Knight's Journey - The Squire

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

They all have such happy lives. At least that's the dream isn't it? Living in your lovely family, having no danger ever coming to you, watching your children grow up.

But that isn't what he witnessed. His village was torn down, set alight by those monsters, those Demons. And now he sees the world as it truly is, a grim scape full of danger and worry, with people living obliviously inside it.

Where does he belong now he can see the truth? Can he help them? Or is he chasing a broken dream?

Table of Contents

The Child

The folder was slid over the desk slowly, the person handing it over only removing their hands at the last dying second. "He's being... Read Chapter

Everything Begins Somewhere

"So they tell me you're a troublemaker? Picking fights?" The woman spoke softly. She looked mature, wearing a white kimono decorated wi... Read Chapter

The Dragon Knight Academy

It took a few uneventful days for them to arrive at their location, and soon, they stood at the very outskirts of Camelot. The actual c... Read Chapter

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

The morning bell rang throughout the building, and Drakken shot up like lightning. He’d been up for a few hours already - nothing new... Read Chapter

Roxis and a Cake

“Oh. He’s waking up.” Drakken’s eyes flinched at the light when they opened, automatically screwing themselves shut as peo... Read Chapter

The Fox and The Demons

Rockhill Village was only a short journey from Camelot, luckily for Drakken. It was a mass of untidy houses erected all around a hill wit... Read Chapter