Short Story 001 10/28/2021

A Thought Provoker, take the ending, expand upon it. Give this more depth, then in turn link your continuation of the story in the comments below. Show me how you think this story ends, or begins. I look forward to what you Create.

As the creator I give permission for others to use this work to continue the story, build a world, or provide more thoughts.

Nothing beats a walk through a forest; a silent stroll in nature. There can be many things that one can enjoy while there. Yet is it really what we think it to be? We fantasize about the beauty of it all, but is it? Or do we simply look at what we like, what we want to see, what we want to see. In a simple answer yes. Yes we only look at what we want to see. Yes we see only what we want. But why? Do we do so out of ego? Want? Desperation? Boredom? Greed, or is it a necessity that our mind filters out what we don’t want to see and those things we do. Integral to ensure our minds survival in a world of sorrow, heartbreak, loss, injury, illness, death. A defensive mechanism activated to refresh, renew, revivify ones mind. Give a fantasy in which it is of our own design and control. Yet are we always in control? What about nightmares, trauma, fear? Their cold fingers grasping around us, strangling us. Depriving our minds of rationality, control. 

Now haven’t we gotten a bit off track? Wandering from our path we walk on. Onto a much darker one. Wasn’t this supposed to be a silent stroll through the woods? A place of peace? A place to…

“Hmmm-?” Glancing down from the canopy far above his eyes slowly fell upon the one who called him. A young looking lass to be around the age of her early twenties, about the age if he had had children when he should have. A look of both concern and slight anger grazing her light green eyes and facial lines while she in the lack of better words pouted towards him. “Uh- ah… Yes?” Exaciver asked as he took a moment to realize he had probably been ignoring what she had been saying up to this point. Trying to apologize with a light smile.
“You’re doing it again… And it's happening more often too…” Her voice trailed as he watched the very edges of her striking green eyes shimmered with the collection of tears.

He continued lightly smiling. A way to reassure her, yet at this point he knew, she knew. That it was only there to provide a comfort neither could blindly grasp onto anymore. The silence smothering them, only broken by the rustling of the leaves far above. As a northern wind saunted by their small grotto. A place meant to heal him, with her help. But in the end he knew from the start it was, just a stop gap measure. A failing dam that would eventually break. So instead of trying to prolong the inevitable curse. He had taken this girl, the one thing he had left in this life. The one person who had stood by his side, and taught her all he knew. “Yes it is… We-” He trailed off as he saw those tears rise ever further gathering like the waves of a tsunami; about to destroy what little make-up she wore for him. “We both know… We know…”
“I- know…” She replied with a hiccup as the tears finally began rolling down her soft red cheeks. “Yet, I wish I- could have done more....” Her hiccups worsening as she spoke.
“You’ve done a lot for me already- for just being here.” Exaciver smiling for once with a lot more behind it then just simple comforting. “I’ve taught you and guided you to the best of my ability. The least I could do to repay you.”
“Shush, don’t think of me as the end. Think of it as a beginning, to a new path. One that some day… Some day take you back to me.” He slowly wiped her tears away with a soft ginger hand and gave her another smile before looking up towards the canopy once more.

...Find oneself and reflect upon the past, future and present. To find a story that we need, a story that will satiate our intellectual, imaginative, emotional, ideological... palate. What will your mind create?

Submitted: October 28, 2021

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