Surely Does Hurt

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For my beloved friend who doesn't know how much they mean to me.
Hopefully this soothes your troubles.

There she was; beautiful and heavenly, 

Almost like an angel, so pretty and full of soul.

Feelings for her that stuck in my gut intensely,

But I was neither witty nor tall.


Crushed lightly by the feathers of her wings, my heart was.

Afflicted with this fell, fierce sickness.

Confused by my feelings against logic itself.

Constricted, was my heart by thorns that pierce.


I tried to avoid her.

I tried to ignore her.

I tried to stop the feeling inside.

All for the effort to be devoid, the truth unable to hide.


So why?

Just leave me to die.

I only want that which is palpable wry.

And now I cry…


Tears fall down my face,

For you still cared and smiled at me with grace;

Even though I tried so hard to erase it all.

Yet somehow you keep this morbid space between us.


But I know that soon it will be over,

That the pain will cease.

And I will be greeted with great boon.

I will, like rain, release.








Submitted: October 27, 2021

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Wow! I didn't expect such a sweet poem from you Gen.......... It's so heart touching. Is it based on a true story, or just some poetry? (It felt so real) The words you used were so relatable with the poem.
Anyhow, we can't hide our feelings forever. Hiding is painful!

~Finally, this poem made my day!!!!! Keep up your amazing writings =)

Sat, October 30th, 2021 3:39am


The poem is told from the perspective of my friend and is grounded in real events.

And I beg to differ, some of us can hide our feelings forever.

Tue, November 16th, 2021 12:00am



Thu, December 2nd, 2021 11:13pm


Nice poem.

Sun, May 7th, 2023 8:58am

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