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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

I guess Halloween lingered a wee bit. Watched the movie Numbers and having thoughts of Sprinkly wanting to know me more from lack of being around me. If you can understand what she means. Anywho, i wrote this out of the blue, mostly for her to catch wee things aboot me. There is a wee more I did not add, as it was long enough. Like everything is too long when I write. Ha!

Like something from a movie
A past history now haunts me

It's importance nothing really
Just an enigma in the form of three

Sprinkly wanting to know more of me
And an odd dream to set it all free

Some I regressed, while forced to see
A completed jigsaw, so I can believe

A father who obsconded, never to be
Ghosted in months... one, two, three

A mum lie bleeding, while I was three
Her loss from a war, of great misery

To be crushed by a grade, a number... three
A system failed me, that they couldn't see

One too many schools in between
Within two years and up to three

Passing once more a grade to repeat
Being older, disdain, in a grade called three

Each new school was a path, aimlessly
Forced disconnection, fed my need

Stability in high school, it's years of three
Somewhat easier to hide, pretending to be

Once a girl would walk home with me
Out of the blue, for a short time, only three

As far as I knew, her ex-boyfreind was to see
Though she did not live so close to me

Later on she would say hi, a simple greet
Remembering now, a randomness of three

To be asked for Prom, being my reasoning?
Me being a loner, nothing is that interesting

Having had few friends in life, roughly three
Kept quiet, in not allowing her to know me

Disappointment is always worse than trying
Seen too many from that, end up crying

Years later I was greeted by women of three
Pleased with my dog, thinking nothing of me

As if caught in Groundhog Day, repeating
Same location a different day, in three

Never to change in its complexity
Was there something I did not see?

Leaving me to think why me?
Why so much wrapped around three?

Submitted: November 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Sluggy. All rights reserved.

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Thank you for writing this poem, Sluggy. It is a very serious thing to miss out on an education and I am so happy for you that you have discovered poetry. So you have chosen to write in couplets with rhyme both within the couplet and between stanzas. That's not easy - so well done.

I am so happy that you have used this poem to express your lingering disappointment with your schooling. That is one of the bigger opportunities that poetry offers us writers - the chance to get rid of some emotional baggage.

I hope that you are happy with your poem Sluggy. I liked it. All the best with your writing in the future!


Tue, November 2nd, 2021 5:41pm


Actually you got it wrong. I guess i went too minimalistic. I tried to explain that 3 has been part of my life in odd ways. There is more to 3 in other ways, but i figured to show mystery of how 3 is intertwined in my own life's mysteries, as well. People while growing up were a mystery, and confusing. Not logical enough, until I grew to understand more about them.

Most of which had no effect on me, mostly. Being an introvert, and not reliant on others. If i can't rationalize, it goes as just an experience that I don't bother to think about. Only when I thought about 3, I had to think of odd things that confused me around 3.

I have a good memory that in some ways allows me to recall back to my birth in the nurse/doctors hands and other things most find difficult to recall. Like I said the movie made me have a dream of sorts that opened a path so to speak, else not much thought about, as it had no real significance.

Actually i never did well with reading and English, because I got board with so many words, and found them difficult to write being left handed. I guess my brain slowed down as I got older, to allow myself to write.

Tue, November 2nd, 2021 11:22am

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