The Child of Mars (Book 2 of the Children Trilogy)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Science Fiction

The world is dying. The Chinese Communist Party has a plan to preserve the Chinese way of life and to save the world - but at what cost for the rest of humanity?

The Child of Mars is the second instalment of the Children Trilogy - and continues to chart the life and times of the superhuman Commander Nathan Blake.

This story takes us from earth in 2047 to Mars and the far reaches of the Milky Way. The Child of Mars is a story of greed, fear, duty, and retrobution.

The Child of Mars introduces new characters you will love, and also characters you will love to hate. The Child of Mars is fast paced and action pack - and continues the expansive world building from The Children of the Third Reich.

This is the prologue from The Child of Mars - I will be publishing the rest at the end of November 2021.

Table of Contents


Hunter Brooks awoke at 7:47 AM. He stared at the ceiling for a moment, and then rolled over to look at the otherside of the bed. She wa... Read Chapter

Breaking Point

Governments around the world had failed to address the looming environmental disaster facing the planet Earth. By 2040 the population of ... Read Chapter

Special Maternity Hospital Number 1

It was a huge, modern building - surrounded by a high barbed wire fence and guard towers with soldiers armed with machine guns. The facil... Read Chapter

The Red Dragons

It was now 2067. Thirteen years had passed since Colonel Zheng had visited Xinjiang Provincial Special Maternity Hospital Number 1. Colon... Read Chapter

A Mother’s Love

It was 2079. Dr. Zhuan had produced an army of cloned super-soldiers for the Chinese Army. The hospital where the cloned super-soldiers h... Read Chapter

Operation Eternal Dragon

It was 2080. Atomic weapons had kept the global peace since their only use by the Americans in 1945 against the Japanese. As technology a... Read Chapter

The Death of America

It was now November 2080. America had been destroyed by the Red Dragons. The American military had been decimated, and the civilian popul... Read Chapter


Qin had been discovered in the wreckage of the Beijing genetics institute 3 months after the atomic blast in 2080. At first it was though... Read Chapter

Valles Marineris

The last of the hydrogen had been burned. Nathan had been on Mars -alone- for forty seven years; it was now 2085 and Nathan was 143 years... Read Chapter

The Lady of Andaalwaald

Astiaan was an advanced planet - far more scientifically advanced than Earth. But the Astiaans were blighted by the same problems Earth f... Read Chapter

End of the Century

Fourteen years had passed since Yimu was born in Shanghai, and twelve years since Bellona was born on Mars. It was now 2098, the end of t... Read Chapter

A Most Dangerous Mission

After interrogating the final Red Dragon, Nathan had killed it by activating the self-destruct device in its chest, and it smoked and bur... Read Chapter

Angels and Devils

It was now 2099 on Earth. The goat herder wandered along the pebbled path cleared over hundreds of years by the goats wandering to new pa... Read Chapter


Bellona was sitting inside her mother’s broken ship. Her father had left Mars over a year ago - and Bellona and her mother were trapped... Read Chapter


Yimu was now 15. In another three years she would be marrying her brother and would become the Empress consort of all of China and of all... Read Chapter

The Astronaut, The Aliens, and the Princess

It was the year 2100 on Earth. Bellona stood and stared out at the giant Martian canyon ahead of her. She closed her eyes and concentrate... Read Chapter

The Eternal Imperial City

The huge craft landed inside the walls of the Eternal Imperial City on a parade ground. Hundreds of Red Dragons were lined up, joined by ... Read Chapter


Alaa and Bellona were making the crossing from Mars to Earth. There was very little for the two of them to do - so Bellona found herself ... Read Chapter


He was standing in a room - it bore the semblance of a laboratory. He was standing there and men in white jackets were carrying out diffe... Read Chapter

The Blue Planet

Disaster had struck the ship that Alaa and Bellona were traveling from Mars to Earth on. They had been in space under thruster power for ... Read Chapter

The 22nd Century

The year was 2101. And many things were happening on Earth - all of them centred at the Eternal Imperial City.   The Princes... Read Chapter

Illegal Aliens

Alaa and Bellona were taken from the ship and loaded into the back of a military personnel carrier. The drive from the docks to the Etern... Read Chapter

Fiery the Angels Rose

Alaa and Bellona left the dungeon and climbed the stairs. Bellona had told her mother to shoot anything that moved and everyone they enco... Read Chapter

The Last Empress

The Empress Zhuan was running from the Imperial Palace. She was dressed in her golden robes and raced towards the summer palace. The Empr... Read Chapter


They had found an abandoned villa complex called Zuri in Zanzibar. The villa complex had three villas and was on eastern coast of Zanziba... Read Chapter


After leaving Dar es Salaam they headed west - and left the bustling city far behind them. They drove for hundreds of miles admiring the ... Read Chapter

The Friendly Family

Yimu had adjusted well to her life away from the Imperial City, and her mother and brother. She would find herself crying sometimes - as ... Read Chapter

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