I just couldn't believe it !

There was a long queue, and I was in it, quite near to the entrance. The sun had already hit the horizon and the place was dark. I don't know why I was in this queue, and I suppose it must have been a dream. Right behind me was someone I knew. I think it was from schooldays. Turning towards her, I said, ''Don't I know you?''
She recognized me. ''Of course! You're that one from the fourth class. Always had your eyes on me.''
''You're still something to look at,'' I told her. Then quickly, I asked ''Why are we waiting in this queue?''
''Haven't you heard?'' She said. ''We are here to be weighed.''
''Why do we have to be weighed?''
''They want to know how pure our souls are.''
''Souls?'' I asked her, a bit confused.
''Yes, the invisible part of us.''
''You said 'they' what do you mean by that?''
''We are standing in this queue to enter a massive spaceship. Don't you see the dome shape on top?''
''Yes, I saw it. But I thought it was one of those modern buildings they are doing these days.''
''Look carefully, you'll see a tall structure going up into the sky. On your right, you'll see how long this thing is.''
''Where is the tall structure going to?'' I asked.
''It's attached to another dome shape structure way up high.. You can just see its shape.''
''Were we transported from the town to this place?''
''They gave us a drink when they collected us.'' She told me.
''It must have worn off now. That's why I can't remember anything.''

It was my turn and as I went through the doors, the brightness of the place came at me. It was beautifully decorated. On my left was a woman in a greem suit at a desk. To the right of me were many computers with young men dressed in white. The compiter I came to was a fancy one. I had never seen the like of it before. There were two glassy-like scales. One on the left and the other on the right. One of the assistants came and told me what they were going to do. I stepped onto the scale on the right and immediately heard a voice saying, Eighty five percent.''
The girl who was in the queue behind me came in just as I was been shown a room. The room was well decorated with some sort of glass panelling. It is hard to describe the seating arrangement, nut it was comfy.

One of the assistants was there in white, at a panel, pushing buttons. Suddenly, something came up on the screen that was part of the side panelling. Big numbers came flashing on and off, ''Year 1973.'' I didn't see the rest of it, but I know what was coming. I passed out.

The End.

Submitted: November 02, 2021

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