Dr. Rick, a Dr. who n Rick and Morty parade

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rick, is now God,
and as he sits as king waiting for somthing
The tardis apears, what does he do make a friend or foe, or even an enemy of the Dr.

Wwwhwhw hwhwhwwh (tardis noises)

(Dr who)
Wow, would you hvae a looks this place somewhere in the middle of a new peak of evolution!

(Martha Jones)
It's a dump, who bands time travel

(Dr who.)
Serious Martha, lighting up couldn't be that bad of a force, or what it is of course,

Your telling me your, here looking for new evolution and you have no idea on what's comming,

Jones it's ok, I have everything under control,

((((Eyes pear everywhere,)))

((And than))

(Town indivdual)
Hello you must be the Dr. We here about you so much, we have time dialtions here, where everything stays safe from any real true fears, to keep us safe, you are free here, Dr, we'll keep you safe

Ok, sounds great, I'm the Dr. Time dilations you say

(Town indvidual)
Please with us...

(((That take the Dr and Martha to ricks castle, where
They see rick with his head down)))

((And than he raises his head and says))

Know My name

((While waving his hand)))

Rick sanchez,

Lovely, we have a god, I'm so happy to be with the man, that...??

Killed the creator,

The man who stood since the begging of time as the first

Who stood for (153636 goggplex??)

Who Died by my hand, just by a note

With a time dialtion I presume

Yes with his power, that I never knew

And that is Enough
and tell me Dr. What is thigh name

John Smith I presume,
All in my studies you have not uttered it once why do you hold onto a name

What scares you so much

The thought of a will, in a way, the defeat of me,

a maker, of such that could scare, to defeat, and bring about cold bitter dust

Enough, i know of this, and I know how to defeat you, and Dr. I erge you to man up its, been some time since I've had a fight,

So becarful, Cause I won't hesitate trying to kill you, be ready Dr. I come from a far

Um. Really you have to be kidding me, you have seriouly no army, not one, not even a 2 dozen

I haven't gathered an army for some time, but if I reel him into the my old world, gallafray, it will start a time revolt and evrything I rember will start again

((Rick is unlocking himslef))

But it's my only choice I have nothing on this man

(((The Dr. Refuse to fight and begs, on his knees and says)))

Rick give me an hr please just wait, you will have your war, and I will not hesitate on killing you, and please rember that

(((The Dr. Takes off in his tardis and rick waits)))

And as he does, all at war is at ricks gates every being since the Dr. Existance has shown up as if every one in time that knew of him have shown up! Even the Dr's enemies who when the attck distraction rick and then the rest of ricks men start to attrack
Rick took them on alone but this is no more

People disapear on purpose, using watches in time jumping everywhere as rick people, try, but the Dr is winning against the ricks people

And than, rick multiplys himslef to make it a unfair fight

As the Dr and compaigns of war run away,

Trough a time portal they disapear, and Rick say to the Dr. Creaming at the top of his voice

Run but don't fear I love you so much Dr. And I know your true name,
And I Dare not uder it

Save your world, and end this fear, I know you can do it, Dr. don't run in fear, god's a treat, if you can keep, your numbers time travel sucks balls and I'm god of eveything!

Plus your numbers!...

Now do my job!

Dr. In middle of time war,



then all ran, and the Dr, steals
The central sphere, and as he does, the world falls and reveals white space and a tardis and the Dr. says

What do you know, it worked Screw being god What psyco would do that

And than, he covers a portal gate in hard goo
That looks like ricks portal gun, spatter hole

and now the Dr, has saved the time war
And sealed himself from rick's world

Rick and the Dr, who theme song
Wowowwowowwow, ananananananaanan wwowowowwowowowwowo ananananananananana wowowwoowwowowowowowo anananananananananananana wowowowowowowowowoww anananananananananan

Did you get any of that

It's a good show

Submitted: November 03, 2021

© Copyright 2021 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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Rick is pretending to be god after discovering ultimate power, who actual ends up becoming God in a fight of good and evil

Check out my Rick and morty serious for more info

Wed, November 3rd, 2021 11:32am

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