Guardian Angel

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Romance

Abra is Reece's guardian angel. Reece was destined to die when he was born, but Abra got his status changed to the nine lives of a cat. The story of Abra, how she falls in love with Reece, and the efforts she goes through to keep him alive.

Abra stared down at the broken body lying in the dark ditch on a lonely expanse of road.Why?She asked herself that question again and again.She’d tried so hard to keep him safe, and she’d failed.She watched headlights in the distance grow closer and slowly approach.The car pulled to the shoulder of the road and stopped.A man got out and looked around.  He saw Reece’s body and ran to him. 

She watched as the man kneeled next to Reece.  Speaking to him, checking on him.  The man rolled Reece over and checked for life.  Finding none, he began the agonizing task of CPR.Abra wished the good Samaritan had the power to restore life.She knew there was no hope.Reece was gone.Death had finally caught him. 

Reece’s eye had already started to swell grotesquely marring the handsome masculinity of his face.Blood crept from both ears.His gorgeous hands, so capable, lay unmoving.She wished she could touch him.It was dark, but she could see him clearly.She mentally caressed the body as she had so longed to do for years.When had she started loving him? 



Being a guardian angel wasn’t easy.She’d had to earn her wings so to speak.She started small, animals basically, birds and rodents with short life expectancies and gradually dogs and cats.During that stage she’d learned there were some truly amazing people in the human world.People with big hearts and tons of compassion for lesser beings, but she also learned there were those that were evil and corrupt.She learned pets brought people love and learned that they had the power to melt a hard heart. 

When she’d graduated to people Reece had been her first charge.He’d been a change of life baby for his parents and was nearly fifteen years younger than his siblings.Abra remembered him in the moment he’d been born.Such a tiny thing and so….blue!The doctor and nurses worked on the baby while another nurse tried desperately to comfort the mom who frantically asked why her baby wasn’t crying. Abra remembered being so fascinated by the tiny fingers and toes that she’d leaned in close to see them.In retrospect, it was possible that she’d breathed on him for the doctors noticed the change right away. 

Abra remembered her superior, Paul, so golden and righteous had called her in front of him to stare down his nose at her.“Did you breathe life into that baby?”he had demanded. 

“It was an accident.I swear.I must’ve gotten too close.”Abra didn’t understand how they could give her a charge – a baby in a womb and then watch it die without getting to see the world. 

A lecture had ensued.“Remember, Abra, it is never your job to interfere but to guide them to make the right choices when possible.”

Abra tried hard to do her job.  She watched Reece grow.He loved the outdoors and lived life full speed ahead as a rough and tumble boy.Abra doted on him and worked hard to guide him in the right direction.As life continue for Reece Abra gained more charges, but Reece remained her favorite.When Reece aged enough for motorized vehicles Abra got a workout.Reece’s aging father doted on his son but couldn’t keep up with him physically, so he made up for it by buying him the best dirt bikes and snowmobiles he could find. 

One day Abra had an eerie suspicion so she tracked Reece throughout the day.He and his friends had just reached driving age.Four teenagers, Reece included, spent their day joy riding.Abra stuck close but couldn’t change the driver’s course as he raced a train to a crossing.The driver didn’t hear her as she pleaded with him, after all, he wasn’t her charge.

At the second the train collided with the car Abra wrapped Reece in her arms.The driver died, one of the girls had to have her leg amputated, and the third girl had internal bleeding and was in the hospital for several weeks.Reece came through the accident unscathed. 

Her actions had gotten her pulled in front of Paul within minutes of rescuing Reece.He lectured her on responsibility and interference yet again.She tried to argue but Paul overruled her. 

“The fact remains, Abra, that Reece was supposed to die.”

“Why would you want someone to die? “

“That is not my plan, but the fact is Abra, you’ve overstepped your bounds more than once with this individual.”

“How can I be a good guardian if I allow harm to come to him?”

“We cannot change fate. “

“It doesn’t make sense.I can’t foresee the future.How could I see that boy was a danger to Reece?”

“It’s not a question of who is dangerous to your charge.What you have to realize is that you are not allowed to interfere between life and death.”

“Why not”

“Those are the rules.”

“I think those are stupid rules!”

Abra knew she had spoken too much when Paul’s face had contorted.  “Abra!!”

In for a penny, in for a pound.  Abra had heard that saying once before and it seemed to apply here as she charged full ahead.  “Just because it was the driver’s turn to die doesn’t mean he should take others with him.Paul, please don’t you see that I did what I thought I needed to do?”

“Abra, you are endearing.You take tremendous care of your charges, but I think you are becoming overly attached to this one.”

“Paul, I couldn’t let him die when it wasn’t his time.”

“Abra, It is past time.Reece isn’t supposed to be alive.  You rescued him at birth.  This was the to right the tables.”

“What are you saying?” Abra’s voice rose.

“Reece was supposed to die today, but you interfered yet again.  Reece’s days are numbered, Abra, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”



Abra moped for days.How could Paul say Reece was destined to die?She tried to focus on her other charges and put Reece from her mind.One woman needed to make a choice between a career in Paris and her lying cheating jerk of a fiancé, Abra gave the woman the opportunity to flee the country.A little boy fell from a tree and she sent the dog for help.A teenage victim of rape contemplated suicide, and Abra urged an intervention from her brother.

Those were the things she saw to everyday, the things that kept her busy, but throughout the day she took time to watch Reece.Someone so full of life couldn’t be allowed to die.She needed a plan.


“You can't hardly be serious.”

“I most certainly am,” Abra addressed her closest friend Marley.  “Cats have nine lives.”

“But Abra, it's not right to change a being’s status. Something bad could happen.”

“I don't see how.  He's already alive as a human.  It's just changes the number of lives he has.”

Submitted: October 30, 2021

© Copyright 2021 BrinkDay. All rights reserved.

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