Bad Luck Bunny

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Glib poem about superstition and luck

Another day for discovery, another dance of fate

One that's guaranteed to please, the stars have set this date

The twins are free, the moon is high, and Mars has come in line

And on this, the 5th, my lucky day, I have to rise and shine


With fingers crossed and wood well-knocked, I leave my lonely place

The words of the fourtune cookie have put a smile upon my face

With lucky penny and rabbit's foot, my future must be sound

But, just in case, when I spy the ladder, I will choose to go around


I'm lucky 21 today and I've wished upon my star

No mirrors broke or salty spills, no black cats on my path

A brand new year, to quell my fears, and act on all my schemes

Today's my day, destined to meet, the stranger of my dreams


But as my lucky day unfolds, and my hopes are stretched and bruised

The world continues just the same, like it doesn't know my rules

And expectation is not met, nor new advantage gained

For though the signs are all in place, the day is just the same


What has gone wrong, why is this so, Have I left something out?

This day should be so joyful, and make me sing and shout

Yet as day's end nears and I taste the tears, of disappointment and despair

A sudden thought occurs to me, that I can hardly bear


Little rabbit, tucked in my purse, and nestled at my side

Who offers luck and promises, a life changing surprise

He paid a price for lucky feet, for that which he was bred

He hops no more, and twitches not, for little bunny's dead


And as I ponder on rabbit's fate, a new thought comes to me

About my shining lucky penny, that grandma gave to me

That trinket has daily been with me, since I was only nought

Yet, didn't stop the darker days, that life and loss have wrought


And what of horsey, free and fair, who wants to run and neigh?

But lost his shoe and was tethered to, become a human's slave

My breath was short and my face was wet, as I sought the truth to see

That planets were indifferent and not aware of me


No clover found, no lucky star, no bad luck from spilled salt

And the dreamcatcher above my bed, also nightmares caught

And even old Saint Christopher, who was meant to protect me

Didn't help the day I crashed my car into a tree


And suddenly, I knew the truth, with my future plain to see

That all these things were not in control, that it was up to me

That sometimes we have accidents and illnesses and such

And objects would not be for us, a prevention or a crutch


That stars and numbers just exist and birthdays will come an go

And sometimes we will make mistakes, and life will ebb and flow

And realizing all these things, I suddenly felt free

And vowed then to prepare myself, for future misery


For all the rituals and the charms, and lucky numbers too

Had not produced a happy life, or made a future new

I would take control and steer my life, by my own deeds instead

For rabbit's foot could not help him, and sadly, bunny's dead


Submitted: October 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Moomin. All rights reserved.

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JE Falcon aka JEF

Ah, so well rhymed , written, and true. --- It may not be lucky, but I'd have to give you 2-thumbs up on this one. :)

Wed, October 27th, 2021 5:59pm


Thanks, I'll gladly take the thumbs up - lucky or not.

Wed, October 27th, 2021 12:31pm

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