Well, like always, the UK has brought more facts into light for Corona. Basicaly the most recent is about vaccines allowing spread of the virus. Most think my thinking is a bit trumpian. But rather than say I told you so, I made a poem to show there is more to masks than wearing them. Though, if worn wrong, they are called blind folds.

Facts from UK, which US has buried. Testing labs when trying to keep up with political policy in counting, ended up very inaccurate with tests. Some reporting positive when not, and some negative when positive. Also many cards had over 70% cross contamination. AstraZeneca and Moderna are not effective on Delta II. Thus the reason why the UK is pushing J&J instead of AstraZeneca. If you follow the UK information, medical masks worn properly are more effective in protection for both you and others than relying on vaccine. With the new varients, we will need to upgrade vaccines.

Long before a Corona vaccine
The masked went on blaming

Badly distanced, hardly 6 feet
Cloth covered, thin as a sheet

Some wearing loosely or under nose
Having faulty tests, who really knows?

Liberals against conservatives
Neither factual in spinning naratives

The old man's directions that fail
The loud mouth deaths that tell

The unlikable soon disfunctional
From ideas that were delusional

So much blame, when lack of shame
A mad rush, to push a political game

Removing them selves from resistance
Isolating the anti-vaxxer by intolerance

Facts from in all shapes and sizes
To them it's ignored, bringing no surprises

Pushed mass testing, proven unreliable
The tested safe got theirs, being entitled

Believing the vaxxed will stop the spread
Accepting foreigners, without using their head

Firing medical staff for non-compliance
Spining choice as an act of defiance

A fact that all eyes and ears ignore
Our vaccines are not reliable anymore

The spreaders are not the properly masked
Unmasked super spreaders are the vaxxed

Submitted: October 28, 2021

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sprinkly biscuit

I scratch my head and say " what a fine mess we are in "
Nice instructional poem squire!
SB ...

Thu, October 28th, 2021 7:29pm


Ha! Yeppers, a wee mess! I wish we could be given proper info about the virus. But political heads have made us jumpy. They are afraid of mass riot and all with real facts and the virus cant be controlled. Seems like the US is in a pickle, as our mandate to be vaccinated or terminated, has caused many to go and leave from medical and other jobs. I can't be judge on choice, but proper masks and procedures are more effective than any vaccine for stopping spread. Vaccines are just to keep infection from being worse than it can be. The UK has a new virus that you must be careful about until boosted. Hopefully j&j or Pfizer. Though j&j is effective enough on its own, and will help with your AstraZeneca.

Thu, October 28th, 2021 1:21pm

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