The Court Agrees to Running

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Health and Fitness  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Court Agrees to Running:


Starring: Courtney Rouse, Camille Bishop, Ruth Leibfritz, Annie Krueger, Shea “Winnie” Hollenbeck, Ashley Burr, Allyssa Woo, Valerie and Pennye “Winnie” Padgett, Maggie and Mrs. Smith, Megen Rapp, Mrs. Stephanie Leibfritz, and Mackenna and Lee Ann (Keller) Rouse.


(Doorbell rings, Courtney is sitting at home waiting for top buds to come for a winter run.)


(After opening door:)


Camille Bishop: Hey, Courtney!


(Gets up from couch.)


Courtney Rouse: Hello, buddies! How is everyone?


(Talks while walking gently through door.)


Ruth Leibfritz: We are fine. Feeling fine enough for run?


Courtney: Yes, always! Too bad Mackenna won’t run with even me or any of her friends involved.


Mackenna Rouse (overhearing): I WOULDN’T BE DOING SUCH A DEMANDING ACTIVITY EVEN IF MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT! Good luck anyway, you Christopher Robin of a sister!


Courtney: Thanks!


Annie Krueger: Let’s go to top of Woodview Pass and back again!


(All four begin running.)


Camille: How have things been with doctorate at U of F?


Courtney: Swell!


(The quartet is naturally having a hard time continuing jogging and breathing heavily.)


Ruth: I’ve been doing things without relying a lot on mommy and superb father. Live in Grand Rapids, MI, and got my Master’s in psychological therapy. And you, Annie?


Annie: Living in Arizona with younger sister Emma Finch.


(Spots another running with Megen Rapp and Mrs. Stephanie Leibfritz.)


Ruth: Is that Megen with mommy and that Pooh Bare runner my age?


Shea “Winnie” Hollenbeck: Hey, everyone! How are you?


Courtney: Fine. We’re all fine working out joyfully. Keep up work your running, Winnie!


(Winnie normally acting nervous about heart-pounding activity.)


Megen: DON’T WORRY! She will, she always will, you “evil” athlete!


Annie: Silly Megen and her own dictionary for everyone! Been that way since her freshmen year and my captain one.


Ruth: Had to deal with “evil” Courtney and her for two: you really brought out the “ROAR!!!!” in running, Courtney, making it to every state meet and breaking school records.


Courtney: Thanks! Love support from any and every buddy of mine.


(Seeing a brown and tan house.)


Annie: Isn’t this where your dad’s running buddy lives and his son, Court?


Courtney: Yes, they do live there! Also cherish runs with Jonathan slightly younger than me. Have a great time with him whenever we constantly interact with one another.


Camille: Such a smart, cautious man he is.


Annie, Ruth, and Courtney: Yes, Camille.


(Two more runners appear close on opposite end of street.)


Maggie Smith: Hope your careers are smoothly succeeding, especially in xc and track!


Mrs. Smith: I was that way in high school onwards, everybody seeing us!

(Courtney, Annie, and Camille wave.)


Ruth: We are, junior a tad younger than me! Awesome luck!


(Maggie strongly gives peace sign in front for all.)


Courtney: We made it to the top! Now back to my house for Gatorade, hot chocolate, and warm meal!


(They turn around and have little happy faces on exhausting worried ones as thinking if they will make it without even stopping for a milli-second.)


Courtney: So far so good.


(Still on Woodview Pass, two crazy, snooty, and odd runners approach in front of them.)


Ashley Burr: You all think you can outrun us in any way?


Camille: Aw, Ashley. You’ve been such a wild athlete for all the wrong reasons.


Ruth: That Jed coach is in every way evil, you know that.


Ashley: Yes, but I’m loyal to anything Dow through the very end. Aren’t we, Allyssa?


Allyssa Woo: Yes. Anything for stardom.


Ashley: Want to race to wherever you’re going?


Courtney: Sure! Anything to overcome you, you stuck-up twerp!


Ruth: You go, Court!


(All increased their speed in even few inches of snow. They lift and maneuver through thick layers on sidewalks with muscles “crying,” and also a bit in their facial expressions for 235 yards.)


Camille: Come on, Courtney! We can do this, Ruthie and Ann you nice cougar!


Courtney: Don’t let Jed’s way get the best of us! Even sweet Mackenna would prove her worth against him and any loyal followers of that guy Cruella De Vil or Wicked Witch of Western school.


(Panting like crazy, the quartet barely was ahead.)


Ruth: Watch out for the ice!


(All cautiously tenderly sped on verglas stretching 20 ft. Ashley saw it but sprinted anyway for snootiness, overconfident in Jed’s tenets.)


Ashley: Let’s finish this! Only one hasten remains!


Woo: But the rime--


Burr: I said dart!!


(Allyssa firmly slowed down, and just touching it, Burr slid and fell in snow and icy bush.)


AB: OW!!!


(Hearing the cry, Courtney halted in shock while other three just made it to end.)


Annie: Courtney?


(They give concerned looks as she ran back to help competitor in need. After several seconds…)


Ashley: Oh!…


(She laid lying in a thick shrub with front sticking upward.)


Rouse: (Had hand touch soothingly on Burr’s head.) You all right, friend?


Burr: Oh…. (Looking up--) Your friend? I guess you can by mine for giving up first ribbon for me, a pure Charger.


(Allyssa just stood behind with little teary face. The other racers come up to join them.)


Courtney: Any wounds you feel or see?


Ashley: No, I’m ok. Thanks for support.


CR: No problem!


Allyssa: Jed maybe champion usually, yet he always lacks the need to help others near himself.


Courtney: (Remembering the malicious incident where he refused to help injured Mackenna,) Yeah, I’ve heard about that… (Gave a light laugh of optimism.) Let’s get you back home to your house--


Burr: No need! I’ll run back and shout at Jed to do this action for me! Seems scared nowadays when around anyone since some incident in a race in mid-2014.


CR: Well, you don’t mess with Chemics and any of their buddy connections anywhere! (Looked up to buddies.) Come on! Let’s finish exercise and return to warm coco.


45 Minutes Later


(All were back in Rouse’s fireplace living room drinking freshly made hot coco.)


Ann: I love your mom’s drinks and marshmallows!

(Mackenna walked in from upstairs.)


MR: Enjoyed your subzero temperature?


Ruth and Camille: LOVED IT!!


Mackenna Big deal! No one on earth or Heaven can make me--


Lee Ann Rouse: Excuse me, Ms. Western girl?! Mocking Jesus, are we?!


MR: I was just kidding… (Now has a trembling look on face.)


Lee: You’ll do over 9 miles on treadmill this instant!


Mackenna Rouse: All right…


Courtney: Good luck, you adorable little creature!


Mackenna: (Feeling touched after spooked about parent demand,) Thanks, sis. You’re the best thing ever…


(When out of sight,)


Ruth: Let’s make a toast to runners until the very end!


(All four moved toward her.)


Ruth, Annie, Camille, and Court: A CHEERS TO US STALWART AND SMART BUDS!


(Still in position, Courtney added:)


Courtney Rouse: (All still in position, she added:) AND EVERY OTHER GENTLE ATHLETE!!!!



Submitted: November 03, 2021

© Copyright 2021 josephfrost. All rights reserved.

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