The 13th deathday

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From a dead person's POV.

I can hear distant music. Ah I almost forgot, it is my 13th birthday! Pa promised me something special. I looked around, I can't believe my eyes! it's a party! it's a freaking party! Pa threw me a freaking party! I frowned, but how could he afford it? there are several crates of soft drinks on the floor, I frowned again; we don't even have enough for three square meals a day! Everyone I know was there. All my village friends, my classmates, my cousins that live in the city, which is surprising, my uncles, a few of the the villagers and some family friends. I can see Pa in a corner whispering harshly with some men while pointing at a particular spot on the ground. I made a mental note to ask Pa about that. I just know it! this is going to be the best birthday ev-  WAIT!  something isn't right. I observed everyones faces closely and there was something there; an emotion I can't place. it looks familiar because everyone had the same expression when Mama passed away. I don't understand. I can see Pa's face clearly now, I frowned, why is he crying? and why is the music so distant? 

Submitted: November 01, 2021

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