The Mysterious river- completed

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the conclusion of the story with twists and turns


Donald languidly gets up at dawn around 7.30 and glances around at his surroundings but finds nothing suspicious.

The morning appears to be refreshing and warm with birds chattering, rays of sun falling slant on windows illuminating the aura of his house.

In fact, he himself is unable to recollect what exactly happened last night,

But he knows well that when the clock strikes 10 at the night, things will turn topsy-turvy eliciting an array of terrifying incidents.

Would I ever end this problem or become a victim like my brothers? In a trembling voice, he goes to the church to meet his father and discuss the issue again.

Father: Tell me, child! What help could I extend to you again?

Donald: Dear father, I am saddened to tell you that my other brother Richard has also been nailed to death,

Father: Shocked to hear! When did this happen?

Donald: When both of us were returning home after taking a divine necklace from you,

Father: I think Richard might have mislaid his necklace somewhere in the midway on your duo return to home from the church, and the Wizard availed this as a golden opportunity to put him to rest forever,

Donald: Oh my god! Now, what best I can do to protect myself from this evil force?

Father: I suggest you head onto the bank of the river again and relentlessly search for some clue at places in its vicinity because the river is the only eye of the storm for all such evil happenings,

Donald: Sure father, I adhere to your advice,

Father: May God bless you with success in your endeavors!

Donald: Thank you, father.

Donald departs from the church to the bank of the river with a hope to ferret out some clue,

After moving hither and thither at places located in the vicinity of the river including the dense forest for protracted hours finally he finds a small blue-colored box that piques his curiosity and picks it to bring it home.

He breaks the lock of that box and opens it but finds nothing inside except small-sized mirrors that too at its rear end.

The moment he enters the bedroom from his drawing-room he sees the apparition of a dark ugly Wizard and with a loud cry steps out of his home along with the box,

Donald: Who are you?

Wizard: Hey! I am the same whom you had been eagerly searching since the death of your dearest ones.

Now get ready, it’s your turn to meet your brothers and the priest in the sky.

Donald: No I won’t let you do this to me,

Wizard: Ok, then chalk out a plan to kill me if at all you have any!

Donald: Stands still without speaking a word,

Wizard: Now let me tell you one thing that you have opened a Pandora box!

Donald: What do you want to say exactly?

Wizard: The box which you brought along with you is the one fabricated by me so that any person who opens it after coming over there will relive me physically,

Donald: Oh no! Do you mean to say I have dug a graveyard for myself obliviously?

Wizard: Yes definitely, any qualms over this!

Donald: Wish I would have left that box there itself,

Wizard: Laughs! You have “crossed the Rubicon” Prepare yourself to depart from this earth forever,

Donald: I think my time is over, all options to overcome the problem seem to be dissipated.

Left with a forlorn attempt to rescue, he decides to surrender,

Praying the lord with closed eyes steps ahead towards the Wizard holding the box,

But suddenly the box suddenly slips from the grasp of Donald’s hands onto the ground after which a small piece of mirror situated at its rear end breaks down.

Now the situation takes a U-turn paving the way for luck to the till now hapless Donald.

Wizard: Hey! Don’t do that I am feeling suffocated.

Donald: Fine! I understood the crux of the problem.

He continues praying to the lord and chants with the beads of the rosemary necklace given by the priest in-simultaneous with breaking the mirror into minute pieces.

Wizard’s body divides into two halves and crumbles into pieces.

Donald breathes easy and saunters into the house to pack the luggage and evacuate from there without any second though

Submitted: November 01, 2021

© Copyright 2021 pavan 236. All rights reserved.

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