Making a Hypnotised Maid

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Will John turn his new stuck-up sibling into a maid? Or will he get found out and get sent back to foster care?

John was a foster child with a bright mind. He had been shuffled from home to home all over the country for years until he lucjed out and came across a well off family situated in a quiet rural house. At first it looked like a jackpot. A rich family and due to the parents occupation they often traveled, giving him extra freedom according to their daughter. However, once the adoption papers were signed, the daughter (Felicity) became his worst nightmare. Constantly teasing and pranking him, not to mention that she forced him to do the majority of her chores. When ever he complained she just threatened that 'she could send him back when ever she liked'. Although he wasn't sure she could, John didn't want to take that risk especially seeing as she was technically older and garnered more respect from her parents. 

One night, he was pondering ways in getting revenge from a particularly nasty prank which involved her glueing his late parents' photos together so thay they were unrecognisable, he decided that he'd had enough. Opening his internet browser, he scoured the internet for any help with his plan, however he found nothing for a conventional revenge plan. But about an hour into his browsing, he came across this website that has a ton of free recordings of something called 'hypnosis scripts.' This caught his interest as he had heared about hypnosis and how powerful it was. Listening to some short snippets of some, he decided that these could do the trick with solving his pseudo sibling issue.

The next day, John spent his time preparing to enact a plan that he had formulated that would minimise risk and maximise his chance of success.

John decided that he would put his plan into action tonight as his foster oarents had just left for a business trip for 2 weeks. When his step-sister was brushing her teeth he slipped a blue tooth speeker into her room and hid it under some floorboards he had loosened the other day in anticipation. He then tiptoed out and checked to see if he could still pair with the speeker. To his relief he found that he could control it from his room adjacent to hers. Now all he had to do was wait. 

When he was sure that Felicity was asleep he began to prep the first recording. He gad decided that he didn't really want to directly control his step-sister. That was no fun. Instead, he was going to tweak her personality and mannerisms in order to make her the perfect maid for him. He smiled at the thought. First, he had decided that he would get her wearing the maid outfit that she had as a costume in her extensive wardrobe. So he decided to do just that as his first hypnotic suggestion:

"Whenever you are around the house and it is just me with you, you will want to wear your maid outfit. This desire will grow until you have to put it on. While wearing it you will find that you like wearing it more than your other cloths and make a conscious choice to wear it next time. This rule excludes when you are about to go to bed and wash. You will have no memory of being given hypnotic instructions. You will follow this when you wake up."

The next morning, Felicity woke up as usual, feeling a little strange, but nothing serious. Normally, she was quick to change into something stylish that she had bought with a fraction of her ridiculous allowance that her parents gave her. However today, she couldn't make her mind up. Everytime she tried a different combination, her eyes kept sliding back to her fancy dress cloths. In particular, the maid costume. Surely she wasn't thinking of wearing that!

*It looks really soft and cute, I would look really good in it...but what would people think?

...Well... it wasn't like she was going out with friends today... but what about John? 

He won't tell anyone... i'll make sure... yes it should be fine...*

She couldnt resist the urge, all she could think about was how good it would feel to wear it. And so with her new outtake on ger own personal preferences, she made up her mind and put on the maid costume.

Downstairs, John was wondering if the hypnosis had in fact worked. He was a little worried the she might have been woken up by it and was plotting something. Yet he was pleasantly surprised to see her walking down the stairs in a full maid costume. He had to admit that it made her look rather cute. But he had to push his luck further, now that he knew that the hypnosis works.

"Whatcha wearing?"

"What does it matter to you twerp."

"Just curious why you wearing something like that."

In response to that remark she blushed and became angry because she was embarrassed.

"Listen here you little sh*t, if anyone finds out about this, you will be going some place much worse than foster care."

"Like what?"

She says nothing as she draws a finger across her throat. He responds with zipping his lips into a smirk. 

For the rest of the day, Felicity wore the maid costume and by the end of it, she had to admit that she enjoyed wearing it. She admired herself in the mirror while wearing it and subconsciously decided to taylor her looks around this dress next time she put on makeup. In the meantime, John was preparing the next hypnotic suggestion for his soon-to-be-maid. This time, it would be affecting her personality.

After pressing his ear to the wall, he confirmed that she was asleep. So next, he played his new tape through the speeker:

"While you are wearing the maid outfit, you will experience several changes. First, you will feel a lot more docile and submissive. So much so that you can no longer argue with or back at John. Nor can you do anything mean to him. Your femenist ideals will also melt away to be replaced with traditional stereotypical views. You will not remember these suggestions and will follow them when you wake up."

Felicity woke up the following morning but had no trouble choosing cloths to wear. She instantly put on the maid outfit and felt the strange warm feeling wash over her like it did yesterday. Only this time, it seemed to make her feel light headed. Before that feeling dissipated and she felt normal again.

John decided that he really was going to push his luck today amd sit in his step-sister's favourite spot at the head of the table for breakfast. This would either go really well, or really painful. But once again his handy work had done the trick:

"Hey that's my seat."

"So what?"

"So? Give it back."

"Hmm, no."

A look of horror flashed across her face before it melted into a neutral look and she said with a disappointed tone:

"Ok, but please can I sit there next time."

"Only if I say so at the time. Fair?"

She couldn't bring herself to come up with an argument for this or even try and force her way. So in the end she decided to resign and just let him have the spot.

"Yes... its fair..."

"Good girl."

Her face reddened at that but she said nothing.

Throughout the day, Felicity tried to think of a way of getting revenge. However when ever she started developing an idea, she instantly became dissatisfied with it and discarded it. No matter what she tried, nothing that she thought would work came to mind. Eventually deciding that she will leave him alone for the day, the now confused girl retired to her room to go and do some work that she needed to do.

This time round, John wanted to start getting his maid to begin acting like one. Although he didn't want the change to be instant, he did want to see some results when he woke up. As usual, he checked to see if she was asleep, then loaded up the next set of suggestions:

"As well as following the previous suggestions, you will also begin to become a maid when you are wearing a maid outfit, with a few twists. To begin with, you will be unable to ask or get me to do anything that I don't want to do. This is because it is unprofessional for a maid to rely on her employers to do her job. Next, when you have free time, you will suddenly want to do chores. This urge is so strong that you can not resist it for long and are compelled to do it. But don't worry: while you are doing it you will enjoy yourself. Not to mention that once you have finished a job you feel a small rush of pleasure as a reward. You will obviously want to do more chores afterwards and don't mind that you are doing all this work. As always, you will not remember these instructions, but you will follow them when you wake up subconsciously."

When Felicity came downstairs for breakfast she did not complain when she saw John in her favorite spot. Instead she quietly got some stuff to eat and quietly had her meal. In order to test her this time, John got up without clearing his place or anything and just waltzed upstairs to his room. A little annoyed at his laziness, Felicity began to dutifully clear the table and switch out the clean plates in the dishwasher with the dirty ones from breakfast. Only this time, she felt rather pleased with herself afterwards. However this emotion was short lived when she saw a pile of laundry that had been drying overnight. She had the sudden desire to do something about that pile. Without even thinking about it, Felicity was happily sorting out laundry. In no time whatsoever she had two stacks of cloths: one for herself (from before she was hypnotised) and one for John.

She later found him in his room, playing with his phone on a beanbag when she took up his clothes. His room was a mess. Dirty laundry littered the floor, his bed was unmade, and there was somehow dust and dirt everywhere. Now normally, she would just turn her nose up at his 'pigsty' and just let him fester in his own filth. Yet for some reason, she suddenly really wanted to clean his room. She tried to resist her newfound urges, however even the thought of embarrassing herself infront of her foster-brother whilst wearing a pretty maid outfit could not stop her. With John staring at her the whole time, she began to pick up his dirty cloths. When they were all in her arms, she took them downstairs to be washed, before promptly coming back to his room to make his bed. She blushed furiously when she had to bend down to neatly tuck the corners of the bedsheet in (something that she doesn't even do to her own bed). Finally, she got a duster and began to clean the surfaces of his room. Through all of this she thoroughly enjoyed herself and no longer minded John staring as much as he did. By the end of it she had cleaned the entirety of his room for him and had this sence of pride that she just couldn't shake off. Satisfied, she turned to John and said:

"There, all finished."

"Thanks, but the upstairs bathroom is looking a little manky. Perhaps you could clean it for me."

With a combination of being docile, and compelled to clean, she couldn't refuse.

"Sure, I'll get right to it!" She said with an eager voice, then became confused at her own excitement.

"But i'm only doing it because it really does need a clean and not because you told me to do it."

"Whatever you say, i'm not that bothered as long as you do it."

She blushed a bit but turned around and went to follow his order.

That night John was thinking back to what Felicity had said about not following his order. He knew that she did it because it was a direct result of his action, but that wouldn't always be the case. If it wasn't a common chore then she could probably resist the instruction. Therefore his next suggestion would fix that:

"As well as every suggestion before this, you will now have a strong desire to please and obey me. This involves catering to my every need and making sure that you are able to satisfy me. Around me you will act and talk like a polite maid. You may be a bit shy at first, but you are eager to serve me. Finally, you can only address me as sir or master, and you must curtsy ir bow where appropriate. You will still not remember these instructions, but will follow them when you wake up regardless. Your first order as a maid is to greet me in the morning for instructions as you will be curious on how you will be serving me."

When Felicity woke up the next morning, she felt the strangest she had felt this entire week. She got up with a sense of urgency but didn't know why she needed to be prompt. Then she remembered that she needed to get ready for John, although she didn't know why. She had a strong desire to make sure he didn't need anything before breakfast. So the maid got dressed and elegantly walked to his room with her hands together infront of her. *Wait... why was she doing this... why on earth was she going to ask John what to do!? Although he was her master and all but... did she just say master!? I know I am supposed to be serving him, but this is... this is... I kinda want to do what he says. Im excited to hear what he tells me to do. All I know is how to look presentable and do housework. His male presence is very powerful and I can't help but be ensnared by it. Wait, what am I doing here? He is going to be so cross if I am late and I don't want to be punished...*

And with that, the maid girl went to greet her master with a slight spring in her dainty feet.

When she got there, John was awake and sitting upright in his bed in only his boxers. This made the new maid blush, but did not deter her from her mission.

"Um... good morning master. Did you have a n-nice sleep?" she paused slightly on the word master, but couldn't really say anything else.

"Not to bad thank you. Did you get a good night's sleep because you certainly took your time."

She blushed at this and suddenly felt very guilty. She avoided eye contact before continuing.

"Oh no sir, my mind was just a little scattered today."

"Thats fine. Now seeing as it's your first day on the job, I would like to see how you size up. Come sit on my lap real quick."

The young maid looked a little confused, but obeyed anyway. Blushing all the while. When she got comfortable John began to feel her up and down as one final act of revenge. However, the maid did not see it that way. She felt great pleasure from obeying her master and consequently let out some audible moans and giggles when he was exploring the crotch and breasts. Eventually he stopped and lied down on his bed face first. She continued to sit with him all while getting intoxicated from his smell. She didn't understand why she was doing this, all she knew was that sge liked doing what he said.

"Good girl. Now I want you to give me a back massage as you tell me your purpose as my maid."

"*giggle* of course master."

Whilst she was eagerly and obediently working her hands over his back she began to recite all that she had learned from her hypnosis:

"Okay so, my job is to serve my master John. He is a really cool guy because he lets me do what he says. I like doing the housework and giving my master a good time. Basically i'm his maid, but it's fine because I get to wear this really cute outfit and master is teaching me how to be polite and behave so that I can be a good wife or something in the future. It's a lot of work for no real pay, but his kindness is payment enough. I love my master and I want to please him for ever as his obedient maid."

" That's my good girl. Now, shall we have some fun?"

"Yes master! I would love to clean that huge d*ck of yours!"

John slapped her butt causing her to giggle and feel very horny.

"I'm glad that you are choosing to serve me like this."

" As your maid I love doing anything."

After the flirtatious exchange they embraced each other as the sun rose into the sky.



Submitted: November 16, 2021

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