Rick and Morty's, the origin of Rick

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This is a demo, to a rick and Morty story, I am written this one might make you smile!


This is the story of the world and our time

Way back 1242647595027375936252839404737494848484948575700......... fucken years ago

There was nothing in the begging

nor even time, and then I was decided, instinctually by my self in time,
To be born

there i was the first being alive, yet I had know idea how I have come true

But as I took a look at my penis, I knew all and everything I needed to know,

I was going to be so big Morty, really big I mean massively, hugely big Morty, something that should of been locked up,

So, I decided, to make this world that we are in right now,

Where I hide everything

Expect the true world

And then I was off

Flying through history

First I decided to make, a single woman I was so bored

Morty you Try spending less than a week, as God without tapping some ass

And i did and I loved it, Evrthing was so good

for about week

Before I was getting distracted

I needed to use my full concretional skills
To dominate the world so I made other men to keep her busy

(((( ricks girl get around,)))

It was also a good thing too for
I couldn't put up with the nagging

Jesus Christ Morty the nagging, constantly, over and over again

and soon all the other men found out,

A did as i

And then All the other men, I created started growing smarter, day by day very rapidly,

If only I made woman more desirable,

To keep men at bay

At the hands of the men I created they used my superior genes to make more life manifest and plague my world,

(((Humping and cloning all day long)))

,ultimately creating chaos with no structure

I wouldn't be where I am today, if I did the right thing

I seriously f@#ked up, you think I'm good now, think what I could of done with I went a week with out sex

Morty, I want you to know, remember this ,
women haven't changed a bit

And men have always remained to be assholes

Submitted: November 01, 2021

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Sorry, Rick is in a world, that he made where no other has ever been untill he took morty there, ((that rick made In the past of his home world's environment containg all I formation before it goes into forition or if it ever does go I to furition)) ((his safe world))

Sun, December 26th, 2021 3:55am

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