Aedir: Trade with Mewfolks at public market

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A usual scene in the world of Aedir

In a small town where few people live
There are still lively scenes
Especially at the public market
The usual picture of Mewfolks being merchants
And a lot of people with different attires
They come to shopping while exchanging the conversations
News are spreading around here
Whether at street vendors or stalls
Even merchants are enjoying in those conversations

Mew: "What can I help you Magus?"
Magus: "I want this"
Mew: "Alright it's just a small silver coin"
Magus: "Here take it"

Most of street vendors are selling "special" stuffs
So their customers usually someone "special"
The most usual sights are Magi from different schools
Or even wandering Magi

Mewfolks are usually happy if they can have conversations
Even a small exchange like only come to buy or sell
Is enough to give them happiness
They're usually not love money or being greed
So their marginal profit is quite low compared to others
But because they don't have much specializations
They would mostly treated as trading hub for people

Mewfolks are loved by magi
Because magi are mostly unsociable
So their goods would be circulate through Mew's vendors
Because of the magi's social status
Mewfolks also treated with respect by common folks

Submitted: November 03, 2021

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