Rick and Morty's, for the love of Rick's ass

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sexual innuendos)
This is the story to claim the right, to come into Ricks ass, for the realm of ricks ass holds great power

and rick has made a test for Morty, so he can claim all the joys and wonders of ricks ass

Morty will unlock the power of ricks ass and take part in his test to be able to re-eneter ricks ass, to come in and out as much as he would please

journey through the void of ricks ass and you will discover how to pleasure his P spot
(Sexual innuendos)

This is my first rick and morty story I ever wrote,
It's voices don't match proply for a telvision episode, but it is a funny story for you to enjoy!

while around the family of the smiths Morty had something to say)


"Rick, I have grown tired with your games, can't I just go back to the realty that I was in with fart

(Morty dreaming of the cloud like creature he formerly killed known as fart)


of course, fart is what you're thinking about,


jeesse rick don't be so Intentive, do you always have to make a joke about every thing

Arrreeeeeeeeeeee! (Morty's Scream)

(rick turns on a device)

(sucks Morty in by his ass

and then turns Morty's world into he's domain)


Mooooooorty!!!!! (epiphany voice)


what the hey

ffffmmmm (Fart)

(Back at the smiths residence)


rick give me my son back now

(Womans computer voice)

automatic message


What are you afraid that I'm goanna kill your son Jerry

you sound like a 9-year-old pansy girl

I'll bring him out soon, he might be up here for about (twlvewe) weeks

for were gonna have a lot of fun playing in my ass


(diarrhea were you the smiths smell and see it stain and run down ricks leg))




ahhh jesees that's grouse


ah,,, Rick !!

(Womans computer voice)

you have a new incoming msg from,


who else might you think it will be

(in burp voice)



(as Morty travels to the demotion of ricks ass

and in a trip out scenario)

(Rick says in epiphany voice)

(Before entering the void of Ricks ass)


Mooooooorty your coming into to the secure establishment of my ass

now you have the power to obtain knowledge, and gain access to all facts and entitlements of our world

for my ass is Devin and of course full of crap!

do what every you want Morty, for you are safe in my ass

for your reality at the moment is untrue and you will Sercombe to no harm

Your time here in my ass is yours to do as you please

But first you will have to go through my test to be able to reenter my ass

"do what you must in order to survive"

and you will get through my test and claim your ultimate goal of entering my ass whenever you please... you can come in and out, out and in, in and out, out and in over and over again as much as you please

Morty! you’ll be an unstoppable force

To control my ass holds great power

But I want you to know

Before you enter my ass Morty, wear this protective cover it will shield you from catching a disease (STD)

(Morty gets a condom put on him snap lock then disappears)

The time has come Morty wake up, wake up


(as Morty wakes up in ricks ass

Morty finds himself in a space shuttle)

(Sargent Goldenfold)



What who

(Sargent Goldenfold)

Morty are you listen to me

you are in a world of hurt mister

we are going into the depth of what we call demotion (e 34 19) which is the same realm you encountered the lifeform know as fart

these lifeforms are indeed in fact world destroyers

and we will not live-in fear of them any more

(Then in a vision in Morty's head)


Mooooorty.... you are and will help bring an end to them Morty.... bring the end to them, bring the end

(Sargent Goldenfold)

Morty are you paying attention


yeah, I'm listen

(As Morty thinks to himself sergeant Goldenfold is talking in the back ground)

(Morty thinking)

"this is not the intentions that I had in mind when I said I wanted to see fart, is this a safe realty this doesn't seem safe ahhhhh jesses Rick ok I try and play your stupid game"

(Sargent Goldenfold)

know that these life forms at mass numbers will have enough concentrated power to take out every world in our system and will indeed end all life as we know it

And they are at this very moment multiplying by the second

for they must fear our incoming attack and have accelerated there plans of mass destruction


what Rick, I can't do this

(Sargent Goldenfold)

rick who!

(then in a overhearing voice)


everything's ok Morty I have everything under conformed controlllll

vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvnnvnvnvnvvvv (Zoom in eyes)


Moooorty!!! I want you to know!! I want you to know that the power resides in you Morty!... travel to your deepest reaches of my ass for you are in my very soul

For I love you Morty and I allow no other man but you to come into my ass

to gain the full power of my ass Morty travel to the deepest realm of my ass and pound on its walls


awww jesese Rick do I have to pound your ass

(Ricks Normal voice)


please Morty to save your chances of obtaining true power you must pound my ass


Ok rick I will pound the inner linings of your ass

and I will embark on your quest and I will claim my right to be able control the power of your ass


Moooorty I know you can do it Morty pound my ass and destroy the population of (e 34 19)


Ok rick I will take part in your quest and the blood of (e 34 19) will be forever in your ass and in that moment, I will claim the right to clean your ass of all the residue filth that I leave behind, for I will trash your ass Rick...

And I can’t hold it back any more Rick

I'm coming Rick!

(Morty heads off into the depths of ricks ass and says)


As I go deeper in your ass rick, your inner walls clench and I will go deeper in you then any one has ever been before, and I will slide my life force to the very depths of your ass

and I'll make you jump in joy like you have never jumped before for I am the one that will dominate your ass

(As Morty reaches the end of ricks ass)


Mooooorty you have arrived in(at) my # spot, where my full power resides, you know what you must do


Yes, I do rick, I will pound your as hard

And I will dominate it,

the demotion that resides in your ass

Doesn't stand a chance

(Then Morty starts to pound the # spot)


Oh Yeah, Yeah it feels so good

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeah yeah yeahaahhhhhhh




Mooooorty, you have now combined with my ass and you will obtain infinite powerawarrraaaaaaaaaaa aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



zzzzzzz (fart)


!!!!!!!! Mooooorty!!!!... now that you have traveled to deepest realm of my ass and played with my # spot, you will fight the battle of dreams inside my ass

and you will win this fight for me Morty, to prove you are allowed to enter my ass (in and out, out and in, in and out again what ever it takes to satisfy your needs)

Morty you must save the world or you will never be allowed to slide inside my ass again


Know you are now unstable force Morty

for I hold great power

in my ass,


I can fell it Rick

I feel it running through my system

and I am infected by its love

and I have obtained unlimited power


Don't stop the want Morty don’t stop the want for my ass, for it is plentiful and you will find wonder and joy in my ass like you have never felt before

for you will grow strong in

my ass

and you will come Morty and join me in brotherhood

And you will be filled with pleasure

For we will be united as one

And As you will feel the warm sensations of my ass

you will not be able contain the rush of bodily fluid that will leave your system

for you are now a new man

(Morty fluid is released from body sweating)

(And is turning god like)

(ricks assertive voice)


Morty now that you know what true power is

annihilate the fart like cloud population of my ass

And wipe clean any reaming residue filth you leave behind


I will not fail you Rick for I will bring an end these life forms

and win your game

for I love your ass Rick, to make the mistake to blow the shot in your ass will leave me in the greatest pain


I know you can do it Morty, make me proud

(Morty puts a smile on he’s face and then wakes up

Back in the space shuttle)

(Sargent Goldenfold)

Are you ready mister?


I have never been more ready

for I am the one who will dominate Rick's ass and I will gain Favor of reentering he's ass and forever you will know it is my time to take ricks might to shove it in the deepest part of me and store he’s love forever

(Sargent Goldenfold)


(Morty Jumps of the space craft into oncoming clouds)

(Morty Kills the clouds in a battle of a trip out, by playing with their minds and reentering different realms in several different ways)

(The clouds)

Morty please take kindness and spare our life's


no for you are not real and I will fight for ricks ass

(The clouds)

you don't know the facts mortal


I am not a mortal, for I have come to the overwhelming joy and sensation of tapping ricks ass

(The clouds)

you are not kind to us Morty, you must stop this attack and with draw your power


I give my full force in ricks ass, I do not give mercy to those that are fake

(the clouds)

we are not fake Morty


that's what they all say

(Back at the Smith's house)

(Rick Shrutaly jumps once during the fight)

And puts a smile on his face)


I wonder what that was about (giggling)

(back in ricks ass)

(Morty Kills the last remaining cloud)


Good by demonic moon man

(cha Boom!)

(Rick walks up to Morty)


Morty As I watched you take full control of my ass, my love for you has grown, and as you traveled deeper and deeper within my rectum you filled my ass with joy

and I like it when I feel the warm sensation that tingles in my rod of power, and I cannot contain the joy of your release you have given my ass

(Rick Takes a rod out his pants)

(Not he’s penis)


I will not stop myself form tapping your ass again rick for my love, has also grown deeper in your ass of joy than it ever has before

and it has made me feel like a man

I hope I have tickled your fancy rick, for no one has ever gone so deep within you before


Morty you have tickled my ass(fancy) and made me jump in joy

For I love you Morty for playing with my ass, and thank you for the pounding you have given it, for no one has gone this far in me before, though it is now saw and full of blood

but its ok Morty I love you for it, nothing has exhilarated my love so bravely before and to cream all of my inner ass's workings has made me feel more like a dominant force of nature


Now that I have lived inside your ass rick I will come in and out as much as I please and I will receive much pleasure in doing so

Thank you rick in supplying me with your love

For I will never forget to come into your ass

I love you rick


I love you to Morty

And You do know my loves real for you right


Yes, I do


good cause this wasn't a false reality

For I needed at patsies and this was a dangerous mission, so I filled you with my love and joy for you were unaware of me taken full control over your body




though I love you Morty tapping my ass was a once of occurrence for its too dangerous for other to obtain equality

And I'm sorry about the withdrawal Morty, but it's for the benefit of all man kind

Sorry for being untrue to my word

(then in Ricks dramatic voice)


but I can not contain this power it's just too... to., you get the point Morty you’ve been up there deep in my ass before it's for the best, it's just to outrageously powerful, but don’t think you didn't blow the shot in me

for you got a taste Morty

And I allow no other man but you get a taste of my ass! maybe a woman but it’s not the same Morty women like to use toys Morty, they toy with your heart

And I'm not the one to be toyed around with...

One must stay on their wits at all times

As everyone wants a piece of my ass but they won't get it, I won't allow them

Just once, I swear it, no more will I have a “person” slip inside my ass ever again,

I don’t like it Morty

for My ass is just to, oooh! contaminated hmmf

(Tear drop)

Morty lets go

No more playing with my ass

And Apply this ointment your gonna need it



Good by demonic moon man (song)



unplugs a game console,,, did you get any of that

Submitted: October 26, 2021

© Copyright 2021 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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