One day when King Sombra went to Canterlot, he saw a beautiful mare. She was Luna, The Princess
Of The Night. As soon as he saw her, he fell in love with her. That night, while he was looking at the stars, that mare landed on his balcony. After spending some time with her, they become close. How will they ever be able to show their true love for each other? And how much longer can it be kept a secret? Celestia hates him, but Luna loves him.

Table of Contents


King Sombra’s P.O.V: The night was such a beautiful thing. Nothing gave me more peace than standing on my balcony and looking at th... Read Chapter


After she left, I was still thinking about her. How her mane looked as if it had stars in it. How beautiful her voice sounded. How her sc... Read Chapter


The remainder of the evening went by slowly. I was still on my balcony, and still thinking about The Night Princess. I decided to wai... Read Chapter


Princess Luna's P.O.V: After sending my letter to Sombra, I thought about what I had written. Everything that I wrote was true, but s... Read Chapter

Luna's Daymares?

King Sombra's P.O.V: After I sent the letter to Luna, I found myself pacing. What if she hated me? Did I do the right thing by tellin... Read Chapter

The nightmist...

King Sombra's P.O.V: I was waiting for Luna's letter about how it had gone with Celestia's nightmares, but reminding myself that it w... Read Chapter

A kiss...

King Sombra's P.O.V: It had been long since sunset, and I was now calming myself by looking at the stars. Today in court, the sam... Read Chapter

Don't you dare...

Princess Luna's P.O.V: It had been a while since I had shut my eyes. I was having a not so peaceful dream, wh... Read Chapter


Princess Luna's P.O.V The week went by quickly, and before I knew it, it was time for my date with Sombra. ... Read Chapter

No! Sombra!

King Sombra's P.O.V: It's been a week since we last met, and Luna hasn't answered any of my letters. I hope n... Read Chapter


Princess Luna’s P.O.V: I stood on my balcony, looking down at the street. Seeing how ponies walked with the... Read Chapter

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