Rick and Morty's, Dam of hell of a time

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

There is turmoil at mist, and what was once known as the free lands, federation property, is no more, and Rick most graciously will volunteer his help in the war against the bug

((I would put this as number 1 on my reading list but I wanted to see my work as Origional where this one is not, it's not my best work I just think the start would be dramatic))

(Woman) ((slow))
Here we are, what is left our planets existance,

There is nothing left of, sigonie 5,

it is, now, no more

((The landscape, has a metor in it, and smoke coming from its crater as all these bugs are heading strait in the direction towards this couple,

on this unknown planet))

((These metors are falling every where that can be seen comming from the sky))

Never had I believed that the bug was an intelligent species,

But now, I take it all back

It's OK, my dear

Civilisation will have vengeance on the bug one day

(((As the bugs are at this final location where these couple are standing)))

(And rips them to shreds)
Ahahahahahah hahaha ahahah

(TV like starship troopers)




Sigonie 5 was attacked 12:25pm, saturday morning, eastern standard time, by no other than what we call the bug,

space region delta, home to population setelmet recolonisation Is no more

Nothing is left..

What a sencless crime

And now, curnal k leader of the armys of the federation, is set forth on an full out asult on what is left, of the delta quadrean for it now belongs to the plague of Arachnid, that now infest all of the western plans, of deap space society

And if we do nothing, what is left of your homes and regions,

In no less than a decade away, will and shall be the bugs
Yes this is a war and it will be at our gates, soon

So please help your cause and do somthing and join a federation branch today

And save what is left of your tommrow

((Symbol and flag))

((Than a man face popping up on screen))

(Its) War man, where going to war!

((Rick, is working out side, on some sort of scintfical instrument,))

((And than morty walks out side ))

What, you doing rick, what this

Evrything morty, evrthing I ever wanted

Where all dreams come true, and nothing will stop me from getting exactly, what i deserve

((Rick pushes button))

((This Machine actives and turns out this device of a machine is some sort of lauching device))

((Boom it fires, and we follow the projectile travel into, a portal hole))

((In and out a bunch of other portal holes in a sifistacted era of a patern))

((The projectile makes it's way, to the this planet named tresa, and there is a man was about to finilize a contract tittle deed, and it now dispears, as this projectile hits the document as it is covered in a green goo portal look))

Mota funglua!

Owweeee ...fuck.. yeah,

It worked, total untraceable, morty I now own the intire western plans of deap space, sociteys a galxy system
All In this one document

((And rick signs, this contractual document
And drops it in a portal hole))

Ahaaaa, shit aahhh honest rick, arnt people going to care,

No, well no one that matters

Any ways it's a waste pit, three habital planets, four hundred and forty four thousand mining settlements

And one abodand amusment park

Total shit hole

though it does have some potential

((Now we see a space battle, where morty is hunting rick,))

And there is alot of, light source ai space fighters around, flagged with a symbol on ither side of there ships

Showing what team, a member is on

Also squanchie and Mr poopy but hole Are here too

Rick and squanchie have teamed up

And on the opisite team we have
Morty and Mr poopy but hole
((And the space battle countuies))

There are many ship and including Our beloved characters they are controled by ai fighters

Come in dangly balls
Come in dangly balls

(Mr poopy but hole)
I'm with you, wet vage

There are retreating to sector 7,

(Mr poopy but hole)
I'm on it

Zoom, morty and Mr poopy but hole hyper jump to another field zone where there is another space battle

(Mr popopy but hole)
Over there, The heart of there main control source is situated in that ship,

We must attck there first, but they are out numbering us in men

I want you to fight brave, follow me


Come in, sweet sister
Come in, sweet sister

Right here, prolapse power

We need, nothing more than to drag this fight out, stay with our men and protect the comand source

((Morty and Mr poopy but hole fly in and make a few kills before the source That rick is protecting, fly aways))

(( after the ship containg the main source has had an bragage of attack it takes off, ))

There attacking our main source in full
Listen to me
take all troops with us
And Warp too, district 13

Fast on it

(((Morty and Mr poppy but hole are chasing Rick and squanchie around)))

((Warp Jumping around, for a little while, Until))

See over there, that large fast orbiting moon, head strait to it,

I see, rick you genious

Move on my comand

(Mr poppy but hole)
Stay with them,

Warp drive,... now!


(Mr poppy but hole)
Dont let them get away



Following Rick is morty team,
that just so happens to have there hole fleet with them as the crash into this large orbiting moon

Boom boom

(You see morty and Mr poopy but hole crash)

Whoooooo yeah,

Shit, yeahhhhhhhh

((And As morty and Mr poopy but hole whipe out and crash, there seats just so happen to have a lazer barrier, that acts like a portal hole that moves like and air bag saving morty and Mr poppy but hole from dieing))

((Now they are all in one ship each))

That was so fucken fun rick,

Yeah any time, and squachie remember
thx for everthing, champ and I'll see you soon

((Warps off,))

(Mr poopy but hole)
Cya Rick thx for the game

((Rick and morty, now get a distress call))

Wophahaaha ahahhahaha whophahahahahahahah

Mmm distress call

Ah ,Do you think we should go,

Morty I don't think we need too look over there

((Thousands of space ships heading to wondo a planet of bugs))

((Incoming message))

(Curnal k)
Rick sanchez, why should I have, now known, that it would  be you who would buy this hunk of junk, out here,
how have you been

Not to bad curnal

Rick, now I know your a busy man, but this might be up your ally.........

(((Landing ships, as rick is now on a bug infested planet

So what do you need

Everthing Rick, sweet justice of satisfaction

My hole family was on, waht was once sigiona 5

And I will have my vengaence

We have set up out post at every major contimated bug site and we have evrything under control sir

Ahahahahah uauauauahaha hahahahahah

There comming in quick
Boom boom boom,

((Bugs die))

Where being overtaken,, the bugs there evry where, there

Ahahahahahahahaah (death of private)

Jeessus christ

((Rick suites up and so does morty And they kill alot of bugs with ease seems for a while))

I'm really bored are you

Yeah, Yeah, I thought it would be more satisfying

So True

Wait Ive got an idea,


Rick now catches a bug using a trap, and now plugs a electroid into its head and rides it like a horse and so does morty

(And slaughter some bugs)

(Morty and rick scicasticly)
Whoo yeah whooo, yeah , wo yeah wo ho

Fuck this morty this is stupid there no brains in these things

((Boom Kills bug))

((And know they both walk into the cave near by))

((Morty I need brains, I snence it, know it, it's over here))

The bug I want it, so bad somthing worth this waste of fucken time, it's a single brain bug must be over here

((Rick Takes valium,))

This shit not, working morty

I'm still extremely, pissed off
((Ricks eyes light up))

((As he see's a group of worker bugs,
Praying to a bug brain alter shrine))

Morty, shh stay low,
Fafafafa laffafafafafa
Wwow owow

((Rick makes bug call))

((One of the bugs heart flutters
And heads its way to rick))

((Where, he takes control of this bug, by wrestling with it, and makes love to it in a hypnotically way))

((And now standing on this bug is rick heading over to the other worker bugs))

((Now rick is there God, as they smell him and all are on there knee's before him))

((And the bug he was ridding, gets up after rick gets off and takes a bow at rick ))

((Morty walks in, and Rick says))

take me to your previous leader,

((Comming in on the back of alot, of bugs is rick))

((and there is a brain bug, in this cave surounded by alot of bug soidlers))

((And the worker bugs fight the soilder bugs in a large battle))

((Rick makes his way to the brain and plugs in a ectrode plug, and makes himslef a thown chair by a device thrown on the ground, that has a radar dish))

((And now the brain bug mind and soul belongs to rick and he has now taken over the colony And all bow before him))

((Rick crys and says))

Morty it's not enough i cant handle it, it's just to easy and I like this planet too, i can't just blow it up,
from space,
it was always my, fall back, to win the skirmishes we would have in the western plans, it's my way, my way

Rick its ok, you don't always have to have a giant adventure

Giant, hahahahahahaah

Come to me

((All bugs in cave head to rick's brain bug that he was controling from his seat))

((And now there is a giant bug Lego monster))

((That crashes out a mountain))

((And all bugs out side on this palnet run from Rick,))

((Rick starts to slughter and grow, using the bugs to do so))

((Even ghastly, fights with larger bugs))

((And crashes his way into anther cave where a brain is running out from this cave))

((Where we he ricks say after reciting cave and says))

Come to me

((and brain bug refuses and is scared, so Rick, comes up, and tickles it,))

((And the brain loves it,))

((Rick smiles))

((And then Rick makes a giant, stabing head, out of his bug creation and drinks from this brain))

No did he just,

((Morty is now there roo who puts his finger up))

((Now we see, rick feasting on brains bugs brains, through his helemet))

((Until ricks creation is so big)

((And jumps of the planet as rick has whiped clean and killed all the bugs, from this one planet, that rick kills or converts))

((Rick Jumps of the planet and says))

If they survived out in space before and lived, they can do it again!

(Curnal )

((As cannon fire comes from the ships cannons as they points directly at ricks monster of a bug unioun))


So, what's the plan,

win this war with that man, that honest brave man, where I trust in my life in that rick sanchez, will garentie and deliver an end to the bug

Morty lets bail, I can't handle it, no more, bugs don't have brains, we'll inteligence any ways there mindless controlling parsites that feast on what ever scum they can get, useless waste of my time,

I'm never comming back

What about Curnal k

Fuck him!

Let's get a move on, what a dead waste of my time

As rick drops the tittle deed that then it blows away


(Kurnal k)
I know he will be here, rick has never let me down, and you saw how much fun he had, he wouldn't miss it for the world

He just likes to wait until the last secound to save one of his most favourd of pals

He will be here

As all other soidiers run away

As bugs come running up from behined and stop just before the slaughter but you hear the noise

Try jump scare

Did you get any of that
It's a good show

Submitted: October 29, 2021

© Copyright 2021 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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