Trippy Pain

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Heartbreaks come from those that mean the most to you. Which isn’t often as I’ve attracted some of the most beautiful souls from all four corners of the universe. However, this specific connection touched a part of my existence that actually had me swimming in a river of tears with each thought of the deception you’ve brought towards me. I can finally admit that I am hurt, but this initiated the growth process in the healing I’m undergoing.

My head lifted high towards the stars, my face feeling warmer, my eyes running wild with tears, my mouth trembling rampidly and my thoughts narrowed down to one simple question, "why?". Back to the part of me that will always remain the same, my talks with the universe guide me onto better lands in my mind. Looking further into the closing of our cycle reveals to me just how much I loved you, dear. Calling it quits was one of the toughest decisions I've had to make yet. The rush of a high that was so lit that I couldn't tell if the love was real.

I shut myself down from the things I had to second guess, in order to decipher what was really meant to grow with me, and what was steering me into a brick wall. You smiled at each word that passed through my lips as to say you'd love to explore that library for a lifetime or two more. Rubbing your feet brought me more satisfaction than you in those moments because I wanted ever so dearly to bring about that mental picture of a beautiful eternity into reality. However, it takes two.

I can still envision clearly the beautiful properties across the globe we'd own. The driveways full of vehicles that are top tier just because we add our personal touches to that creativity. The way I'd massage your feet no matter the setting as to say I'd kiss the ground you walk. The forehead kisses as to say I witness and recognize that you are indeed a goddess. Your spirit mingled with mine many lifetimes ago, and ever since then we've gotten so close to one another in each lifetime. So many complications from the outside world, we've to learn that everything we need and want will be delivered right on time regardless of the paths we travel and to focus on each more than we have. You'll always be beautiful in my mind and heart. Let's turn off our phones tonight in person, and promise to take this one day at a time, mi amor.

You were one of my favorite goddesses. When you and I were together whatever our minds wanted, the manifestations were just that much quicker without a doubt helping us come closer to our lavish life of class, romance and freedom. I love you and don't think for a second that I hate you because that'll never be apart of any universe we reside in. I'll always love you and I'll always be there to support you on your journey of growth, but I have my own path to walk and fly as well. I love you, mi amor.

Submitted: November 04, 2021

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