The Birth of the Siren

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poetic story of the origin of the sirens at sea.

Birth of the Siren

Beneath the blanket of deep blue sky

Gently floating and breathing in cool ocean air

The captain squirms and jabs his sword in the direction of the plank

The helpless whimpers transitioned in blood curdling screams

Before quickly drowning amongst the lapping of waves against the creaking boat


You see, in the days of metal and wood

There was great risk of having a maiden aboard ship

But to their own risk would sneak aboard

Why should men have all the fun?

But for the men, a maiden aboard was a blatant sign of a coming disaster

And so, they were sacrificed to the sea

No mercy.


Then one stormy night

The sky roared and thunder angrily struck the rough ocean

Wind and rain slapped the deck of the boat

Two teenage girls were found hiding in the lower decks

And dragged to the captain who loomed over them contorted by thunderous light

The rain stung their faces and the ropes cut their fragile arms

Their screams lost through the crackling of thunder

But a boot in the back lifted their scream to horrifying wail

It was speculated that Poseidon took pity on the two girls

For after a few moments of the end of their wails

A beautiful and harmonious singing

Emanated from the depths of the ocean

Something that grasped a hold of the spirit of any mortal man.


There are many a mystery that logic cannot explain

But so, the sailors told tales

As only two came back from that thunderous night

Perhaps to pass on the story and change from the old ways

That is for the gods to know

And man, to ponder.


So, it is said, that the spirit of the sea is female

The god of man is female and that of female is man

And so, in sacrificing his other half in blindness

An anchor was tied from the souls of women to their own

And the sea decided to punish man in his ignorance


With creation there is destruction

And destruction there is creation

When the two girls were thrown over the side

And were consumed by the depths of the sea

Were given new breath

A new voice

And their legs transformed

The birth of the mermaid.


Endowed with the voices of angels

They would spend their days singing

and saving the others

transforming them too into mermaids

who too, would use their angelic voices

to lure the devils to their peril

all over the sea were their now sightings of these sirens

a warning to those with pure hearts

striking terror into the hearts of the rest

unable to resist their enchanting voices.









Submitted: October 31, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Mined Eus. All rights reserved.

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