Just Because

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Featured Review on this writing by HJ FURL

This book comprises poetry I have written throughout my life, from when I was a child to my present life.

Table of Contents

Death: Cancer Triumphing

Mom's day arrived after five years of battling stomach cancer. Food finally tempted her tongue, and for a month, hunger was h... Read Chapter

Why Can't You Love Me?

Why can't you love me? The moments we shared I treasured, but to you, I am only another girl, your coworker who you said ... Read Chapter

I am a Housewife

  I am a housewife to my husband. My face is never seen, and I am never heard. He keeps me as his pet, and I am ... Read Chapter

That Little Girl

A book never opened. A doll played with once. A key used only when needed, cast aside and then forgotten.   A li... Read Chapter


Gray streams of motionless smoke clouded the air. Her cigarette butt carelessly lay against the wooden surface of the table. ... Read Chapter

The Scientist

I was to save the world through my body. He said I would enjoy the voyage, forget every man, and remember only him. By day he... Read Chapter


A room can become a coffin. Everyone always says to think positive thoughts. When that distant voice becomes too much to bear—a... Read Chapter


In a small colored box, you sit for hours, days, and years. Your colored beauty applies the smooth surface and a silky fe... Read Chapter

Summer's Breeze

In the window, the wind chime drifts back and forth. The fan's blade turns, casting a warm breeze upon the living room. As I sit ... Read Chapter

The Painting

On a white stretched canvas, the paintbrush strokes so many colors, in countless hues.   With my fingers, ti... Read Chapter

A Knight's Revenge

I hold the hilt of my sword in a grip of death, as this is the last chance for my survival. My enemy stares into my eyes, bu... Read Chapter

A Dream About Sex

The words, I’m scared, slipped off my tongue. Fingernails dug into my skin. My eyes squeezed into hard lines. His arms surr... Read Chapter

The Color Blue for the Shoe

A lady who lived in a shoe wanted it to be the color blue. No matter what she tried, she ended and cried: “I couldn’t... Read Chapter

The Tragedy of the Little Mermaid

1. Oh! What a happy day, the Little Mermaid dressed in white walks down the aisle with a grin on her face. She rubs her p... Read Chapter

When They Happen to Meet Again in a Dream

Strawberry pink splotches kiss her cheeks. Her lips part with unspoken words. She reaches out with her eyes level on his chin... Read Chapter


Raindrops slide against the windowpane. Amie hugs her knees. The burning in her stomach takes control. She hungers for man’... Read Chapter

Forgotten in the City

She sat with her arms wrapped around her diminishing figure. Alien sounds of the city blazed past. Her lips were like sun-dri... Read Chapter

Dreaming of Death

I crawl face down in the dirt. Blood-stained tears leak from my eyes. Red streaks glide down my mud-crusted skin. Bumps a... Read Chapter

Burned: What About the Chicken?

I drag a chair to stand by the stove. I reach to switch on the fan. The sound of the blades—harsh and repetitive—slic... Read Chapter

A Fan that Holds a Memory

I scrunch my toes and shiver. I wear one sock. The other lies on the floor. My 101 Dalmatian’s blanket hangs by its corner ... Read Chapter

That's When We Knew You Were Dying

True emotions exposed by a camera–   After nine years, Dad was home. Mom cried: we would all be together forever, ... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments

dewey green

Touching and sad. Beautifully written.

Sat, October 30th, 2021 3:28pm


Thank you for the comment. I miss my mom every day. She died when I was nineteen from stomach cancer.

Sat, October 30th, 2021 10:50am

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