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Sapphire jumped and had the fright of her life when she heard loud banging against the wall in the early evening. The man next door to her is absolutely fuming. Sapphire was always singing around the house for a living. But the neighbours next door had now put the frighteners on her.

Sapphire and Emerald were sharing a house together. Over the years the neighbours had become jealous of them and didn't seem to want the sister to do anything. For years she would often wonder why her neighbours were so negative as the neighbours were once nice and friendly to them when the sister's first moved in. Sapphire's career seemed to be doing well. The neighbours had become bad, bitter and hostile towards her and her sister. They wouldn't say hello to her or her sister Emerald on the street anymore. 

Sapphire felt it was about jealousy as the neighbours may feel that she is more talented than them and they couldn't stand it. Or maybe it was to do with something mentally wrong with her neighbours.

Sapphire connected with a musician friend named Otis through Facebook. I am a singer. This is what I do for a living. It's what I want to do. They don't like me singing my songs in the house. If it is them singing songs and making music. Then it's ok. But if it is me. Then they absolutely hate it. They would turn their music up loud.

They're jealous because you are outstanding, Otis messaged her back.

I know. Sapphire replied to his message.

Sapphire and Emerald's neighbours would act like they were high maintenance. The neighbours would spread gossip about her and sister Emerald to the other neighbours.

Sapphire had stopped singing for a few days and listened to her neighbour becoming ecstatic over something.

Was it because of me not singing? Sapphire wondered. The neighbours were quite musical themselves. Sapphire lived next door to a guy older than her named Flynn.

Flynn was also a musician. Although not a very good singer. He played his guitar and too sang at home and worked on his music. His wife Sierra, also occasionally sang around the house. They had a problem with Sapphire living next door. If she sang, they'd be shouting. If she played the keyboard, they'd bang really loudly.

This behaviour tended to upset, frighten, and annoy Sapphire and Emerald. The neighbours would bang loudly on the wall, throw food and rubbish over their garden. Sapphire was fed up with all the anti-social behaviour and decided to call the police...


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