Rick and Morty's, I thought I had it all

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rick, has always tried his hardest to become more of a man he use to be, and now he is here to stay, and just in the nick of time for, somthing is making its way back to ricks worldy demotion

(Unknown man)
We are finaly here, we have waited so long, and the time is now,

((Army training large))

But we no nothing of his power, even his wear abouts is vaguely known

Difference apart I searched everywhere in our time, This is our largest and greatest army we have, or that we will ever achive

we have no other choice, our attack must be now

Now than it is

Now it is

Fanom will pay, and suffer as we did,

I know....

And, he will have our counuiated death

((Tick, wreeepe, tock
strange looking orb device)))

It will bring him the pain of an ever lasting suffering, where not only his pain but the pain of our unfallen brothers

And there, not forgotten, life's

((Tortured souls of these victims being torurtue by standing devices, undead from dead, fields of them))

Yes it is pain, that we can not undo but instead we have made  somyhing that will make fanom wish he was already dead!

((Rick kicking back to, music dancing

At a night club, having a good time

Wow, I did it morty, I'm back!

Its good to have you back to your former self, rather than that dweb, you where

Morty you are that dweb

Then out of know where Ricks world is meet with a full barage of an attack

((That is raid, on every home and etsibsish ment with out discretion, any movements of disobedience, are meet with dominating violence))) in out waying numbers yes out waying numbers

(((Rick and fellow onlookers, gaze around)))

(Unknown leader)
Hello and to you all, we are not here for you, but fanom,

And we know all about of your existance fanom, but you no nothing off ours and we shall and will find you,

and there is only one way to say it, we all know about your transitions, and it will and shall become yours, all of it,

Now Where is he where is the maker fanom, please, be kind to us all and no one will get hurt

Now where is the maker, fanom!

Burp!!!!!! (((Ecoing)))

Right over here.. and fanom dead

(Unknown leader)
And how has he come to his end,

(Ricks worshipper)
Rick is God, for us all, he came and lied to us as a false god then struck down the rightful God fanom saving us all,

He saved us From most destined death, and a life safe from the harms of any tormentors,

(Unknown leader)
Oww, I see, so where is he, and don't tell me one man took on fanom alone, I've seen who intire multiverse stand up to fanom just to see, what becomes of them

(Ricks worshipper)
Yes, alone

No, what about, morty, here was there too, (every one in crowd says somthing similar to this too at the same time)

(And rick looks, invigorating postive)

(Unknown leader)
I guess I have no choice to believe you
Then its time for a celebration,

Ha! pop bubble shampign

Blabalalbalalalbalaalalal... (talking)
As we see rick having a toast with this leader of man

(Unknown soilder)
It's only rick, one man, this hole universe is for the taking, and we have army for no reason

Mmm your right, it sounds to easy

Lets Meet up and gather our men

And they leave, discrettly

((The Party goes on))

Then boom appearing out of know are alot of soilders where ricks people are all heald hostage instantalsy the hole world as the a held at knife point

As rick gets told

(Unknown leader)
Listen rick there's no need for anyone to die
I want your, soul power, you genious,

What it is that makes you, tick

Give it to me, or I will excute my command and in a split second you will see all of what, your done become undone Instantly
Before your own eyes

So Please listen and don't struggle please, and remember its you or them rick so please listen closely

Ting loooolplloooopl.....  (a Hypnotise device)
You are never not what you are, you will give me your devotion and slave what it is you, to me, you will live your life as if I am God and I beg you to do the will of mine forver,
you are no longer a singular form but are now under my constriction now go be normal and join the rest of the others
Here, sign here

(Solider 2)
now hand over all of your metrital or possessions of interest, any thing that, satifisy your qualities and rember In a kind genroius loving thoughtful giving way

((Rick makes an orb, and drops it in this container))

Thank you! ((With suprise))

This guys got more than enough to give a progresional strike on submersa

It freaks me out wtf, how old is this guy

Shit, fuck get this guy checked out...

((((Rick now goes through a machine)))

Wow, (67?)

All and evrything we need,

And with our army at this number we will have more than enough to take our fight for our, mothered land

(Unknown leader)
Ture, we will reclaim our past scripture
And take back what is rightfully ours

(((Now They brodacast

(Unknown leader)
Free we will be,
Yes our saviour is here

What we did trying to train, to kill fanom
Has landed us in the hands of what I say God is and has truely been

Rick sanchez

what he knew after, (67) years is more of absolute power, than what we have achived in 20040557 multiplex, it's just just farnominal

And now we have submersa by the balls

(Burp crowd burp) ((echoing))

(((Peace amoungst world salute then with arms crossed on chest with rude fingers still up)))
(Unkown leader)
Now it's time to take on what is one left of our mother land...

(((As they all dispear and gather at the portal gates)))

((Unkown leader))
haven't been here for so long

((Breaths In and out))

Submersa's gate way and the the intirea of the world now belongs to julios
Who truley knows what he has done, to submersa

Do not worry
It's is not fanom
nor our new god, rick sanchez

Wake him up its time to go

(((Unkown soilder Wakes rick up from his, Praying trance)))

(((And Now Rick is waking up)))

(Unkown leader)
The achient portal hasnt been used for some time, but once we turn it on you must be ready

(((Rick moves his head just to acknowledge))


Move in

(((And they eneter, at mass numbers)))

Slowly creeping around like shadows, ricks men are moving in looking for julios and than as they do, get spotted adventualy and

All out war breaks out

This is ricks biggest scale fight he has ever had

Rick, is fighting but he is not doing much as all is done for him

And as the fight countuies this happens alot

Then he fights till he is hit in the hard then All comes back


Rick flys to look for morty

And asays to Unknown leader

What did you do with morty,

(Unknown leader)
Rick rick rick

I said

(((wack rick hits leader)))

What the fuck did you do with morty

(((Smiles on Unknown leader)))
You will get him soon

If you know what to do let me go and conform
Loooollllop loooooolop

Rick is furious

Tell me now!

(((As the devil in rick comes out))
((Scared face of leader))


(Unknown leader)

Rick kills him, now alot of fighters attack rick

Rick is slughteing them all, any one who dare try,

Than there wide spread man Hunt, turns all attention to rick

And now julios apears

Whipping clean the area that surounds rick

Join me

Rick spits, and says

only pussy stay this long hiding

(And now there is a one on one fight)

(As all watch on)

Until Rick hits the switch, and goes


And moves extremely quick
Flying past all

Leaving fight behined

And as julious talks
He says

That man scares the shit out of me it can't be real, this must be a joke, it reads (67)

Watch him closely to where ever he goes,

((Morty is having sex))

Rick barges in

What the fuck

morty I'm here to save you

Not time to explain, come on


((Rick running g with morty)) and stops too))
Now I just over heard, they want to seal me off all into a new world, and this guy is cooked I mean really  cooked I read him at over 1?000000000000000000000000000000000000000?00000 gogglplex years old

There done sonthing with time here what the fuck is going on

I'm out, morty can't do this, I'm only 53,

I must get back to my world

I can't do this

But I need everyone else too, I'm not leaving them here,

Morty Do you know wher they are

There all here rick most probly having sex, all dreams come true any time you want when time travel, exist

no, why can't you fuckers stay in one place

(Unknown leader)
Rick rick rick

Are you going to let me finish,

Fuck off, and die,

You will find it alot harder to kill me than that, myself and my armys are imortal

And we are here for you rick, and nothing will stop us from, taking submersa not even you

Boom, joolious is here, now to
But this time his men join the fighting

A total war fight breaks out

Rick, decides to fight, until he see's morty get hit to the ground

And then all starts moving really slow

As you here a heart beat slow down

Till nothing is moving besides rick!
And he picks up morty and the rest of his people And seals them off, into a new world

Now rick, will fight them all on his own

Time goes back to normal but rick is no where to be seen

And you here,

you bitches made the wrong mistake hurting any of my! People

And I know I can't kill you but, but I can finish all right now

And then a invisible rick kicks ass of all sorounding him invisible until

you see rick standing on a pile of body's breathing in and out
Ahahahaha hahahaha ahahahahah
The tortured souls

Hey guys I wanan read you a little poem

Never had I wanted to see all that was deap inside of me now I know it's doings and I voul I will change my ways feeling nothing inside to the end of my days
(Un-tortured soul)
Ahaawhwhwhwhwhwh what,

I don't feel it, I don't feel the pain
I am your most humble sevent

In the hole

Vortex now

I said move
((Rick kicks him in))

Ahahahahaahha (thrown into vortex)

Bloop, as he hits the floor

and now we see an endless war

Did you get any of that
it's a good show

Submitted: November 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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