The bear that came from Japan: Madison and Zoe

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Emma-Lucy Stories

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Table of Contents

Brooke's home

Chapter one: Brooke’s home “Brooke, darling. Tea’s ready?” Asked Mrs Sanderson. Brooke May was playing on her PlayStation when she heard her mum shouting from downstairs. Martha Sanderson, Brooke’s
older sister knocked on the door and came in without waiting for a reply from me. “Tea’s ready B. What are you playing?” Asked Martha “well I’m playing the game where I am a character who is myself
and this other character is called Madison. We’ve just met a bear called Zoe who is from Japan and her friends Lily, Star, Rosie, Josie, Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate who is Zoe’s brother” I said
“wow sounds like a great game Bea. Isn’t Madison the girl you met on holiday last year?” Asked Martha as we walked together downstairs. “Yeah I hope she’s okay. I haven’t heard from her for a
while” I said as we reached the kitchen. Lily and Martha smiled at me and smiled. At the Nicholas house, Maddison was on her PlayStation, playing a game where she was the main character who looks
exactly like Maddie, and a bear called Zoe and another girl character called Brooke. That’s when Hannah came into my bedroom, and looked around her little sister’s room and no teddy’s were found
just loads of bin bags. “Mads, what’s all this?” Asked Hannah “what do you mean?” I Asked pausing the game “there aren’t any teddy’s” said Hannah “I know Hannah-Banana” I said “so?” Asked Hannah
“oh, grandma” I stopped. I stopped and Hannah knew exactly what I meant “right” said Hannah starting to get up “that’s it” Hannah added and about to go downstairs. “Wait where are you going?” I
asked. “I am just going downstairs” said Hannah not wanting to have Maddie guess what she was going to do. I looked worried at my sister. Meanwhile, back at the Sanderson house. Brooke was still
playing her game with her sister Martha when her mum came in. “Girls, it’s time for tea” said Mrs Sanderson then she came over to see what we were doing “what are you both doing?” Asked Mrs
Sanderson then she looked at her game. “That looks like you B, isn’t Maddie the girl you met on holiday?” Asked Mrs Sanderson “yeah, she gave me her teddy” said Brooke picking up Zoe and smiled at
her mum “have you heard anything from her at all?” Asked Mrs Sanderson “yeah, I’m talking to her in the game right now?” I said “how?” Asked Mrs Sanderson looking at me strange. I looked at her
“technology mum. Didn’t you say tea was ready?” Asked Martha “yeah I did” said Mrs Sanderson and we all went downstairs and I left the game still playing not knowing what was going to happen. While
I was downstairs, having tea, a large figure that had blonde hair, and wore a pink T-shirt with a flower that was in the centre, and wore trousers with trainers pop out of the monitor that was
connected to the PlayStation and the figure looked around Brooke’s room. Back at the Nicholas house, Hannah walked downstairs, and into the kitchen and over to her parents. “Mum?” Asked Hannah “yes
darling?” Asked Mrs Nicholas “have you noticed anything different with Maddie?” Asked Hannah “not really love, why? I can’t believe she’s going to be 16 tomorrow” Asked Mrs Nicholas “she’s throwing
away all of her teddys” said Hannah. Mrs Nicholas looked at Hannah “why?” Asked Mrs Nicholas “why? Why do you think? Who do you think has got to her?” Asked Hannah “who?” Asked Mrs Nicholas
“grandma” said Hannah “we’ve got to stop her” said Mrs Nicholas “how?” Said Hannah “I don’t know yet but we will think of something. Let’s just get her party over first. Oh god, I can’t wait to see
her face tomorrow morning” said Mrs Nicholas smiling at Hannah.
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Madison turns 16

Chapter two – Madison turns 16

The early morning of my sixteen birthday, it was 6am and I was woken up by some loud singing. I opened one eye and looked up and saw Hannah, my mum, my dad, Steven, my aunt Hilda, and my cousin
Rosie. I smiled at them all and they smiled at me.

“Happy birthday darling,” said Mrs Nicholas. I sat up and looked over at Grandma Elizabeth and frowned.

“Where’s grandad?” getting out of bed and put my dressing grown and slippers on “he says happy birthday darling. He’s just out of town at the moment” said Grandma Elizabeth “right” said Maddie
sounding cold and on edge with Grandma Elizabeth.

Back at the Sanderson’ house, I came up to her bedroom. I looked around and frowned.

“What on earth happened?” I asked looking around my room.

Lily and Martha came up and walked in.

They looked around “what happened?” asked Lily and we walked over to the window.

We looked outside there was no ladder.

“There’s no ladder” said Martha “I don’t get it” I said, “how can someone get in without a ladder?” I asked “girls, can you come downstairs a minute please?” shouted Mrs Sanderson from downstairs.

Martha, Lily and I all looked at each other confused and started walking downstairs. My mum caught us coming downstairs.

“Martha, darling. Can I have a word with you please?” asked Mrs Sanderson “yeah sure” said Martha looking at me and Lily and followed our mum into the hallway then Martha saw a figure with blonde
hair and then a face and realized it was Maddie’s (B’s best friend).

“Okay so we’ve managed to get Maddie down for a visit” said Mrs Sanderson “oh, that’s who got in, just now” said Martha “what do you mean?” asked Mrs Sanderson “we thought someone had broken in but
when we went to see outside, there was no ladder” said Martha “anyway what was the question?” asked Martha “could you and lily cover B’s eyes and walk her to the kitchen but wait until I say okay,
we’re not ready yet” said Mrs Sanderson “okay, we will. What is it about?” asked Martha “we’re going on holiday with Maddie and her family” said Mrs Sanderson “omg. That’s lush, B’s going to love
it. It’s going to be so fun mum” said Martha “Maddie also doesn’t know it’s her 16th birthday present from us” said Mrs Sanderson “oh I see, got you” said Martha and she walked back to me and lily
“what did mummy want?” I asked “nothing B, don’t worry” said Martha.

Lily looked at Martha and texted Lily.

“Madison is here to surprise B and mum and dad along with Maddie’s mum and dad have booked and paid for a holiday” texted Martha and pressed sent.

Lily looked up at her older sister Martha smiling as we walked into the kitchen covering Brooke’s eyes.

30-45 minutes later, I had still had my eyes closed.

“Can I open them now?” I asked.

Mrs Sanderson was smiling at me and holding up a cardboard sign with the help of her husband and Maddie’s older sister Hannah.

“Yes” said Mrs Sanderson.

I opened my eyes, saw the cardboard sign that had big writing on:


“What are you talking about?” I asked.

My mum looked at me.

“What mum?” I asked “close your eyes” she said “again?” I asked. She nodded.

I closed my eyes.

There was silence “okay sweetie, open them” said Mrs Sanderson.

I opened my eyes and there stood Maddison. I looked surprised and I ran up to Madison “OMG, how” I said “I’m going on holiday with you B” said Maddie.

Then my mum, my dad, Mrs and Mr Nicholas came up and looked at Maddie.

“What?” asked Maddie.

“HAPPY SIXTEEN BIRTHDAY MADDIE” shouted both parents and Mrs Sanderson gave Maddie a birthday card with a note inside.

Maddie read the note out loud.

“To Madison-Rose,

We would like to wish a very happy sixteen birthday to you and this gift is for you from the bottom of our hearts and we hope you have a fantastic day and enjoy this:

You are going on holiday with us. We’ve booked and paid for a holiday for all of us” Madison finished reading and looked up at my mum and dad and squeezed them so hard then looked at me.

“We’re going on holiday B” said Madison
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Holiday time

Chapter three – Holiday time

“Dad are you serious?” asked Maddie “yes, happy birthday princess” said Mr Nicholas and hugged me “thank you daddy” said Maddie. Hannah smiled.

Hannah started worrying about her little sister when she discovered there were no teddys in her little sister’s bedroom and hearing Maddie saying daddy means Hannah’s little sister hasn’t grown up
too much.

“When do we leave?” asked Hannah “the day after tomorrow” said Mr Nicholas “okay Michael, well we’ll go and pack and we’ll meet you in Cornwall, at the campsite St Meryl’s okay?” asked Mr Sanderson
“alright mate,” said Mr Nicholas.

I smiled at Maddie “we’re going on holiday together, that means we can see Zoe again” I said. Maddie looked away.

“Time to go mads. We need to go and pack,” said Hannah.

Maddie just looked at Hannah as we walked away.

“I’m not bringing any teddys,” said Maddie.

Hannah looked confused.

Back at the Sanderson house, Lily and Martha came into my room.

“So, are you excited?” asked Lily “yeah but I am a little bit worried about Maddie” I said, “how come?” asked Martha “I don’t think she likes teddys anymore” I said. Martha and Lily looked at each
other than at me.

Back at Maddie’s house, Maddie was in her room on her computer doing her homework, when Hannah came in.

“Hey Mads, what’s going on?” asked Hannah “I don’t know what you mean?” asked Maddie “where’s all your teddys?” asked Hannah.

Maddie went silence “is this something to do with grandma?” asked Hannah.

Maddie nodded “I don’t need them anymore. I’m 16 now waiting to see what college I got into. When we get to St Meryl’s please don’t ask me to come to Crystal Woods to see Zoe, because I don’t want
to see her, I don’t believe anymore” said Maddie.
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I don't need them

Chapter four – I don’t need them

“Why would you think that?” asked Hannah.

Maddie went silence.

“Mads, what’s going on?” asked Hannah as we both sat down on my bed next to Maddie, but she couldn’t speak because they heard shouting from downstairs.

“Girls, it’s time to go,” shouted Mr Nicholas.

Maddie looked at Hannah.

And they held each other’s hands with their bags and suitcases and walked downstairs.

“You ready to go?” asked Mrs Nicholas “yeah” said Maddie and Hannah smiling together.

“Let’s go then” said Mr Nicholas and he carried one of the suitcases to the car and opened the boot of the car and Mrs Nicholas with the other and Maddie and Hannah got into the car.

And Mrs and Mr Nicholas got into the car and he started the engine. Me and my family were on the same time as Maddie and her family, and my phone beeped to tell her she had a text from Maddie.

My face light up then froze “what is it?” asked Lily. I read it and my face turned from happy to sad.

“What’s up B?” asked Martha as we got to St Meryl’s “Maddie” I said “yeah, what’s happened?” asked Lily “she doesn’t believe anymore” I said.

“Believe? Believe in what? What do you mean?” asked Lily.

As I was about to speak, Maddie and Hannah came over.

Maddie and Hannah smiled.

“You alright?” asked Hannah.

Lily and Martha looked at me.

I looked at Brooke. She dragged me over to a tree.

“Mads, what’s going on? What did you mean by that text?” I asked, “what do you mean?” I asked “exactly what it says, I don’t believe anymore. When you go and see Zoe, please don’t ask me to come
with you. I don’t want to see the stupid bear,” said Maddie and went off leaving me confused and upset.

Hannah saw everything and me upset and came over “what’s up B” asked Hannah “can we go and see Zoe?” I asked “of course. Is Maddie being a teenager again?” asked Hannah. I nodded
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