Gurgles, his infant son, then he walks outside with Boyzen, where they spy Cindy sitting on the street. Boyzen and Cindy greet each other, and Cindy takes Ingrid from Boyzen. The baker’s rage returns, but the baker says nothing all the way back to the house. Once there, the baker decides to punish Cindy, so pulls her to the cellar and opens the door.

Baker: Down with the rats, girl.

Cindy whimpers. The baker yanks Ingrid from her arms, then shuts the door. Ingrid starts to cry, followed by Little Gurgles and then Cindy, down in the cellar. Eventually, the noise becomes too much, so the baker opens the cellar door.

Cindy: Thank you. Thank you.

Silent, the baker leaves with Ingrid, and Cindy is alone.


Scene 3

The baker visits Cindy’s stepmother. Together, they make a plan for her to capture Cindy, and the baker returns to his residence, keeping quiet about the plan. Boyzen, Cindy and Ingrid are still there, staying overnight.

Cindy and Boyzen: Goodnight.

Baker: Goodnight.

In the morning, everyone heads to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

Baker: Cindy?

Cindy: Yes?

Baker: I have no eggs. Would you be able to fetch some?

Cindy: Of course.

After everyone is fed, Cindy gathers up Ingrid and a basket for the eggs. The baker busies himself with housework.


Scene 4

As Cindy walks through the forest, the stepmother jumps out and seizes her arms.

Stepmother: Ha! I got you!

Cindy: Hello.

Stepmother: I’m going to take your baby.

The stepmother takes Cindy to her house. The kitchen.

Cindy: If you want to part me from Ingrid, you’ll have to kill me.

Stepmother: Alright.

She snatches a chef’s knife and steps toward Cindy, aiming for her neck. But her hands are shaking and her eyes are sad. She drops to the ground and cries. The stepmother’s daughter enters. Seeing that her mother can’t kill Cindy, the daughter grabs the knife.

Stepmother: No!!

She gathers a frightened and worried Cindy to her bosom. The daughter sets down the knife.

Stepmother: Can she stay for a week?

Daughter: I suppose so.

Stepmother: Thank you.

The daughter says nothing.



Scene 1

Cindy stays at the home of the stepmother for seven days. Ingrid is exposed to her first cold, and Cindy is at her daughter’s side. Then Cindy catches the virus, and the stepmother tends to Cindy, bringing her tissues and soup. She also brings cough syrup and makes sure that Cindy swallows it, but sometimes Cindy refuses.

Stepmother: I have to give you your medicine. Don’t you want to feel better?

Cindy turns her head away.

Stepmother: Please.

Cindy opens her mouth. After dosing her, the stepmother places the lid on the bottle and washes the spoon.

Stepmother: Did you have any water?

Cindy: A couple of sips.

Stepmother: I would like you to continue drinking.

Cindy: I will.

The stepmother exits.


Scene 2

In the evening, the stepmother and the baker eat dinner and feed the little ones. The stepmother prepares a plate and walks to Cindy’s door.

Stepmother: May I enter?

Cindy: You may.

The stepmother enters with the plate. and sets it down on the small side table.

Cindy: Thanks.

Stepmother: Not a problem. Mind if I stay?

Cindy shakes her head. The stepmother watches Cindy eat the food.

Stepmother: Sweet dreams.

Cindy: Sleep well.

The stepmother tiptoes from the bedroom.


Scene 3

At dawn, Cindy is sleeping. A knock at the bedroom door wakens her.

Stepmother: May I come in?

Cindy: Enter.

The stepmother enters the room.

Stepmother: Good morning, sleepy head.

Cindy: Salutations.

Stepmother: Do you want some breakfast?

Cindy: Uh huh.

Cindy gets up and they go to the kitchen.

Stepmother: How’s an omelette?

Cindy: Great.

The stepmother begins cooking, and calls her daughter to breakfast. The daughter appears and stands at the kitchen entrance. When the omelette is cooked, Cindy and the daughter come to the table to eat. Cindy feeds Ingrid, then Boyzen arrives. He and Cindy embrace, then chat.


Scene 4

Boyzen stays for dinner, helping to feed Ingrid, then sleeps over. In the night, he is awakened by moaning and shrieking. Then he hears the stepmother running from her room. He gets up and follows her. They discover Cindy lying as a pregnant woman would, with her right hand clutching her left side.

Boyzen and stepmother: What happened?

Cindy (panting): Your daughter wounded me.

Boyzen: What do we do?

Cindy: Do you have any gin or soap?

Stepmother: There is soap in the bathroom and gin in the liquor cabinet, why?

Cindy: To cauterize the wound.

Boyzen and the stepmother run to grab a shot glass and a gin bottle. Boyzen pours the alcohol into the tiny cup. The stepmother rubs the soap on the injury, then Boyzen pours the gin onto the wound. They carefully lift Cindy into her bedroom and lay her down gently, covering her with blankets.


Scene 5

Cindy makes it to sunrise, and from then to breakfast, everything is as usual. But as the afternoon comes, the tables are turned, and the stepmother becomes the slave. It starts with Ingrid spitting up on the floor.

Cindy (to stepmother): Tidy that mess.

Stepmother (protesting): But but but ...

Cindy: That’s enough.

Stepmother (whining): Cinderella ...

Cindy: Stop whining.

The stepmother drops to her knees and starts scrubbing the floor.

Cindy: I am going to dinner with your second daughter and her husband.

The stepmother gazes upward, hopefully.

Cindy (reading the message): No, you can’t come, because you will be filthy.

The stepmother groans and continues her task.

Cindy: Unless ...

Stepmother: What? What?

Cindy: Would you like to do two things for me that night?

Stepmother: Oh yes!

Cindy: Your tasks shall be to dust the mantel and transport a tin of strawberry tarts that I prepared.

The stepmother nods smartly.

Cindy: What is your name?

Stepmother: Mattisya.

Cindy nods. Mattisya returns to her duty.


Scene 6

When the night comes, Cindy prepares herself and walks to the livingroom.

Cindy: Do you remember what we agreed?

Mattisya nods.

Cindy: Well, I’m off to the mansion. (waves)

Mattisya: Goodbye.

Mattisya dusts the mantel, then grabs a tin from the counter and dons her coat. She exits, carrying the tin in both hands.


Scene 7

When Mattisya reaches the mansion, she enters and sees Cindy lying on her back, dead. Mattisya kneels beside the body, weeping. She then rushes home to find that Ingrid has been stolen. Finally, she runs to the baker’s house and hears him crying.

Mattisya: Luckren, why do you weep?

Luckren: My baby boy is dead. Little Gurgles is dead!

Mattisya: Oh Luckren. Do you know who did it?

Luckren: No.

Mattisya hangs her head.

Luckren: Why is your head low?

Mattisya (admitting): My stepdaughter went to dinner at my second daughter’s house. I went to the house with a tin of strawberry tarts and saw that she was dead, just like Little Gurgles. As if that weren’t enough, I got home to discover that her daughter Ingrid has been taken.

Luckren: By whom?

Mattisya: I don’t know. (begins a fresh round of sobbing)

Luckren drapes an arm around her and looks out to the audience.

Luckren: Worry not. I am sure that there is hope.


The End

Submitted: October 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 charlamaye. All rights reserved.

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