Who Will Save Our Earth?

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She was the most beautiful one

She could take the breath away and leave you without words

From sunrise to sunset, she sparkled and mesmerized

She was a Princess, of royal lineage

Bedecked in multi colours

Her flowing gown was the brightest, purest azure

Sprinkled with precious stones of chrysolite and Amethyst

Her touch was soft and sensual

When she sang, the birds listened and the storms abated

And her heart, her pure heart, encompassed all who dwelled with her

She opened her house to nourish strangers

And fed the poor with rich delicacies

She poured cool water into the parched mouths of the weary

And joyous wine into the cups of the downtrodden

Her own breasts gently suckled orphans

She made her scented gardens available to those who roam

And prepared the softest beds for those who were without abode

She never stopped giving

Yet, this world and strangers did not value her, did not love her

They were not grateful

They used her for their own ends

And plundered her belongings, even her own heart

Men were not content to gaze upon her loveliness

But siezed her violently with soiled sinews

They tore her adornment from her body

And leered greedily at her nakedness

They beat her prettiness into blood and smears

And burned her skin with torches

They mauled her breasts and drained them dry

They penetrated her and violated her

Leaving her in shame and degradation

And when they were satisfied, and their vile sperm had taken root

They left her nude and weeping

In anguish and near death

And in her agony and death-throes

She cried out for her Father

This world has come full circle

From darkness and watery surface

To shade and smoke

This home which we call earth

Has filled our every need

This luxurious dwelling place, alone in the vast cosmos

Was perfect and pure

It was a residence unmatched in the known universe

A home with all we need

The Landlord prepared it well

Built to the highest standards

With all amenities

And so many desirable things to please

And some of us tenants complied with it's demise, in ignorance

While others, daring and arrogant

Used it, abused it and vandalized it

We have sullied the neighbourhood

And disrupted the peace

We have let it run into disrepair

For this is the greatest property neglect of all time

We have gorged ourselves on the feasts that were left in the home

And tore up the fruit gardens and flower beds

We have turned it's garden into a rubbish tip

And brutalized and terrorized our neighbours

But our tenancy is about to end

The lease has run out

And we failed in our stewardship of this beautiful world

For this pretty planet cries out for justice

For restoration

Who will save our earth?

Will the great and wise men of politics take a moment from their postulating to act instead of speak?

Or will the gods of science humble themselves and refrain from tampering with nature,

finding ever new ways to produce new things?

Do the entrepreneurs and mass producers still have conscience in their soul?

Or will they forge ahead, advertising yet more junk that we “need”?

Can protesters and angry mobs breath new life into our world's lungs?

And will we accept our complicity, and repent?

Will the children see tomorrow, through the smoke and ash?

The earth sighs and groans

She languishes and weeps glaciers that flood our lives

Her spine snaps with violent thud of explosion and shaft

And finally, she calls on His name

For the “Ancient of days” has not forgotten

The benevolent Landlord is watching, waiting

His fury is restrained - for now

To allow us one more chance to change

He saw this all from afar, from far back in history

And he warned us all

He knew what the tenants might do

And he has sworn

He will bring to ruin those ruining the earth”

And He promises that some of us will be found blameless

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” *



* All quotations from the Holy Bible

Submitted: November 03, 2021

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