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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Continuous killings in the town, but no one knows about the murderer. Bree can see death but no one believes her. Will she succeed in saving the people from their death?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

“Oh, I’m late again!” I was on my way to the office, 20 minutes late again, but stopped as the News Boarding caught my sight. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

  “Everybody, look who’s here. It’s Brica Doom.” I entered the meeting room. “Why do you even wear that huge watch on ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

  The sun had set, and the office was empty. I stayed to come back here tomorrow as well. I needed this job, even if I just had ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

For a minute, I could not recognise our room. The photo frame laid on the floor, painted with blood. The table flipped over, scattering e... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Merlin was rambling again. We were receiving calls from the publishing company. Our company was famous for its exclusive authors spec... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

  I rushed back to our old house in the morning. The weather was sunny compared to the dark snowy days. I quickly started search... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

We reached Esbels, the park where the murder was going to take place. Knowing Merlin’s personality, I was sure she will come today. And... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

My body felt really heavy. I could neither move my hands nor my fingers. I tried to open my eyes but had no luck. Soft whisperings cont... Read Chapter

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