The Immortal Calamity

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Enshrined in the annals of history, the rule of the empress was absolute. Her power struck fear into the heart of mortal men. It was said that even death itself would bend to her whim. With a single wave of her hand, she could raise the dead to fight at her command. The pale, glowing, green eyes of her shambling undead struck fear into even the most hardened soldiers. For centuries, the empress ruled absolute. Until one day, a great hero rose up to stand against her.

Decades later, the empress is reborn into the body of a small child. Presented with the opportunity to start anew once again, will she once again walk the road of revenge and power, or will her new family show her a better path? Will any of them survive long enough to find out? Only time can tell.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Prologue   “Charly, tell me another story.” The small girl shivered, despite the many blankets covering her. She was... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

My eyes burst open. A sheet fell away from my face as I gripped my head in pain. “This part is always the worst,” I hissed through gr... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Rough fingers held my eye open. The doctor’s scrutiny was something I was all too familiar with. I could still feel the endless poking ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Only after hours of celebration was I finally able to pry myself away from the overjoyed family. With a sigh, I collapsed onto the soft b... Read Chapter

chapter 5

The blinding light of the sun lit up the sky. There was the sound of trees swaying in the wind, as leaves fell gently to the ground. I br... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

“Where did you find this friendly little guy.” My father asked after exiting the church. He had a neatly wrapped package tucked under... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

“Our kingdom of Novus has many enemies. Other powers in the east and west eye our territory greedily. Bandits roam the mountains to the... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

My lungs burned. I gasped for air, but I could not stop yet. In each of my hands was a long stick. The rough bark bit into my hands as I ... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

“Stop squirming. I will be done in a moment,” Doctor Fraus said as he pried open my mouth. The stale taste of wood pressed down on my... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

The carriage ride continued for hours. Every bump and pit in the road caused the carriage to shake and bounce. Every time it did, the pai... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

 You killed again… “I am one of the five calamities. It is a title earned through mountains of corpses. This part of me will... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

The dying light of evening painted the sky in golden light but cast the city into shadows. Only a few people walked the deserted streets ... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

The silence of the city was broken by an inhuman roar, sounds of broken wood and glass, and… screams. Screams of terror, screams of... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Shadows moved in the night. Monsters prowled the streets. Through Sylvie’s eyes, I could see everything. The people, the Demonkin… th... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

The priest asked for my parents' help moving the corpse. Surprising my parents, he wanted it moved to the basement rather than outsi... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

I started down the stone brick path, without seeing anything. I walked back to the church with slow, heavy steps. For the first time in a... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

My father moved quickly, vigor in his voice as he spoke to the nearby soldier. “That is right, send this letter to General Arthur.” ... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Luther gathered all the green-eyed servants together. Travel supply bags, laden with food, a few bare necessities, and a bit of money, sl... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Luther gathered all the green-eyed servants together. Travel supply bags, laden with food, a few bare necessities, and a bit of money, sl... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

The top! We finally reached the top of the mountain pass! I collapsed to the ground, not minding the uneven stones or uncomfortable posit... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

My finger began to bleed as my nail caught against the rock. I sucked in a sharp breath as I waited for the pain to pass. I would no... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

We finally reached the cliffside that I remembered from those many years ago. Rock and rubble had long since collapsed. After four hundre... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

I walked up to the entrance to the stronghold. An intricate carving of a crow was carved into the stone overhead. I could feel rage boil ... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Nox roared furiously as the collar drained away his power once again. I would have liked to keep him this way, big and powerful, but... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

After a night’s rest in the stronghold, we began our journey back down the mountain. It was not easy getting down, but it was better th... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

The next day, we continued our travels across the rugged terrain. We followed no proper road at first. Only once my parents decided we we... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

The ship sailed for two days, and I remember none of it. The only thing that mattered was the endless rocking of the ship. I spent those ... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

“These must be your children. They are adorable.” “It is a pleasure to meet you, Grandmother,” I replied with a polite bow cu... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

“I don’t want to!” I screamed, streaking through the mansion.  “Wren Ventus! Get back here right now!” my mother shout... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

The midday sun was hidden by the cracked clay brick of the rundown buildings. Mud squeezed between the toes on my bare feet. Two rugged m... Read Chapter

Chapter 31

Donte cradled his mother’s body in his arms. Tears streamed freely down his face as he cried loudly. I reached out my hand, wanting... Read Chapter

Chapter 32

Within a few hours, a guard ushered me out of the prison cell. A very confused captain Kadmos politely escorted me out of the building. H... Read Chapter

Chapter 33

“Twenty-five senators will be attending tonight’s banquet. Eight of them oppose Chancellor Otto’s proposal,” my grandmother said ... Read Chapter

Chapter 34

The house was quiet and any sane person had long been asleep. I climbed out of bed and quickly changed into a pair of nondescript travel ... Read Chapter

Chapter 35

Good things never lasted. We arrived home in the early hours of the morning. The sun was not even up yet, but my father was. He had start... Read Chapter

Chapter 36

Lines of soldiers stood in front of us. Their well-polished armor glistened in the evening sun. nearly two hundred of them stood at atten... Read Chapter

Chapter 37

After a few less eventful excursions into the lower city, I separated from the guard unit and made my way to the center of the city. Here... Read Chapter

Chapter 38

The next few days were extremely busy. Otto was hesitant at first to use my method of treating people, but as the quarantine numbers bega... Read Chapter

Chapter 39

“When facing an enemy bigger and stronger than you, strike at their legs or arms. If you cripple their mobility, the enemy will lose it... Read Chapter

Chapter 40

Leaving the mother and child alone, I returned to my room prepared to sleep for the night, but as I stepped into the bedroom, my vision b... Read Chapter

Chapter 41

The sun rose as morning light drifted through the window. I had not slept the night before. Trying to figure out what my teacher had plan... Read Chapter

Chapter 42

Now that I knew the maze was an illusion, how do I crack it? Knowing how the ninth division does things, the proper method was likely... Read Chapter

Chapter 43

“Do you like getting into trouble, or are you just crazy?” Charly asked in a whisper as we followed the now empty tunnel. “Both... Read Chapter

Chapter 44

I left Charly alone with his thoughts as Kadmos approached me. “I believe your parents told you to stay put.” “This seemed fun ... Read Chapter

Chapter 45

After the base was secured, and all the bandits were dealt with, we found a mineshaft. It stretched for as far as the eye could see. Afte... Read Chapter

Chapter 46

“Blue? My eyes have always been blue.” I said with a laugh. “Only Aurielle’s eyes are green.” “Aurielle? Then you are Wre... Read Chapter

Chapter 47

The pain had faded now. No more headache and no more grogginess. From my reflection in the window, two green eyes stared back at me. I fe... Read Chapter

Chapter 48

The wagon shook and creaked as the stallions pulled it through the city gates. My parents sat in the coach seat at the front of the wagon... Read Chapter

Chapter 49

“Wren, can we go faster?” My father spoke, a tense urgency in his voice. I nodded, pushing the two stallions into overdrive. They... Read Chapter

Chapter 50

“How… How did you do that?” Donte asked. He looked pale as he approached me with hesitant steps. In addition to the pain in my ... Read Chapter

Chapter 51

I awoke to the sound of chirping birds. The soft light of the morning sun shined through the windows of the wagon. I sat up, a blanket fa... Read Chapter

Chapter 52

I spent the rest of the morning with Charly as we treated all the wounded. Luckily, others from the village were also there to help or it... Read Chapter

Chapter 53

After tidying the mess that was the inside of our wagon after our speedy dash yesterday, we departed the small village. The weather was b... Read Chapter

Chapter 54

The next two days were completely uneventful. The days were long and there was nothing to do but talk. After we ran out of stories to tel... Read Chapter

Chapter 55

After leaving the village, we had another day of uneventful traveling. Donte had become obsessed with my stories of the myriad realms and... Read Chapter

Chapter 56

“That was Envy?” My father remarked, shaking away the heavy emotions that clouded his mind, “I expected him to be more… well… m... Read Chapter

Chapter 57

Rain is miserable. I hate the rain. For two days, there has been nothing but rain. No bandits, no villages, no other travelers, only the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 58

The corpses faded, as the golden light encompassed everything. There was no more stench, no more bear, no more tears. Everything faded aw... Read Chapter

Chapter 59

I shot up from my slumber in a cold sweat. My head pounding from an intense headache. I looked around, quickly scanning my surroundin... Read Chapter

Chapter 60

The rain finally ended! After four days of nonstop downpour, we were finally able to see the sun again. I had never been so happy to see ... Read Chapter

Chapter 61

The towering, giant of a man moved with lumbering steps as he approached our wagon. He looked down at us with a grin and spoke in a deep,... Read Chapter

Chapter 62

I was forced out of my connection with Sylvie as a heavy leather strap whipped against my side with a loud crack. Shooting pain radiated ... Read Chapter

Chapter 63

I was forced out of my connection with Sylvie as a heavy leather strap whipped against my side with a loud crack. Shooting pain radiated ... Read Chapter

Chapter 64

The locks were undone and for the first time in over a day, I was able to lower my arms. The relief in my tired muscles was nearly enough... Read Chapter

Chapter 65

“I do not understand why you insist on taking the children,” Orias said as we packed our wagon with supplies, “General Izmos said h... Read Chapter

Chapter 66

A silver glow flowed across my skin. The painful pricking from the air disappeared, and the ominous feeling faded slightly. The smell rem... Read Chapter

Chapter 67

My dad and Charly applied protection glyphs to the most exhausted soldiers and their horses. Dark bags under their eyes. No one had been ... Read Chapter

Chapter 68

I stepped over fallen timbers, as I moved through the broken house. Shattered furniture littered the floor. Rotten food filled all the cu... Read Chapter

Chapter 69

The fallen soldier was buried with honors in the village cemetery. Some argued we should bring his body with us, but Orias refuted it. Ev... Read Chapter

Chapter 70

As we moved further and further away from the deserted village, the vines blocking our path began to thin. As they faded, we found oursel... Read Chapter

Chapter 71

The caravan of wagons and horses moved deeper into the swamp as we continued to march towards the city of Téves. I wanted to talk to Ori... Read Chapter

Chapter 72

I observed my talent as the soft blue light fell on another soldier. He broke into hysterical laughter and was only able to regain contro... Read Chapter

Chapter 73

We slowly walked past the crumbled ruins that had once been a gatehouse. Climbing over a pile of collapsed stone, I was able to get my fi... Read Chapter

Chapter 74

A translucent wing of green flame wrapped around my body as the enormous weight of the snake crushed down on me. Bones shattered, muscles... Read Chapter

Chapter 75

My eyes shot open to the sounds of soldiers arguing. I attempted to shake away the strange feeling of emptiness in my chest. Aurielle and... Read Chapter

Chapter 76

I flinched at every sound, dreading that more of the snakes would appear. My heart raced. I just wanted to scream for everyone to move fa... Read Chapter

Chapter 77

Orias could not stop coughing as he leaned up against a nearby tree for support. Only once he coughed up a black tar substance with a hor... Read Chapter

Chapter 78

“If we keep walking in this direction, we should pass close to Nebula Tower before the end of the day,” my mom said, looking at the m... Read Chapter

Chapter 79

With a sound like thunder, thousands of Demonkin roared furiously. They mindlessly threw themselves against the sturdy tower. Demonkin be... Read Chapter

Chapter 80

General Arthur assigned a unit of guards to the catacombs before leading us through the tower. It was a truly massive structure. Easily c... Read Chapter

Chapter 81

Donte’s sword fell to the ground as he stumbled away from the corpse. Blood still dripped from his hands. The woman we saved scream... Read Chapter

Chapter 82

A Demonkin Roared as it threw itself against the tower doors. Dozens of fire glyphs rained down from above. The demon struggled furiously... Read Chapter

Chapter 83

The doors began to creak and moan as the entire tower shook from the blow. The thunderous noise of the battering ram slamming into the to... Read Chapter

Chapter 84

Soldiers filled every available space between the trees. Nobody made a sound as they all watched and waited. Every second seemed to tick ... Read Chapter

Chapter 85

All my fear and uncertainty was pushed to the side as Aurielle returned. The uncomfortable sense that something was missing began to fade... Read Chapter

Chapter 86

The army paraded the Demon’s corpse with cheers as they marched back towards Nebula Tower. Donte, Charly, and I were practically carrie... Read Chapter

Chapter 87

??“Are you sure it is not a problem that General Arthur knows who you are?” Charly asked. ??I looked over at the general as ... Read Chapter

Chapter 88

General Arthur looked down at me with a gaze that seemed to be able to perceive everything. I fidgeted uncomfortably, crossing my arms ac... Read Chapter

Chapter 89

I paced back and forth in front of our wagon. The two stallions Mordere and Mitis stomped on the ground, neighing loudly as my emotions b... Read Chapter

Chapter 90

Donte swung his wooden sword down. I raised my own blade to redirect the blow, but before the two blades met, Donte’s sword suddenly ch... Read Chapter

Chapter 91

The Avari knight scrambled backwards. His face was pale as Donte’s blade reflected in his eyes. “You… you…” he stammered. His g... Read Chapter

Chapter 92

The endless march through the empty wasteland was interrupted when one of General Arthur’s scouts returned. We had finally caught up wi... Read Chapter

Chapter 93

General Arthur and I were still discussing plans on the best way to deal with the undead when shouts erupted from the nearby guards. We r... Read Chapter

Chapter 94

The Corpse laughed for one last time as the glyph on its back began to shine brighter. General Arthur leapt forward. A piece of pape... Read Chapter

Chapter 95

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I looked around the inside of the dimly lit wagon with confusion. I remembered trying to combine ... Read Chapter

Chapter 96

Nox leapt out of my arms. His eyes focused on something in the distant night as his fur stood on end. He arched his back, hissing angrily... Read Chapter

Chapter 97

Another long day’s march came to an end. The soldiers and civilians had begun to set up camp as the world of mist began to fall dark. I... Read Chapter

Chapter 98

With my mom feeling better, I felt as if a great weight had been lifted from my heart. I was finally able to relax, but after everything ... Read Chapter

Chapter 99

My eyes flickered open as the flames in my chest ignited back to life. Above me was the familiar rough grain wood that made up the roof o... Read Chapter

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